A Study on Alcohol and Its Effects Upon Ailor

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A Study on Alcohol and Its Effects Upon Ailor
Author Gaelin Caästreo, Ramachandra Kishore
Genre Nonfictional Prose
Accessibility Specialized Knowledge


“A Study on Alcohol and Its Effects Upon Ailor” was a study conducted under the supervision of Gaelin Caästreo and carried out by Ramachandra Kishore, a biologist that specializes in Ailor anatomy and physiology. They wished to study the effects of alcohol and how it affected Ailor bodies over an extended period of time, as well as the immediate effects of alcohol as it is consumed. The study was conducted over a ten year period with varying degrees of drinkers, ranging from alcoholics to casual drinkers. They published their findings in this essay.

A Study on Alcohol and Its Effect Upon Ailor

Alcohol is an integral part of Ailor society. It is served at parties, in the Tavern and just about every single business that serves any sort of food serves alcohol with their entrees. I embarked ten year long journey to find the long term effects of alcohol on the body and what we can do for those that are affected. I dissected a total of a twenty volunteer corpses over the course of this decade analyzing the effects of their alcohol consumption on their different humors of the body. I also had several hundred patients that drank in varying degrees over the course of this decade, allowing my to analyze the effects of alcohol on a living person as well.

The first thing we analyzed was the immediate effects drinking has on social behaviors. It appears that after a certain dosage, which differs from person to person, the alcohol tends to release inhibitions and change the mood of the individual that is using it. Eyesight can be distorted, words can be slurred and it appears that it is harder to think clearly when high doses of alcohol are taken. Some individuals even passed out, but it is unclear whether that was from the alcohol or lack of oxygen as the individuals were usually partaking in some sort of intense physical activity despite their non-sobriety.

Secondly we examined the cadavers and judge the effects of alcohol on internal organs. We began with the heart which appeared oddly disfigured, stretched, or drooping. It is unclear why this happens, and may be an anomaly. Thirdly, we looked at the liver which appeared to be the most harshly affected area of the body in alcoholic’s bodies. The liver was often enlarged from normal specimens and often looked discolored or unhealthy. Those afflicted from this malady also suffered from odd skin pigmentation and their fingernails tended to be yellow. However, as all subjects were of the lower classes, it cannot be determined if any of this has a link to their excessive drinking or was due to their work and/or living conditions.

Individuals that drank heavily also appeared to have odd growths on their mouth, esophagus, throat, liver, and breasts. Patients also complained of their inability to stay healthy, often being diagnosed far more often with debilitating and severe diseases.


  • This study is largely disregarded by those outside the scientific community as propaganda against alcohol.

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