Anglian Black Cow

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Anglian Black Cow
Official Name Anglian Black Cow
Common Nicknames Black Skewer
Classification Mammal
Habitat Regalian Archipelago
Domesticated Yes
Current Status Common

The Anglian Black Cow is a species of bovine infamous for its nasty attitude. Many argue that it shouldn’t have been brought back from the verge of extinction. The Anglian Black Cow is a creature indigenous to the Regalian Archipelago, and has been used as a supply track of dairy products for generations. These beasts were considered to be meagre, pointless grazing animals until a farmer discovered that their females produced a syrupy milk unlike any other, bringing the species to be domesticated as cattle. Many found the male offspring of the Anglian Black Cow to be too menacing and imposing, and were often neglected by farmers or released into the wild to start grazing packs of their own. To this day, the main use of the Anglian Black Cow has shifted from the mass production of its milk to the entertainment value offered in rodeos, stemming from their ferocious behavior.


The Anglian Black Cow appeared in records a few years after the Cataclysm, in 27 AC, and were initially met with hostilities as their menacing appearance prompted outright fear and caution when dealing with the creatures. Anglian farms never took a liking to male bulls, as many stated the beasts were too aggressive to be properly domesticated into the herds of preexisting cattle, though many found a use for the Anglian Black Cow’s female counterpart. The females of the species differed dramatically from their male equivalents in that they were far more docile and had a set of teats on their underside that was discovered as the source of their milk, which could then be used to create other dairy based products. Many farms took to domesticating female Anglian Black Cows as a new source of revenue, while males were sparsely integrated as their only purpose was to breed additional females.

This rapid indoctrination into cattle life broughts Anglian Black Cows to the brink of extinction, owed largely to farmers typically slaughtering male offspring at an early age to be used for veal. Taking note of the shrinking population of the Anglian Black Cow, farms sought a solution by establishing ranches to care for the otherwise too hostile male Anglian Black Cow. These ranches were created so both ranchers and farms could have an annual meeting, where both livestock may mingle together and breed another stock to replenish any slaughtered cattle. The system dislodged any fear from the farm’s minds with the sudden surge of Anglian Black Cows that now roamed the plains.

Eventually, the ranchers found their wages were dwindling as the male bulls yielded far less profit than their female counterpart with their lack of teats to produce milk, cheese, and other products. A rancher, whose name has been lost to history, decided to host the first ever Anglian Rodeo to potentially mend his empty pocket. The event generated quite the reaction from the people, as many were fascinated by the concept of men riding the Anglian Black Cow; a beast that had become known for its unnecessary constant rage. What really sold the event was when a Graklak fighter threw himself into the ring and faced off with a charging Bull. The crowd was mesmerized at the sight, especially since the Graklak fighter came out victorious. Since then there have been annual Rodeos, demonstrating the feat of both Anglian Black Cow riding and fighting. The Anglian Black Cow can typically be found at these events or on farms, however there are a handful of free roaming packs that still graze the plains of the Regalian Archipelago.

Physical Appearance

The Anglian Black Cow bull’s features and characteristics are intimidating to most, with a set of horns protruding from its skull going outwards then upwards in shape. These are not the only horns that can be found on the Anglian Black Cow. Another set can be found on the creature’s spine, where many forked spikes jut out and run down the length of the bovine’s neck to the tail. Many theorize this odd feature is due to a mutation that occurred during the Cataclysm, but no concrete evidence has ever surfaced to support this claim. These spines are often used to handle the beast, either while being herded or wrestled during a Rodeo.

Another feature of the Anglian Black Cow would be its bulbous eyes that traditionally have a black pupil, golden or yellow iris, and a black sclera. The sclera is almost indistinguishable though, as it is framed against the stark black pelt of the Anglian Black Bull, which is known for being very coarse and rough against soft tissue. Its size is another peculiar trait, since the Anglian Black Bull is half the size of other bulls, but twice as strong.


Females Anglian Black Cows lack both pairs of projecting horns and spikes canvassing its body that the males possess. Instead, they have a set of udders situated on its underside near its reproductive organs and are known to be far less aggressive than the males, and have a brown iris that envelopes the sclera with an oblong black pupil.

Life Span and Development

The Anglian Black Cow life expectancy varies from eighteen to twenty years, with most being slaughtered when they are a year and a half old where their meat is more tender. On the other hand, those who are free roam tend to live up to their life expectancy and well beyond without many health complications. The Anglian Black Cow are mammals and normally have up to one or two offspring. Calves are often born with scrawny legs that are built just strong enough to support their body weight, but gradually gain muscle throughout the duration of its two-year maturation period, until it has obtained the imposing figure of a full fledged Anglian Black Bull.

Mental Overview

Anglian Black Cows are inherently hostile creatures that do not discriminate when it comes to acts of aggression. Be it another bull intruding on already claimed grazing grounds, or simply a rabbit bouncing by, there is no difference in their hostile treatment towards trespassers. Despite their outwards aggression, the Anglian Black Cow can be domesticated and groomed under certain circumstances. These circumstances require the creature be born on a farm and raised from there, otherwise it would be virtually impossible to retrain the stubborn nature of a wild Anglian Black Bull.

Territory and Grouping

To see an Anglian Black Cow roaming the plains alone would either insinuate you have gone mad or are witnessing an encounter not yet recorded, since the species exclusively traverses in packs. Each pack possessing only a few males with the rest consisting of females. While there is no alpha of the pack, there is a set amount of males allowed at any given point, therefore any male calves born without an open slot available are ordinarily trampled to death until a slot is freed up.

When confrontation between two packs arise - whether it pertaining to the dominance of a grazing ground or for a slot it another’s pack - a fight will ensue. The fights require two members of each dividing pack to step forwards and have an exchange of blows. The victor is decided by whichever bull disables the other first, thus resolving the issue.


  • One of the most famous fights between a Graklak fighter and Anglian Black Cow bull happened at the annual Roadeo when a champion of Grak wrestled two bulls simultaneously. The fighter won by a margin, but lost an arm to infection from a wound that was not properly dressed.
  • The milk of a female Anglian Black Cow is renowned for being one of the sweetest milks in Aloria, and is considered a gourmet ingredient when used for cooking.

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