Alais Bloodline

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Alais Bloodline
Pronunciation Aa-lai-ees
Origins Ithania
Niche Seduction political infiltrator Vampire with a niche for theatrics and dance

The Alais Bloodline is one of the most popular Bloodlines in Regalia due to its subtle existence, it's ability to proliferate while remaining undetected, and being seen as something exotic for the nobility and aristocracy to part-take in, without any of the drawbacks that being of another Bloodline brings along. Since the fall of the Dorkarth Princes during the Vampire Wars, a small sub cult of particularly entertainment-prone Vampires followed their coven leader Princess Eveleanda Morvanus to Ithania. Eveleanda seduced one of the richest Princesses of the local Hivres, resulting in a duo female power couple that quickly converted the local court to an all-Vampire court. Through the intervention of certain unknown forces, their Bloodline became more subtle, so that it could be hidden from the many illustrious guests that would enter the Court of the Sanguine Host. This first of Alais Court eventually spread their "faithful" as they called themselves to the other courts of notably Lusits, Solacia and Pays-Sud, where the Alais Bloodline continued to spread, until it eventually reached the Imperial Court of the Regalian Empire. It is well known among the nobility that in the modern days, at least some of the nobility are Alais Vampires, and that probably even some members of the royal and Imperial families are Vampires, but continue to hide their identity to engage in their domestic depravities. Vampire hunters have opted to ignore the somewhat harmless Alais in favor of the more violent and hostile von Kërle and Zikiel Vampires, creating a somewhat calm yet inevitably temporary safety for Alais to continue existing without detection, tasting whether the blood of royals truly does taste better.

Alais Mentality

Alais Vampires are perhaps some of the most detached from the Vampire cause mentally and are very solitary in their lack of interactions with other Covens. While there certainly are Alais Vampires that work for Covens as infiltrators in the surface world, the majority of the Alais simply avoid Covens and the secret wards of Vampires versus Vampire hunters in favor of hedonism and self-gratification at whatever wealthy court or household they can attach themselves to, or find themselves in. Alais Vampires love playing the secret infiltrator-entertainer, and receive great exhilaration from trapping a person into a feeding routine without them even noticing, or perhaps even secretly liking it. While other Vampires are more prone to ignore or want to tear down the Regalian Empire, Alais Vampires would much rather it remain oblivious to their existence and remain intact, if only because it is easier to climb the ranks of power and wealth in the Empire while the majority population is non-Vampire and isn't looking out for their plots and ploys. Alais that do create a Coven together usually acknowledge one of them as their leader, but not as strongly as the hierarchies of the von Kërle who are prone to rule through power. In an Alais Coven, relations are more equal, sort of like a convenient alliance of plotters, or the Coven leadership switches around like a game of chess to whoever can land the best and highest political position at any time.

Alais Niche

Alais Vampires fill a unique niche in Vampire society of the subtle infiltrator and manipulator, but without any illusions, and rather through the use of entertainment and seduction. Alais Vampires are strictly speaking non-Combat Vampires, and avoid combat like the plague, seeing any sort of conflict as something they should desperately avoid at the risk of exposing them. Alais, much like Slizzar, seek out political and economic fortune, and then try to translate that into personal satisfaction and enrichment, notably to taste the more elusive and exclusive fine luxuries of life, and to engage in behavior or activities that they might not normally consider, as no experience is too unique or to out there for an Alais. Alais don't always work with other Vampires, though they can work for them as infiltrators. Mostly however, Alais ignore the ongoing struggles of the Covens and those who hunt Vampires, and in a way don't even consider themselves part of Vampire society, and might even look down on other bloodlines as more savage and unrefined as them.

Alais Common Abilities

Common Abilities are mechanics that all Alais Vampires have access to, meaning they are implied and it is not necessary to record them on a Character Application, though you may for posterity sake. Important instructions for Character Apps are included in the Vampire Form table row at the bottom.

