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Aêkrist, Valagoth’s Thorn
Name Aêkrist, Valagoth’s Thorn
Origin Unknown
Classification Elven Artifact
Found Yes
Location Regalia

Aêkrist, Valagoth’s Thorn is an ancient weapon shrouded entirely in legend and mystery whose real origins are as-of-yet still unknown and undecided. It appears as a simple handle made of wrapped brambles, and when wielded a weapon of some sort of black material extends forth from the handle to form whatever its wielder chooses. Beware to whoever holds it, though, as it has a long and bloody history of owners who more often than not were eventually driven to mindless savagery over the course of their time with it. This artifact is unobtainable and serves for background lore. It may become obtainable when updated.


It is unknown exactly were Aêkrist came from, but its first finding resulted in its moniker. Some three hundred years ago in 5 AC a great and terrible beast stalked the dense, dark forests resulting from the Wildering, hunting down and devouring wanderers and travelers still trying to make their way out of the wood. Valagoth, as the beast was named, was bizarrely found dead in the forest one day, with Aêkrist plunged firmly within its heart. The traveler who found it withdraw the weapon and thereafter became the first in a long line of wielders.


Aêkrist, while dormant, appears simply like a polished and partially petrified length of thorn-less, greyish-brown dead bramble vines wrapped up with each other to form a handle. However, when grasped by its owner, they may imagine it growing into any weapon of their choosing, and Aêkrist will obey. A strange black material similar to steel extends from the handle and solidifies into whatever weapon was called for, ranging from spears to warhammers to bows.

Uses and Abilities

Aêkrist most notably grants its owner a length of powers that make them a fitting hunter and stalker of prey, allowing them to assume the form of an old, dark avatar of the hunt. It can take on the form of any weapon necessary and also will return to the bonded owner by calling its name. How exactly it chooses an owner is as of yet unknown, but there are old reports of the weapon whispering to its wielder and plunging them into a predatory, savage madness that results in their death and the weapon passing on to someone else.

Writers Finlaggan
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