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Appearance Cloudy, sapphire blue liquid
Application Thrown in easily-breakable containers that smash upon impact.
Proficiency Requires 10 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Andronikos Metochites
Potency One jar (about the size of an infant’s head)
Injectable No
  1. Bursts into flames when exposed to air.
  2. Clings to whatever surface it was thrown at, burning for 10 minutes.

A new creation that arose during the Bone Horror Crisis; Anáflexi is a flammable liquid developed as a means of cleansing the rocky shores of Etosil from the undead menace. Its creator, Andronikos Metochites, was an Etosian alchemist who was spurred to defend his home from the boney invaders in 304AC. After spending several long nights hunkered down in a fortress, he began to experiment with new ways of lighting foes on fire from afar. Due to its success, Anáflexi was quickly shared with other armies and eventually the different Schools of Alchemy that reside within the Regalian Empire. It has found common use in a variety of functions, from starting fires in hearths to bolstering forges to smelt metals faster. Many praise it as an alternative to traditional pitch and oil, and its uses continue to expand with each passing day.


Anáflexi is the crowning glory of Andronikos Metochites, an Etosian alchemist who joined his local militia during the Bone Horror Crisis. Originally a volunteer healer, Metochites was challenged to create new remedies to combat the Bone Horrors and often spent his nights tinkering with new mixtures to attempt to aid his fellow soldiers. Late one night in the fall of 304 AC, he was experimenting as usual; when he accidentally knocked his drink into the concoction, which promptly erupted in his face, burning off his eyebrows and putting a hole in the roof of his tent. The next night Metochites prepared the mixture again, but this time sealed them quickly into clay jars to prevent air from coming into contact with the compound. The militia took the small jars of his mixture, throwing it over the walls at the Bone Horrors below. Bursting, the jugs engulfed the abominations in blue flames which clung to the shambling beasts, burning their brittle bones into piles of dust. The new weapon, which Metochites named Ignition in his native language, was quickly replicated by the Etosian forces and the recipe was shared between military groups. Shortly after its creation, it was brought with the successful Etosian army that then Crown Prince Cedromar I took with him back to Regalia, and the recipe was shared by the few runners who could still get across the dangerous waters. Although initial creation of the compound was accredited to the Metochites’ Commanding Officer, the men of his unit knew that without Metochites, they would surely have been overrun.


The process of concocting Anáflexi relatively difficult, though the ingredients are not all that hard to obtain. To create Anáflexi, it requires a clean environment and quick fingers as the compound will begin to react with the air if left open for too long. This is why most often Anáflexi comes in clay or glass jars. To start, add the Fireweed flowers to a mortar and pestle and grinded into a powder. Alchemists are encouraged to wear thick leather gloves while doing this to avoid getting the ground up Fireweed in places you should not. Once ground into a coarse powder, slowly add the Lapis dust and Pyrignis, taking care to mix the two minerals evenly. Once this is done, stir in the animal fat until the concoction resembles a lump of purple dough. Place this into the base of the storage container and mix in the ouzo until it forms a cloudy liquid, taking care not to jostle it too much or heat it up. Separate from the jar, grind the Phlarkie tail into a fine powder, then quickly add this to the liquid and seal the container. It is important to limit the amount of time that the compound is in contact with the air, as it will swiftly erupt into bright blue flames if left in open air for too long.



The standard use for Anáflexi involves throwing the specialized container, which is roughly the size of an infant’s head, at a target and watching as it erupts in azure flames. Numerous tests by the Regalian Military have shown that anything other than the standard size will hinder its effects; with smaller amounts failing to ignite in all but one trial, and anything larger burning up at a much quicker rate before extinguishing itself. The compound quickly ignites when it comes in contact with the air, and the flames will stick to whatever surface they come in contact with. It should be noted, however, that the compound lacks a distinguishable ‘explosion’, meaning that Anáflexi cannot be used to blow up a target or produce collateral damage. If thrown into a fireplace, the flames will glow blue until the Anáflexi burns up, usually at ten or so minutes, at which point it will begin burning from whatever other fuel is available or extinguish. Once the fire is lit, it can be put out as if it were any other fire; either by adding water or smothering the flames. Many alchemists who have accidently caught themselves on fire take the standard approach of stop, drop, and roll, and manage to survive.


Upon contact with air Anáflexi quickly ignites, latching onto whatever it comes in contact and burning with a bright blue flame. The flames can reach upwards of four feet in height in oxygen rich environments and will spread to other flammable materials if present. Anáflexi lasts roughly ten minutes before the flames will either continue burning a different fuel source or sputter out. After the ten minutes, the entire compound will have been burnt up, leaving only destruction in its wake.

Physical Characteristics

If one were able to observe Anáflexi in an airless environment, they would see the liquid is a thick, cloudy blue color and smells heavily of alcohol and fireweed. It is not poisonous to consume but still presents a risk of igniting when inside an individual. It also tastes heavily of ouzo. The flames burn with a strong alcoholic smell, attributed to the ouzo and glows bright blue, giving it a ‘mystical’ feel to it.


  • Due to the initial creation and classification as a weapon, Anáflexi is illegal to all civilians. It is officially classified as a special-grade military weapon, which occasionally can be utilized by government agencies (with the proper paperwork signed in triplicate, of course).
  • The blue flames created by Anáflexi can actually be changed to green if Url Vodka is used in place of Etosian Ouzo. This is because the differences in distilling between the two causes different chemicals to create the color.
  • Strangely enough, when made in larger quantities than the standard jug, the compound burns itself out within minutes. Alchemists attribute this to the fire having a larger area to burn on, thereby consuming up the compound faster.

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