Anglian Caelorulv

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Anglian Caelorulv
Official Name Anglian Cayloruulv
Common Nicknames Kadehound, Anglian Shepard
Classification Mammal
Habitat Noble estates and middle-class homes
Domesticated Yes
Current Status Uncommon

The Anglian Caelorulv is an old breed that has both high prestige and a long history of being a common pet among the nobility and shepherds of the Anglian plains. The Caelorulv was originally one of the many shepherd breeds that existed before the start of the Regalian Empire, though quickly gained popularity as lands inhabited by the Anglian people grew in significance. Interbreeding with other species eventually split the domesticated dog breed into the Royal and Common Caelorulv breeds, each having its own unique characteristic.


Anglian Caelorulvs originated in Anglia as far back as 100 BC, with the Royal breed diverging off in 50 AC. It is unknown how or when the Caelorulv were originally tamed or acquired from unlike other regional canine pets, but most believe the simple explanation that it was a local animal adopted and trained by Anglian herders. Though the Caelorulv have lived in Anglia for centuries, they looked very different in that ancient era, with selective breeding from prestigious animals resulted in their characteristic flat nose, thinner legs and arched back as well as raised hips that make the species. Common Breed Caelorulvs alone existed during this era, being used as reliable pets for a variety of rural people across the Regalian Archipelago, but the Royal Breed Caelorulvs soon joined them, becoming the companions of Anglian nobility after the nobles noted and desired those members of the species to possess white fur. In the present day, the Caelorulv are widely seen and known among the nobility of Anglia and beyond as well as in areas where husbandry is a major industry. Centuries of aristocracy gifting these hounds to foreign dignitaries have made it a widespread animal, though those of exceptional breed always made their way back to Anglia. In certain Anglian cities, there are yearly competitions to elect the best bred Caelorulv, which in turn laid the foundations for the modern concept of a grooming business, where Anglian citizens work to brush, trim, or wash the dogs in question. The practice is catching on abroad, especially among the Ithanians, but for the Anglian Caelorulvs, they continue to be the group that mainly sees the benefits.

Physical Appearance

Anglian Caelorulv are a fairly unique breed of dog with a very slender and elegant build. They sit at a height of two a half feet and a length of between three and four feet, weighing around 100 pounds. Their heads feature a very long, thin snout and eyes that are seated relatively close to one another. The dog, in fact, almost has no indent on the nose bridge, making the skull very flat from the top. The dog’s ears are small, fluffy and hang down from their head. Their eyes are large and light blue. They have a graceful neck that connects their heads to their bodies. Their hips and the back are usually arched higher than the front, and the entire body is supported by very thin and long legs. The Caelorulv has a long tail that often curls at the end. The Common Breed has a variety of fur colors, though they are most commonly colored chestnut brown or reddish-brown with spots of white. This fur is very long and soft, often dancing in the wind. It grows quickly, requiring frequent cutting and grooming. The Royal Breed often have the hair near their head and behind as well as their back legs cut, while the Common Breed often only have their leg hair cut. In stark contrast, the Royal Breed is bred to have snow-white fur. Mixing these breeds often results in what locals consider a faulty dog; due to a cultural opinion and preference, this means that very few Royal-Common interbred members of the species exist.


Wild Anglian Caelorulvs are almost unheard of, and very rarely last long in the wild anymore. The male to female ratios is almost equal in the Common Breed, while the Royal Breed has had a slight uptick in females over males in the past few decades. They possess sexual dimorphism, with males always larger than females.

Life Span and Development

Anglian Caelorulvs are born in a litter of two to three puppies, which emerg covered in a thin layer of white hair. In the Royal Breed, this coat remains while in the Common Breed, it is shed away for their adult coloration soon after, or is interspersed with whatever other colors their coat will have. Their coat length will also remain short until they are around the ages of three or four. Curiously, the animal develops to maturity late in life, at around the ages of six or seven for both males and females, resulting in a long period of care required by both the parents, and the animal's caretakers. They can live for up to twenty years.

Mental Overview

Anglian Caelorulv are commonly a very proud and intelligent breed. A very obedient dog that works well in the field, it quickly became a favorite among hunting nobility and the shepherds of Anglia. Caelorulv are often active and alert, very territorial but still fairly passive in nature. Caelorulv behave very independently and can even be accused of being somewhat mischievous. The Royal Breed tends to be calmer than the Common Breed, though also requires a lot more attention from its owner, as well as physical movement to remain happy. Anglian nobles often hire trainers at their estate to run the dogs daily when they cannot. Interestingly enough, a neglected Caelorulv often becomes very aggressive, even attacking its owner. This has further boomed the grooming business in Anglia in particular.

Territory and Groupings

Anglian Caelorulv exclusively live in the homes of their owners, as to leave the dog anywhere else, like outside or in a barn, is actually a crime in Anglia, liable to have the owner serve time in prison and have the dog confiscated. Caelorulv enjoy sleeping near a lit fireplace or at the feet of their owner on the bed. Caelorulvs are typically only found gathered together when there is a desire for owners to breed their dog. Although, it is not uncommon for mates to be owned by one noble and kept around, inhabiting the same space as one another.


  • Mixed breeds between Common and Royal Caelorulv are often colored grey and are rejected for being ugly.
  • Royal Caelorulv are often ranked based on their elegance, beauty and composure. Owners of these dogs often have a long book of heritage to prove the long-standing prestige of a particular dog like it’s a competition.
  • Caelorulv can sometimes be affected by a cow’s disease called blue tongue. Dogs affected by this disease are often put down despite the fact that the disease is not lethal or life-threatening. The Anglians simply consider the blue tongue imperfect and the dog’s lethargic state during sickness unappealing.

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