Standard Ability Ability Category Range Description (Standard Mutations are free but Mandatory, All Alais Vampires have them, and they can use these Abilities while in their non-Vampiric Form and Vampiric Form (Crimson Form))
Blood Collaring Soul Curse Emote Distance The Vampire can Target either a willing or restrained non-Vampire person to attach a Blood-Collar to their neck, colored in crimson blood yet solid and shaped like brambles with thorns. While the Vampire is in Emote Distance, any command issued must be followed, else the collar will dig its spikes into the neck and cause bleeding. While within range, any number of commands can be issued, but only the last command will remain active when leaving Emote Distance. Blood Collared individuals cannot be infected wiht Vampirism, and the Collar can only be removed by any type of Exorcism-Like Ability that removes Possessions. Any Vampire can only have one person Collared at any time.
Immortal Aging Constant Passive Self The Vampire does not age from the moment of infection. Their aging ceases visually, and they can sustain themselves beyond their natural undeath. This is not true undeath, but a state of suspended unlife. If a Vampire is cured when they have lived a number of years as a Vampire, they will proceed to age rapidly over a period of 2 weeks. Becoming re-infected during these two weeks will restore the Vampire back to the age they were when cured. If they cannot be re-infected before the end of the 2 week period, the aging is permanent, and re-infection causes the character to freeze at the new age. If a character has aged far beyond their natural lifespan, if they are not re-infected before the end of the 2 week period, they will die. (It is not allowed to perma-imprison a character to prevent infection to their death during these two weeks) Vampires require an Backstory Special Permission in order to be older than 100 years old. Vampires who are turned through active roleplay can be older than 100 years without a Backstory Special Permission (Though in all cases, a character older than 150 requires a Backstory Special Permission)
Alu's Blood Trigger Passive Self Small quantities of Alais Blood (not enough to infect someone with Vampirism) can be force-fed to a person to have similar effects to the Seraphalo Alchemy ingredient. When force-ingesting a splash of Alais blood, the victim will be unable to recall locations, the exact sound of voices, or exact faces for the last 24 hours. They can remember the events that happened to them (unless those events were erased from memory by other Mutations) and remember what was spoken about, but will be unable to identify anyone in any way. This effect cannot stack. Alais Blood cannot be saved up and stored for later use, this effect only applies when it is fresh from the wound.
Dancing Mirage Vampire Spell Emote Distance While dancing (in whatever style), anyone that is watching the Vampire dancing will enter a low-perception trance. This does not alter their perception of time, actions or conversations around them, but makes them incapable of detecting any Dextrous Rogue Skill Proficiency actions being performed on them by a third party (or the Vampire). Essentially, anyone watching the Vampire dancing is unable to feel or hear themselves being pickpocketed, meaning anyone doing a pickpocket roll on them cannot fail the dice roll. This effect is broken as soon as the targets look away from the Vampire.
Crimson Feeding Vampire Spell Touch The Vampire, when sinking their teeth into the neck of their victim causes a partial paralysis that makes it impossible for the victim to struggle out of their grip or fight back, but still aware enough to know what is happening, be able to see, hear, and speak. The Vampire can consume as much blood as they want, but can drink no longer than 10 minutes which is their upper fill. Upon releasing their teeth from the victim’s neck, the effect is instantly canceled, but the victim is too weak to immediately turn back and fight for at least half a minute. This Ability may not be used to tie someone up at the same time, and the Vampire cannot fight or use Abilities while drinking.
Crimson Body Constant Passive Self
  • The Vampire’s new Physical Stat is 15, overriding any Racial Limit as long as it is above this number. If below, then the Racial Limit applies.
  • The Vampire is able to consume food and drinks, These give them sustenance, but can never replace the feeding qualities of blood.
  • The Vampire is able to reproduce with both Vampires and non-Vampires, and can choose to have normal children or Alais Vampire Broods.
  • The Vampire does not have red eyes, or any skin discoloration in their eye sockets, however their skin can no longer tan in sunlight.
  • The Vampire’s Vampire teeth appear only when feeding commences, and shorten shortly after completion.
Crimson Power Constant Passive Self
  • Alais Vampires have a constant +5 Theatre Arts and +5 Dancing Arts Proficiency boost, but any Combat Proficiency Category Proficiencies they have are set to 0 without a point refund, unless they are in their Crimson Form, where their Combat Proficiencies remain where they are.
  • Alais Vampires do not need to be in their Crimson Form to use their Alais Form Mutations. Alais Vampires have access to their mutations both inside and outside of their Vampire Form.
  • Alais Vampires while not in their Crimson Form cannot be detected by Aberrant Detection Mechanisms. They will however respond to curing, obviously.
Crimson Form Mythic Shift Self The Vampire can activate their Crimson Form, which is a Mythic Shift that turns them into a so-called Vampiric Form. Vampiric Forms are alternate appearance versions of the Vampire’s normal form that give creative liberty to the player in terms of design, with some noted limitations. All Vampiric Forms (per bloodline) have some basic rules so that a Bloodline can easily be read from their appearance, however beyond that, many different aesthetic aspects can be modified at will. It is required to produce a “Vampiric Form” section on the Character Application, detailing in a Paragraph what your character’s Vampiric Form looks like. Having a separate skin for Vampiric Form is not required, strongly recommended for immersion. The following rules apply to the Crimson Form for this Bloodline:
  • Crimson Form Vampires must have considerable (large or many) parts of their body colored in red, whether that be skin or hair or horns or tattoos or other appendages/skin armor etc.
  • Crimson Form Vampires can have extra limbs and eyes, but these must only be aesthetic and non-functional unless dictated by Mutation.
  • Crimson Form Vampires may not use aesthetics unique to other Vampire Forms, and vice versa. Each Vampire Form must thematically represent their Bloodline.
  • Crimson Form Vampires may not too closely resemble other aesthetic Mythic Shifts or Beast Shifts, like Werebeasts or Dragon Warriors.
  • Crimson Form Vampires may be designed to be not-recognizable or recognizable, that is up to the player. They may look completely different in Vampire Form.
  • Crimson Form Vampires always look the same, and aesthetic changes on the Character App are purely OOC ret-cons and do not confuse identification.
  • Crimson Form Vampires can transform in and out of their Vampiric Form instantly and painlessly. This Transformation also cannot be countered in any way.
  • In order to use Crimson Form, you must have had your Character app approved, and the description specifically approved by Lore Staff.

