Aldomir Kade

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Aldomir Kade
Notable Person
Full Name Aldomir Kade
Race Ailor
Date of Birth 20 AC
Date of Death 80 AC
Real or Mythical Real
Claim to Fame Lazy Chancellor of Regalia

Aldomir Kade is a notorious Chancellor for amounting to nothing of particular worth, granting him the nickname of the Lazy Chancellor of Regalia. What few deals and policies he enacted were the products of other’s claim to fame, yet Aldomir had some credit due his way. Aldomir would be recorded as a man who aided in the quelling of the insurgence of mages and the unification of the Anglia under Kade rule.

Origins and Early Life

Aldomir Kade was the first born son to his father, Caldomir Kade, who hallmarked the duties expected of a Chancellor to his Imperial Holiness. These duties all but eluded themselves from Aldomir, who was a pampered, mollycoddle boy, who preferred a nice procrastinating drink over the dull task of refining his political abilities. This behavior continued into his day-to-day life, as Aldomir’s reputation showed him as a drunkard who always guzzled his fair share at parties. Aldomir became known for his sprightly events that would often cause the family’s wealth to verge on depletion.

Due to his wealthy lifestyle, Aldomir became obese and decadent with the obsessive amount of food he consumed on a daily basis. The pudgy boy never liked the backhanded remarks and whispers he heard involving his size and would abuse his father’s influence and status to simply make those whispers vanish through means historians refrain from speaking of. Many questioned Aldomir’s ability when it came to succeeding his father. But, before any could argue his claim to the Chancellery, Caldomir Kade suddenly passed in his sleep.


When Aldomir rose to the seat of Chancellor, many were concerned if he could take on the meticulous task expected to be performed by a man in his position. Aldomir became infamous for his ability to ignore his duties and to brush them aside, forcing the Emperor to finish the otherwise tedious paperwork. His indolence would later have historians remember him as the Lazy Chancellor of Regalia. Despite his general lack of activity among the mingling of nobility and politics, Aldomir took strides to strengthen the relationship between House Kade and Anglia by marrying off his sister, Eolemma, to a duke of the final region not yet under their control. This placed the whole of Anglia under Kade rule, where they would remain up to present day and remains to be one of his few achievements.

Another of Aldomir accomplishments would come from the influx of magic users, most of which were kept unchecked to incite chaos at their whim. Aldomir’s general lack of interest towards the dilemma left him neutral on the matter, as his involvement remained minimal until he saw a proposal petitioned by Grand Vigil Aletta, which requested government sanctioning for her Order. Aldomir scoffed at the notion of a woman overseeing the affairs of any government position. However, his bias was not enough to deny the proposed order. Therefore, Aldomir had granted government sanctioning under a few guidelines and rules; one of which included Aletta immediate relinquishing her position and the appointment of another male candidate. With reluctance, Aletta stepped down so that the Azure Order may be reformed and handed over the Order to Grand Vigil Nicholas.

As Aldomir grew older he found himself lonely and without proper affection. To resolve this feeling, Aldomir organized a ball to find potential candidates to wed. The man took a liking to a lesser noble from Anglia who went by the name Leona of Vartown, and chose to court the lady in the upcoming months. Not surprising at all, Leona of Vartown became far more known than her husband, as she championed the Ceardianization of Anglia. Following her marriage, however, Leona of Vartown advertized the Ceardian culture in the Alt-Regalian lands of the Empire, leading to a slow but gradual conversion of cultures. Not long after, Leona had a number of children, Tedromar Kade being the first with his two sisters following in suit, Eodora and Eotranna.

Later Life

Aldomir’s elder years were similar to his years as a child as his lazy and uncouth behavior took hold again. Around this period, when Eodora and Eotranna were maturing, Leona of Vartown became overly possessive over her daughters. This nearly fractured the family as Leona threatened to take custody of the children in order to remove them from the filth that was their father. However, with the intervention of the Sancella of Unionism, they refused her claim and settled the conflict. After these events, Aldomir lived his pampered lifestyle in ignorant bliss, turning his nose to all duties until the day his heart gave out while digging into a roasted thigh.


The aroma that clung to Aldomir would describe his personality, as the rotting stench of meat and the pungent smell of liquor hinted at his very slothful personality and party-hard lifestyle. Despite his outward appearance, Aldomir was a witty man who knew how to keep the crooked balance between ignoring his duties and maintaining a reputation. Not all of Aldomir’s habits were harmful to himself, for he had a refined eye toward art and music which translated beautifully to his party-hard antics. Each event he hosted would be lined with the most ornate of paintings and filled with the most harmonious of tunes.


Aldomir’s biggest accomplishment was the fact that he accomplished little, an irony that let to his notoriety in modern day. Still, he had one or two minor moments of triumph. One of which pertains to his sanctioning of the Azure Order, which lead to the gradual decline of free roaming mages. Another victory that Aldomir could be attributed to would be the actions of his sister, who married a Duke of Anglia to bring their lands under Kade rule. Aldomir’s last achievement was the actions of his wife, who Ceardianized many of the Kade’s lands, an action that still carries weight to this day as the culture thrives in many regions.

Extended Family

Aldomir was the firstborn son to Caldomir Kade and had only one wife, Leona of Vartown. It is believed that Aldomir fathered two bastard children before having his three legitimized children: Tedromar Kade, Eodora Kade, and Eotranna Kade.


  • Aldomir once hosted a chess tournament and managed to win his own grand prize, although many speculate the entire event was rigged in the Chancellor’s favor.
  • To be called an “Aldomir” by a barkeep is an insult, an insult stemming from Aldomir Kade's favorite pastime of making his rounds of the many taverns and drinking out their finest brandy.

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