Aldrich von Leberecht

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Aldrich von Leberecht
Notable Person
Full Name Aldrich von Leberecht
Race Ailor
Date of Birth April 4th, 247
Date of Death July 26th, 272 A.C
Claim to Fame Leader of the Baronial Rebellion.

Aldrich was the competent military tactician who lead the Baronial Rebellion against the van Sherburne family during the Drachenwald Crisis. During this time he lead several, though few successful battles. Upon hearing of the Sherburne’s murder of the local barons, Aldrich sparked and led a rebellion against the Sherburne's. He would die a few months after his victory in a minor skirmish. To this day, Aldrich is revered as both a hero and villain of days past, the first especially in Drachenwald where there is a statue dedicated to his deeds in the rebellion.

Origins and Early Life

Aldrich was born during the spring of 247 AC, to Traugott and Annika von Leberecht, a semi-successful, although retired soldier and a young maid respectively. He spent his childhood misdemeaning and winding himself up in trouble far too often. One of the many times he had been caught and punished, his father had finally caught on and began to punish him personally. Traugott intended to shape his son into a soldier, like himself, though soon after young Aldrich was led astray after meeting one of his father’s own generals, Brongutt Dreider, who had over the duration of their meeting caught the boy’s attention. Brongutt himself was not of noble birth, but rather a talented man of low birth who had risen through the military and politics ranks over the course of a few decades. This was all too alluring to Aldrich who began to idolize him. During the years before the original Baronial Army, Brongutt had begun to drill his own ideals into the impressionable Aldrich, which consisted of fighting for what he believed in rather than what his own lords did which had come to fuel him later during the Crisis.


Aldrich completed the early portion of his training on the date of the 4th of August, 271 AC. Aldrich, being at the young age of 24 now sought his own employment among the many minor barons of Drachenwald, offering himself as a bodyguard. After many a week of searching he drew the attention of one Baron, Otto Von Horn who hired him as a lower guard to his family. Aldrich found little problem with this employment, guarding his personal liege against the occasional drunken peasant and not much more. Some time later during his service, Otto presented an offer for Aldrich to marry one of his daughters, with the offer accepted he continued his duties after bringing two children to his name. Aldrich would later refuse the Von Horn name and keep “Von Leberecht” upon gaining a Barony.

During this time, Aldrich was contacted by Brongutt, who had asked him to convince his father to not take part in some of the local riots for food and other simple requirements. The boy complied with Brongutt’s request and set about to convince his kin of otherwise consequential actions, after which returning to his quiet duties serving under Otto. Though this changed on the 11th of December 271 AC, when the Baron had set out to take part of the negotiations with the van Sherburnes, leaving young Aldrich behind to guard his family in his absence. Days later, Aldrich intercepted a courier headed for Otto’s estate, receiving only a jumbled explanation of the bloodbath that had occurred. Aldrich then scurried to the Barons, spreading the news. He was lucky enough to come across the more influential Barons at their own feast. He put on a grand performance, reporting the same information he’d learned from the courier whilst mixing in his own rousing speech of valor and honor where the courier had been vague. He swayed the majority of them and, after some grudging moments of arguing, gained legitimacy as he secured their backings for what he would later take part in. Now having the support of most of the Barons, he convinced them to give him the position of Commander for their small armies. He set about organizing the men and bringing Brongutt into the fold as his advisor, preparing for the coming Crisis.