Alais Form Mutations

Form Mutations can only be used in or out of Vampiric Form (Crimson Form). Each Player may choose up to 5 Mutations from this list, which must be recorded on a Character Application. Abilities may not be used before the Application is approved. Abilities may only be changed once, repeated changing of Abilities will result in a Character App being revoked.

Form Mutation Ability Category Range Description (Choose up to 5 of these Mutations)
Crimson Graces Constant Passive Self

For any action involving the Proficiency Dextrous Rogue Skill (such as Theft, Quick Fingers, Sleight of Hand), when detected or having failed a /dice roll, the Character may perform another /dice roll as a form of saving graces from failure. If this roll fails however, there cannot be another roll until the next unique action.

Crimson Cloaking Toggle Passive Emote Distance The Vampire can target any one person (and one person only) and turn completely invisible to them, where they cannot perceive any sounds they make, except for their voice. This only targets one person, and as soon as this person leaves Emote Distance, or the Vampire targets another person, they can see the Vampire again. This Ability can be used in combat, however if the Vampire harms the target in any way, this target can see them again, and becomes immune to this ability for the next 24 hours. The Vampire can still make themselves unseen to other people, but attacking any of them will also make them immune for 24 hours. This ability requires some seconds to take effect so it cannot be shuttered between people for skipping invisibility.
Crimson Curse Vampire Spell Emote Distance The Vampire can target any one person (and one person only) and cause their next Proficiency related action to critically fail. This only affects mundane actions involving Proficiencies, not Abilities. For example: if this Ability is used on an archer during an archery tournament, their next (potentially winning) shot will hilariously misfire. This only works for one action, after which it goes on Cooldown for half an hour. This can also cause weapon attacks to fumble out of the hands of wielders, or Knowledge Proficiency-based information to suddenly be inexplicably forgotten for a day. This Ability does not telegraph in any way, and can be used as subtly as the Vampire likes.
Crimson Silence Toggle Passive Self Items held (like Clockwork or weapons) and stationary items used (like doors and hatches) do not produce any sound when used by the Vampire. Furthermore, the Vampire does not produce audible footsteps on any surfaces, nor release any bodily odors that would allow those races with strong smell to detect their presence from merely standing near them.
Crimson Guiding Vampire Spell Direct Contact This spell has two different functions, one in public (if more than 1 persons are present in the same room), and one in private (if only one person is present in the room). While in public, if the Vampire has gotten their target to agree to a dance, they will have Control Power over their victim for as long as they are dancing. This victim will be in a high-functional dream-like state where they cannot perceive what is happening around them or what is being talked about, but will continue to reply and dance along and smile and look no different to onlookers. If the dance is broken, they will have no memory of whatever was spoken about and will simply remember a pleasant dance. If during the dance the Vampire will encourage the victim to follow them away from the dance floor, they will comply up to this request, but not to leave the venue (this should be used to lead someone away to consume their blood, if any other purpose is used, this effect will break). The victim cannot be enticed to reveal harmful information to themselves, and if harmed in any way other than Vampiric feeding, will immediately wake up from the daze. If used in private, the Vampire can send subliminal but strong urges to the person as long as they are talking and somewhat close to each other, though direct touch is not required. These subliminal urges are mostly for example an urge to have a glass of water, or to close a window. They cannot be used to extract harmful information or force the subject to commit acts they do not want to commit.
