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Affected Races What Races can be afflicted by it?
Contraction How is it contracted?
Mortality Rate What is its mortality rate? (x%)
Origins Where is it (likely) from?
  • State the first symptoms of the illness
Treatment Main treatment.

The intro is a solid, five sentence paragraph designed to summarize the article and hook the reader into the page as a whole. As a general guide, include the following in an intro paragraph:

  • Hook sentence
  • Describe the subject of the article
  • Offer a little historical context about the subject
  • Give a detail about the subject unrelated to the history
  • State what impact the subject has made, why it is important, or its present day state.


Where was it first recorded to have emerged? Where was it first recorded? If it jumped from animals to Races, how is it believed to have done so, or at least when is it believed to have done so? Have there been any major outbreaks of the illness? What is its current status?

Disease Cycle


How is the disease believed to be contracted? How is the disease believed to be spread?


Is there a cure for this Affliction? Is there a form of treatment to lessen the effects of the disease? If so, how much does it lessen the disease or in the case of a cure, how rapidly does it work?


  • One
  • Two

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