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Alchemy Point Buy is part of the Proficiency System. Its Packs allow a Character to be proficient in Alchemy and Chemistry. It has some additional rules for flair and balance.

Common Alchemy Pack

The Common Alchemy Pack allows the user to do general Alchemy. General Alchemy refers to creating aesthetic potions, mixtures, tinctures, pills and injections.

  • The user can run an Alchemy shop, or sell Alchemical ingredients and mixtures of their own making. Examples are mixtures to ward off ants, turn iron into fool’s gold, cause flowers to turn from red to blue, instantly dye a dress in a different color, or experience some form of recreational sedation.
  • Common Alchemy cannot be used in Combat Roleplay (unless all parties agree that it should be allowed). It cannot be used to replace or usurp functions of other Alchemy Packs or Abilities or Mundane Techniques in other Point Buy pages.
  • Common Alchemy allows a great deal of player freedom in deciding what their products are, but there is a fair use policy. Generally speaking players are expected not to out-do each other’s proprietary products and remain reasonable within the world’s setting.
  • For Alchemy Combat Roleplay, we recommend applying an Alchemy aesthetic to the Sling weapon in Ranged Combat Point Buy.

Morphing Alchemy Pack

The Morphing Alchemy Pack allows the user to apply alchemical changes to either their own body, or the body of whoever inhales/swallows/injects their mixtures willingly.

  • Body Morphing Alchemy allows the mixtures to subtly change the gender presentation of the user, without expressly changing their biological sex. Examples are increased hair-growth, hour-glass body shape, masculine or feminine facial bone reconfiguration, et cetera. This is essentially the equivalent of HRT in our lore.
  • True Morphing Alchemy allows the mixtures to fully alter the anatomy of the user without expressly altering their gender presentation. This is essentially the equivalent of Top/Bottom Surgery in our lore.
  • Hair Morphing Alchemy allows the mixtures to have a great deal of freedom with hair, changing textures, length, curing baldness, changing colors and even applying aesthetics like glow in the dark or sparkle or causing hair to be weightless as if floating around underwater.
  • Skin Morphing Alchemy allows the mixtures to subtly change the skin of the user, but never so far that it causes them to be disguised or not identified. Skin Morphing Alchemy allows for additions to the skin like tiger-like stripes, glitter, a subtle glow, a rougher leathery texture et cetera. The only thing that is not allowed is changing skin tones.

Obstructive Alchemy Pack

Obstructive Alchemy Pack allows the user to be a general nuisance with Alchemy. This is an excellent pack for pranksters. This Pack specializes in the creation of alchemy that uses loud sounds and flashes of light to jump-scare others (though it cannot affect Combat Roleplay). Other examples of Obstructive Alchemy are for example single-use fart pillows, instant floor-lubrication projectiles, and rapid door-knob heaters. This Pack also grants a Mundane Technique:

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description Modifiers
Foam Alchemy Mundane Technique Emote Range Grants the user Foam Alchemy


Healing Alchemy Pack

Healing Alchemy Pack is a catch-all Pack that also includes surgery and other medical assistance including diagnosing, treatment and bio-medicine. This Pack thus grants the user wide-ranging medical capabilities, allowing them to be a skilled doctor or surgeon, as well as having extensive knowledge of healing properties on herbs and other alchemical ingredients. This Pack also grants a Mundane Technique, found at the bottom.

  • The user can diagnose ailments, diseases and wounds and accurately prescribe and perform a treatment.
  • The user can perform surgery, battlefield surgery, as well as stabilize a patient so long as they remain close to them.
  • The user has extensive knowledge of healing and medicinal plants, even being able to relieve pain with just herbs.
  • The user can mix medicinal poultices and potions, as well as pain-relief and other numbing agents.
Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description Modifiers
Healing Hands Mundane Technique 2 Blocks Grants the user Healing Hands

Healing Alchemy Modifier