Alaine's Illness

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Alaine's Illness
Affected Races Human and Nelfin
Contraction Airborne fluid
Mortality Rate 3%
Origins Ithania
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
Treatment Citrus juices and Dewa’ann

Alaine’s Illness is one of the most recent diseases to propagate itself across Aloria. Though it tends to be one of the less severe diseases known to the world. Originating from the first cross-pollination of Qadir and Ithanian trade, the disease melded two different sicknesses together into a nightmare for the digestive system. Those inflicted with Alaine’s Illness should try to lay down and refrain from moving during the later stages of the sickness unless they wish to suffer the ultimate symptom; vomiting. The disease is part of the trading landscape of the world and the clearest demonstration of the consequences of greater connections across Aloria.


Alaine’s Illness first appeared in 220 AC and was subsequently named after its first victim, Alaine du Carbonne. A trader native to Ithania, he had recently returned from a voyage to Farah’deen where, he had inadvertently infected himself with a regional virus. Upon his return, he resumed his other job in charity work where he became exposed to the common cold while working with the poor. Unbeknownst to Alaine, the result of these two illnesses mixing was the first instance of the disease in its current form. He was soon diagnosed, but then his doctor and those he had worked with fell sick. The result was Hivre-hired mercenaries immediately working to enforce a village-wide quarantine, which succeeded in protecting the wider world from the Illness. Unfortunately, it still somehow escaped its humble starting point and skipped across the Ithanian countryside before it traveled, likely via infected sailors, to areas of Corontium and also back to Farah’deen. Later, during the Regalian Pessimism, this disease rampaged unceasingly through the Lordships of Vixhall, Basta-Irvelle and western Dragenthal. Currently, research on a cure for the Illness is mired by its resilience and quick passage in and out of the body. As such, the disease is often left to pass through the victim, and while this may be annoying to many, it remains non-lethal and easily soothed.

Disease Cycle


Alaine’s Illness is contracted through airborne fluids, which can be spread from sneezing, laughter, spitting, breathing or environmental hazards. The spreading of the disease most commonly occurs during its first stage. Unfortunately, its airborne lifespan and any factors that influence its longevity in the air are unknown.


The disease is treatable but also fades away soon after the worst symptoms manifest. Through continued consumption of citrus juices (such as oranges, lemons, and limes) as well as Dewa’ann, the stomach pains can be soothed. This does not cure the illness and at best, the stomach will merely feel bloated in most seated or standing positions.


  • Some Ithanian women purposefully contract this disease in order to cover up their desire to remain thin, not treating the disease to allow themselves to throw up naturally.
  • Alaine himself contracted the Illness three times throughout his lifetime, the last time forcing him into relative isolation to avoid a disease that he felt personally hunted him.

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