Alu's Fruit

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Alu's Fruit
Appearance A pale colored stick of incense, or candle infused with hints of brown
Application The user must breathe the incense for at least half an hour
Proficiency Requires 5 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Amancio Astiazaran
Potency One foot long stick
Injectable No
  • ⅓ Beeswax
  • ⅙ Crushed Barnacle Trout
  • ⅙ Rotten Bird Eggs
  • ⅙ Fruit juice or essence
  • Lead
  1. Greatly reduces fertility in the body for a week, dependent on alchemist's skill
  2. Causes a runny nose for 48 hours after initial exposure

Alu’s Fruit is an incense that reduces fertility in the body of most Human and Nelfin subraces. Created by the eccentric Daendroque alchemist Amancio Astiazaran at the request of Morgann Kade, the incense has since gone on to be used by the upper class and the sex trade to prevent unwanted children. Unionism takes issue with both the name for this creation (named after the Goddess of Death from the Old Gods faith) but also in that it prevents the production of children, especially in Ailor. As of yet, the substance is not outright banned, though anyone caught using it is often severely punished by the local church.


Alu’s Fruit has relatively unknown origins but originates from the reign of Chancellor Morgann Kade. While the reasons vary with each retelling, what is known is that Morgann hired the eccentric alchemist Amancio Astiazaran to craft a concoction to reduce fertility. He immediately began experimenting, and the urban legends of his insane approach to the issue became a subject of distaste in the following decades. Regardless of these methods, he produced and presented Alu’s Fruit to Morgann in private for his use. When Morgann died, the creator opened up its application to other nobles who quietly took him up on the offer. Since then, the incense has remained in use among the fringe of the Regalian Empire, yet remains popular among upper echelons of society. Unionism decries its use, but detractors quietly point out the irony of nobility and even some priests using the substance to prevent bastard children.


The creation of Alu’s Fruit is deceptively simple, but the higher the skill of the alchemist creating it, the higher chance it has at preventing conception. The first step is to heat beeswax until it melts into a liquid state. This can be done over the course of an hour, or even less if the fire is at a high temperature. Following the melting of the wax, crushed or flaked lead is introduced into the beeswax, mixing in each addition before adding the next batch of lead. In a separate vessel, the eggs and juice should be mixed together thoroughly. The fruit juice can be any kind as this is the main scent for the incense, and does not play an active role in the alchemical process. The combined liquids should be added to the heated wax and stirred in before the final ingredient, the crushed barnacles, are added. The resulting mixture should be slowly decreased in heat as it is continuously mixed. There are a few things that can happen at this stage to create a final product. There are a handful of alchemists who choose to pour the cooling wax into a candle mold and add a wick, thus creating a fragrant candle. Some alchemists choose to dip long strands of linen or cotton string into the wax, allowing it to cool in the air and crafting thinner candles. However, most alchemists choose to rest the substance onto a hard surface such as a stone slab to let it cool further. In this way, the material first becomes like a paste in the open air, where it is then added to sticks to be created in incense.



The incense must be inhaled for at least half an hour for it to take effect. The same outcome can be achieved through candle, or incense form.


Once the candle or incense stick has been lit, the scent reaches the nostrils and proceeds deeper into the body to reduce fertility inside of it. The amount varies, but a roughly one-foot-long stick of incense is enough. Women’s ovaries and men’s seed will be unresponsive to each other, and overall, the chances of conception are lowered by half. The effect lasts for a week, giving users a runny nose for that period as a side effect. Further exposure to the incense over that week is not advisable, due to the risk of genital pains and loss of hearing after several repeated weeks of treatment. Additionally, the effects of Alu’s Fruit do not work on Dwarves, Songaskians or Kathar.

Physical Characteristics

Alu’s Fruit has a sweet scent, but its exact scent depends on the type of fruit juice used in its creation, often appearing a pale color of whatever said juice was. It appears as a hardened paste around a wooden stick or, when used in creating a candle, hardened wax.


  • There are many rumors as to who Morgann Kade might have used Alu’s Fruit with. Some say his own wife while others insist non-Ailor races out of his deviant sexual desire but also not wanting to produce half-breeds.
  • The Old Gods name for the incense was reportedly based on a private artwork Amancio Astiazaran saw in the Imperial Palace. The artwork reportedly showed the wrath of Alu, with her human form reaching into the womb of a woman and into the pants of man but at the point of connection to the clothing, turning her hands skeletal and showed these hands inside her two victims.
  • The rumored methods Amancio used in testing his creation are quite crude. Some say he sat in on “sessions” Morgann Kade had with his menagerie while some rumors are just too dark to mention.

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