Alazan's Hands

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Alazan's Hands
Appearance A translucent, viscous gel
Application Direct application onto hands/feet
Proficiency Requires 10 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Alazan Zzastakas
Potency A thin layer of gel on hands/feet
Injectable No
  • 2/8 Vocadine
  • 2/8 Animal Tallow
  • 1/8 Brightmoss
  • 1/8 Dried Chrysant Flower petals
  • 2/8 Tree Sap (preferably evergreen sap)
  1. Creates an adhesive layer on the hands/feet to stick to walls and other climbable surfaces.

Once an innocent idea from an ambitious Allar alchemist, Alazan's Hands’ usage over the years quickly went downhill as criminals acquired this sticky climbing aid. Only making its way into the ears of the populus after the effects of the Chrysant War, Alazan's became outlawed after its use by Slizzar assassins became known to the public of Regalia, whom were still in mourning of the fallen nobility. Remaining an illegal commodity to this day, it is prevalent in black market stalls and rogue alchemist’s shelves, for criminals, adventurers, and mercenaries alike.


Despite its prevalent usage in the Chrysant War, Alazan's Hands came from far less sinister origins. A practicing Allar alchemist known as Alazan Zzastakas sought out a concoction to aid him in his other ventures of adventuring and exploring, as, despite his ambition, Alazan found trouble in climbing-- most likely due to the Allar disposition to physical weakness. With the aid of two of his closest colleagues and like-minded members of the Court of Alchemists, Alazan began experimentation in the year 221 AC. After weeks of trial and tribulation, the Allar and his colleagues took inspiration from the glueing effects of Tallassan Gel, and, within two weeks, a working prototype was created.

In the weeks to come, Alazan's Hands was sold to prospective adventurers and shady criminals alike, and despite being a relatively niche product, Alazan's Hands grew in popularity in the years following its initial conception. However, this popularity was not exclusive to the Allar peoples. While the knowledge of how the Slizzar obtained Alazan's Hands has been lost to time, its use in the Chrysant War is surely to be remembered.

After the events of the final campaign of the war that secured Regalia’s victory, the well-documented aftermath is an event that many, Slizzar and Ailor alike, are sure to remember. However, Alazan's Hands’ use by Slizzar assassins is not as commonly spread around. Thanks to documents recovered by scholars, the Slizzar were said to have mass-produced Alazan's Hands and distributed to nearly every assassin who could make use of it. That night, the serpentine creatures scaled the walls of castles, estates and family homes alike, slaughtering the unfortunate nobles who happened to be present that day.

Once this information became known to the public, Alazan's Hands was promptly outlawed for fear of others getting ideas for the future, or Slizzar hoping to follow in the footsteps of their ancestors. To this day, Alazan's Hands has found new use by rogue alchemists and criminals who are able to purchase it from various black markets. Despite the laws and regulations on alchemy loosening in recent years, as many have found much practical use in the alchemical craft, Alazan's Hands remains far away from any law-abiding alchemist’s shelves.


While many are able to create rudimentary versions of Alazan's Hands, creating it to its full effect, without fear of it working improperly, can be a difficult task. If the Chrysant Flower petals are not dry enough, or if the animal tallow is not freshly prepared, an alchemist may risk having Alazan's Hands stuck to their hands and feet for a long while. Firstly, the Vocadine and tree sap should be placed into an empty pot, and stirred upon a flame until a thin liquid is achieved. While mixing, the Brightmoss, gelled and chopped until fine, needs to be stirred into the mixture. The Chrysant Flower petals should then be ground into a powder, and kneaded evenly into the animal tallow in a separate container. The Vocadine mix needs to be brought to a full boil for approximately one minute, before the animal tallow and crushed petals are added over a low flame, which should be promptly extinguished once the two final ingredients have been added.

The mixture should be then poured into a glass vial quickly, and stored overnight to cool before it becomes sticky.



Given Alazan's Hands takes a few seconds for its effects to stick to the skin, the gel must be promptly applied to hands, feet, or any other surfaces. While Alazan's Hands does work best on bare skin, many opt to use it on gloves and boots for fear that it will not come off. Contrary to popular belief, however, properly prepared Alazan's Hands can be dissolved if hands/feet are soaked for approximately one minute in lukewarm water.


Once applied to the hands/feet, Alazan's Hands will take thirty to forty five seconds to form an adhesive layer on top of the hand/foot, which is adherent enough, if applied to both hands, to keep someone stuck to a completely vertical wall. However, properly prepared Alazan's Hands is flexible enough to be pulled apart from the surface it has been stuck to with minimal force.

Experienced climbers who use Alazan's Hands are also able to hang completely upside down from ceilings, if both their hands and feet are covered in the properly concocted adhesive.

Physical Characteristics

Alazan’s Hands appears as a viscous, transparent gel, similar to the consistency of Tallassan Gel, though much clearer than the healing salve. It has an odor of pure alcohol, though it isn’t very prominent.


  • Before its initial conception, one of the Allar alchemists working on Alazan’s Hands tested a less refined version of the mixture on his bare skin, and ended up getting his hands stuck to a table for five full hours.
  • While easy to use, Alazan's Hands is a difficult tool for stealthy individuals, as it takes a fair amount of skill to move Alazan-covered hands and feet up a wall without making noticeable squelching noises.

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