Crimson Lies Vampire Spell Emote Distance The Vampire is able to target one person per day to alter their mind into believing something is the opposite of what they believe to be true, however the Vampire needs to specifically know what is being targeted (the victim has to specifically verbalize the truth that the Vampire wishes to reverse, this cannot be used to implant new things). For example, if a person speaks about how they believe that their brother is committing adultery, the Vampire can cast this ability to alter the mind of the victim to believe the exact opposite, that their brother is in fact very loyal. This Ability changes the entire memory and evidence perception of the victim, as if they had never believed the opposite to be true to begin with, and they will have no memory of when or how they changed their mind. They will continue to believe this new false version of truth until they are given irrefutable evidence to prove the contrary. This can also involve really silly things like convincing someone the sky is red, though when they look at the sky during the day, they will obviously have the spell broken as they can irrefutably see the sky being blue. When this spell is broken, they do suddenly remember their original belief and reasons for that belief, but cannot decide or recall when their opinion was changed or how.
Crimson Dressage Toggle Passive Self The Vampire is able to change the appearance of their clothing, add, or remove clothing magically and instantly, either with an aesthetic magical transformation, or simply instantly. This change can also alter the fabric, texture, color, or patterns on worn clothing. Clothing that is magically produced dissipates as soon as it leaves the body of the Vampire. This ability can be seen through by either 10 Perception Proficiency or 10 Bodycare Proficiency, allowing them to see through any usage of clothing to disguise identity, meaning they cannot tell it is magical clothing, but can tell the identity of the Vampire beneath if they are attempting to disguise themselves.
Crimson Hostage Target Curse Self Those fed upon gain the Crimson Hostage trait, which makes them strongly want to prevent the Vampire from being harmed, caught or cured, for up to 72 hours after having been fed upon. The Vampire can choose to not apply this Curse when feeding.
Crimson Guile Toggle Passive Self This Mutation has two effects: Primarily, it makes it so that anyone the Vampire is feeding on does not feel pain, and will forget about the circumstances surrounding the feeding afterwards, leaving no bite marks. Furthermore, it makes the Vampire look entrancing, beautiful and alluring, as long as eye contact is made.
Crimson Reflection Toggle Passive Self The Vampire can magically change superficial appearance aspects about themselves: Change the color of their hair, change the color of their eyes (does not work while feeding), add or remove facial scars or freckles, change the skin lightness/darkness, and the length of their hair, including the texture (curliness, straightness, waviness). A character with 10 Bodycare Training Proficiency can see through the disguise and identify the original appearance of the character.


  • Alais Vampires often recruit new members from their own family. Alais Vampires are hardly ever loyal to one another, though family members often tend to stick together when they become Alais, because their blood genuinely is thicker than water.
  • Alais Vampires, when forming a Coven, are commonly called a "Danse Macabre". This is a reference to the parties hosted by the Ithanian Vampires that involved a lot of involuntary bloodletting by the guests and their entourages.
  • Alais Vampires are actually mentioned a couple of times in the literary masterpieces of Classique Livres de t'Hôterie Encyclopedie, a modern companion text to the "Tales of Baroness t'Hôterie and the Haute Homme" which founded the School of t'Hôterie. This sometimes causes those mocking Alais Vampires to refer to them as "Thotpires", since that book speaks positively of Vampires embracing the philosophies of the book.

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