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Appearance A cloudy, faintly blue liquid.
Application Thrown in thin glass containers.
Proficiency Requires 15 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Andronikos Metochites
Potency Half a pint/8oz
Injectable No
  1. Bursts into flames when exposed to air.
  2. Clings to whatever surface it was thrown at, burning for 10 minutes.
  3. Can only be made or used in Progression/Noble Orders.

Anáflexi is a devastating substance, created on Etosil in the wake of the Bone Horror Crisis which infested the land with dangerous undead. Making use of a variety of accelerants and the unique bodily organ of the Phlarkie reptile, the potion can be used to set a brilliant blue blaze that will last for ten minutes. Extremely helpful in clearing out the hostile creatures that infested Etosil, the substance is now under the exclusive control of the Regalian Military, who worry such an incendiary weapon in the hands of any but themselves would be devastating to the state.


Anáflexi was created in 304 AC as a response to the Bone Horror Crisis. Its creator, Andronikos Metochites, was an alchemist largely focused on healing potions. But with the arrival of the Bone Horrors to Etosil, he sought an active way to harm the seemingly unstoppable hordes of attackers. In a near mania, he created Anáflexi, basing his ideas on extending the powers of the Phlarkie but also a famous religious chant used in Etosian Unionism (now defunct). The chant speaks of blue fires that roared with the power of the Spirit, beating back the vile evils of the world who seek to drown out Ailor-kind. He burned his house down (as well as blew his eyebrows off) in these experiments but ultimately succeeded in his quest. By this time, the first divisions of the Reconquest Armies were arriving, having been sent from the Regalian Archipelago to secure their largest land holdings. Andronikos emphatically showed them his concoction - it was quickly made a military secret and he was hustled off into secure custody, where he remains to this day. The military forces, with the help of the local Undead, then helped to clear the land of Bone Horrors, occasionally making use of Anáflexi, particularly when they faced larger hordes or larger Bone Horrors. In the years following this, Anáflexi has remained a closely guarded secret of the Regalian Empire, only accessible to the military or certain, very careful, nobles. But, without the proper ingredients and a sure list of instructions on how to prepare it, all anyone is likely to generate is a large explosion.


Anáflexi’s preparation is shrouded in mystery by the Regalian Empire, but its ingredients are somewhat known and it is generally assumed to be a very careful slow mixture of each of them together. Without the proper instructions though, most alchemists of even the underworld are too scared to try and make the potion as it is likely to explode in their faces.



Anáflexi’s application is simple, as it only needs to be put onto a surface for the effect to work. Anything amount half a pint and up works, though it is often used in thin-glass half-pint containers which are thrown at a target.


On its own, Anáflexi might just be seen as an exotic drink, but if a flame is introduced to it, the fire created will last for ten minutes, burning bright and hot for much of that time. The flames will be blue during this time, not due to heat, but due to various other chemical reasons. It is usually used as a ranged weapon because of the extraordinary heat produced, and the potion was very effective in taking down the vicious Bone Horrors from afar. If the amount is less than half a pint though, the substance will very quickly burn itself out.

Physical Characteristics

Anáflexi is a cloudy, pale blue liquid, which smells heavily of alcohol. Drinking the substance is extremely inadvisable, but those daring souls who have (largely Orc siege engineers) say it tastes of the Ouzo-oto used to make it but also possesses an “after-tang.”


  • The work that inspired Andronikos Metochites, “Tragoúdi sto stólo Pnévmatos,” is largely a reference to the Imperial Fleet protecting Regalia, first from the Skaggers, then the Naylar and finally, in a new verse, the demonic Kathar.
  • Some claim that using strong Velheim spirits can make the flames of Anáflexi green instead of blue.

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