Aldrich then, with the assistance of Brongutt, set about coming up with various strategies for the war, and what would follow after should they gain traction. Aldrich then took part in many of the battles against the combined Sherburne and Imperial armies. The first few battles were utter failures for the rebellion, and Aldrich himself called for retreat during several of these battles. However, on the 2nd of January, 272 AC their ill fated rebellion saw a moment of hope, at the Battle of Lausitze. He was presented with victory when the Sherburnes men went turncoat on the Imperial forces, decimating them. His men captured the Chancellor, Norn Kade though he had minimal part in the imprisonment of the captured Nobility. Aldrich sent the Rebellion’s demands to the State with all haste. He planned to meet with the leaders of the Mercenary force whom had betrayed the Sherburnes, he managed to convince both the sellswords and the various Barons who formed the two sides to make a deal, in which the force of sellswords split into various smaller factions each coming to serve under a different Baron. At this time the State had responded, though in a disappointing manner as they refused the terms set forth by the rebels. Aldrich ordered the execution of the captives one by one until the state would agree, starting with the Chancellor. A great deal of the sellswords came to von Leberecht’s service, drawn to his blossoming confidence and leadership, to dare execute the nobility. After the assorted executions of the Chancellor and some of the captured Sherburnes, the State finally sent word that they would agree. To his surprise, he gained a Barony near Axelland, that had belonged to Moritz Von Einem, who had fallen in battle not too long after the end of the Crisis. It is rumored Brongutt personally saw to that exchange of power, strong arming any who resisted the change of succession to ensure Aldrich’s success.

Later Life

Aldrich’s end came soon after the Rebellion, in July 26th of 272 AC. Some of the sellswords had come to grow angered by the terms set earlier that year after the victory of the rebellion. After gathering the assorted leaders in his home a heated argument ensued, until a fight broke out between the leaders of the sellswords and his personal guards. One of the leaders swung at Aldrich with the intention to merely wound him. However, he landed a fatal strike through his chest after Aldrich had moved stray of the blow. Aldrich bled out on the floor of his office in the arms of his wife, and assorted guards who were present for the negotiations. Many of the sellswords surrendered to his guard, but many more were put to the sword.


Aldrich von Leberecht was known to be silver tongued and wily, but a very practical leader. Often layering his intent under a speech, rousing or not, he was always a man of actions over waiting and watching which led him to gain the respect of his fellow low born men. Unfortunately due to his low birth he had not the proper eye for intrigue and politics, leaving him blind to such affairs. He relied heavily on his former mentor Brongutt Dreider, to guide him in those matters. While also low born, Brongutt’s years of combative and political experience ensured Aldrich would not fall for the tricks of others. Many of his speeches and political letters were written by Brongutt, and this instilled a sense of dependence on the otherwise confident leader.


Aldrich was, and still is to this day remembered as a hero of his time from the war, and even further remembered as a wonderful tactician, even if others had done the plans with him. Aldrich was an outgoing man, often forging alliances between two otherwise misaligned groups and a spotlight however dim in the social affairs of Drachenwald. His own life has left a schism of sorts among the scholars of the empire as to whether or not he was leading the show, or merely following along to his mentor Brongutt. Still now do they debate over whether he should be praised for his contributions or scorned as a traitor, having those studying his life in conflicts on the matter as the many sides try and sort out what they thought to be the true Aldrich von Leberecht.

Extended Family

Aldrich was born to Traugott and Annika von Leberecht and from the young age of twenty five onwards was married to the daughter of Baron Otto Von Horn, Susann whom he conceived two children with her, a son and a daughter by the names of Phillip and Franziska who he didn’t live long enough to raise, leaving them free of his radical ideals. Phillip is the current Duke of Axelland.


  • Some claim Brongutt Dreider had Moritz Von Einem’s sons murdered after the Battle of Lausitze, to legitimize Aldrich’s claim. Whatever the truth of the matter, Brongutt was known to be cold and practical.
  • To this day it’s often wondered if Aldrich was even a real person, some doubt he was born into the von Leberecht despite those carrying his name, to that point it’s believed that this rumor had come about due to his apparent appearance as a Commander of the Rebellion.
  • Phillip Von Leberecht, the current Duke of Axelland, has repeatedly renounced the treasonous actions of Aldrich, claiming he would never kill the Chancellor “for his own selfish desires”. Now utterly loyal to the Kades in contrast with his father, Phillip has publicly insisted loyalty to the now Imperial Family, righting Aldrich’s past wrongs by favoring the Kades politically.

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