Amelie D’fer

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Amelie D’fer
Notable Person
Full Name Amelie D’fer
Race Ailor
Date of Birth 14th of July, 244 AC
Date of Death N/A.
Claim to Fame Founder of the Iron Fist

Amelie D’fer hints at being your typically dainty Ithanian noblewomen upon first impressions — which could not be more far from the truth, since she stands out among her peers as an exceedingly tolerant individual compared to the typical Ithanian aristocrat. Being the founder of the Iron Fist, Amelie sets out ambitions for the Order and seeks to uncover the whereabouts of the Stone of Ssentra and rediscover the Universal Solvent. The women is best known for her relations with Allar, being hailed among them as a compassionate individual who does not prosecute them for their beliefs.

Origins and Early Life

On the eve of July 14th, 244 AC Amelie D’fer was born to her wealthy parents in a larger manor in Ithania. The Ithanian girl was taught her parent’s beliefs, which encouraged the unconventional teachings of tolerance towards other cultures. This open-mindedness drafted up a world for the girl that allowed her to become culturally diverse; a trait her parents valued in the prospect that it would bolster the family business. What cropped up her intrigue in Alchemy was a visit to Hadaria. The animated Amelie was stunned by the foreign environment she found herself in and was keen to spread her wings. Amelie encountered a proclaimed Allar soothsayer who told the story of the Stone of Ssentra; a stone manifesting the supernatural ability of prolonging life and transmuting mundane metals to lucrative ones. The curious girl was overwhelmed by the potential the stone wielded, yet those aspirations had to be subdued in order to continue her cordial etiquette training.


House D’fer was stricken with calamity in 264 AC when a vicious storm capsized the vessel carrying Amelie’s parents, who became lost at sea and were never seen again. Amelie lamented the disaster as she awaited her inheritance of all the family’s assets. Unfortunately it was her uncle that was the benefactor to the family mines. She was left only the manor and the reeling realization that her funding was dwindling, threatening her with poverty unless prevented. After the umpteenth hour of mulling over counter-measurements, her saving grace was revealed: Alchemy. Amelie chose to renovate the vacant rooms of her manor to invite Allar alchemists, like the ones that had piqued her interest in the subject as a child.

Allar would come far and wide, penning letters of admittance to Amelie, so that they may conduct their practice within the sanctuary of a laboratory. The organization would begin to build some weight with its constant influx of members, meriting a name to identify the assembly. Amelie settled on the title Iron Fist—both words deriving from her ideals that the order must be strong. The Order would mandate members to pay a 500 regal fee, which supplemented Amelie’s wealth. Furthermore, the byproducts of the member’s concoctions would oftentimes be sold to other sanctioned Orders for medicinal use, or other far more nefarious reasons.

The first cracks in the Order formed during the outbreak of the Chrysant War; an era that caused animosity towards the Allar and nearly sundered the Order, as all Allar members were rounded up and imprisoned. Amelie was jarred with the rupturing of her Order and was nearly tossed into financial deficit. For the sake of her income, Amelie began admitting numerous non-Allar races to the Iron Fist to fill the openings inflicted by the raging war. After the Chrysant War, the evicted Allar members were permitted to return to the Iron Fist Manor, miraculously returning to their duties seemingly unfazed. After the war Amelie’s uncle grew disconcerted with Amelie’s ability to lead the Iron Fist, and took it upon himself to employ a mysterious Slizzar named Margot who served the purpose of a caretaker more than anything else initially.

Later Life

The twilight years of Amelie’s life, as she grew haggard and weary, consist of a far more placid approach towards governing the Iron Fist. Since the incorporation of Margot into the Iron Fist, both her and Amelie used one another as a counterbalance, with Amelie being the more negligent of the duo. In recent years, speculations have turned up about Amelie’s pursuits towards the Stone of Ssentra and her potentially nefarious machinations to make use of the power it possesses, yet nothing has surfaced as a result.


Since the dawning of her education, Amelie was effectively groomed to be a woman of the aristocracy, and assumed the well-mannered characteristics of an Ithanian noblewoman. The few differing facets that separate Amelie from the classic Ithanian would be built around the premise of her tolerance of other races. Amelie, digressing into her later years, has developed an obsession towards hoarding an array of items—spanning from plants and herbs to surgical tools. Margot’s efforts in abating Amelie’s addition have habitually proven difficult due to Amelie’s stubborn ideal that each item may be needed at a further date.


Amelie is acclaimed for being the founder of the Iron Fist, and is perceived amongst Alchemist as an icon who promotes freedom of their craft. Amelie is also renowned for her search of the Stone of Ssentra, and is regarded as one of the few individuals knowledgeable in the subject. Oftentimes Ithanians are swept up in a quandary about Amelie’s ideals that break from the social norm. While this correlates to numerous rumors circulating around the village well, none have dealt a lethal blow to Amelie’s reputation.

Extended Family

Both of Amelie’s parents fell prey to a shipping accident in her youth, with her uncle being the only discernible relative remaining. Amelie has been decadent towards courtships but is believed to have harbored a bastard child.


  • Amelie is a notorious hoarder and had once fostered over 200 samples of animal tongues simultaneously, until Margot had promptly disposed of them.
  • One of the rumors surrounding Amelie is that she had fanciable longings towards Allar, some even whispering that she broke her chastity with one.

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