Anglian Cow

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Anglian Cow
Official Name Anglian Cow
Common Nicknames Varies depending on breed
Classification Mammal
Habitat Agricultural regions
Domesticated Yes
Current Status Common

The Anglian Cow is a diverse species of bovid with a long history alongside the farmers of the Regalian Archipelago. With the expansion of the Regalian Empire into Aloria, the Anglian Cow and its three different Breeds have proliferated across Alorian agriculture. The animal - whose milk generates dairy products and whose meat feeds the masses - is known to all peoples across the world.


The Anglian Cow has an ancient history deeply entwined with the Anglian Culture which grew in the Regalian Archipelago. The species was likely the result of the domestication and integration of at least two species of wild cattle which roamed the open fields and swamps of the Anglian regions several centuries before the Cataclysm. Records from the Allorn Empire contain mentions of large, fierce cattle somehow tamed by the Ailor, and scholars speculate that this was the ancestor of the Anglian Cow and its three modern Breeds: Spotter, Brown, and Black. The modern three Breeds, Spotted, Brown, and Black, emerged slowly in the wake of the Cataclysm. The Brown Breed was the original and the first to exist. By 100 AC, it had been split off into the Black Breed and the Spotted Breed. Since then, all three have served as producers of dairy and meat for the Anglian people and, over the last two centuries, have proliferated into the colonies and foreign countries by way of trade. Black Breed bulls, in particular, serve the added function as a form of entertainment in bullfighting rings in various areas of the Regalian Empire.

Physical Appearance

The Anglian Cow is diverse in appearance but has several common characteristics. It is often not the tallest animal, and the other Breeds - except for the Black Anglian Breed - stand between four and a half to five feet tall, six to seven feet long and weigh between 600 and 800 pounds. Its head is long, with a large mouth of herbivorous teeth for grazing. It also has a large nose, two large brown eyes, two movable ears and, on the males, a set of two horns on the top of their heads. It sports a thick neck and a strong and heavyset form on four hooved legs, marked by a long, tufted tail at the end. On the underside of females, there is the added feature of an udder, from which milk is produced. Colorations of the animal’s coat vary between each Breed.


As mentioned above, the Anglian Cow is a diverse creature that exists in three different Breeds which vary in size and coloration. Males are often larger than females, but in meat cattle farms both are often bulky and well built. Below can be found a listing of the traits found in the three Breeds of Anglian Cow.

  • Brown Breed: The Brown Breed of the Anglian Cow was the first to exist and is the most populous in Aloria. Its coat is brown to red in coloration and is often a bit hairier than the other Breeds. Its horns and hooves are white, and it is also the smallest of the Breeds. It is used to produce both dairy and meat.
  • Spotted Breed: The Spotted Breed, also called the Banded or the Cream-Speckled Breed, is the result of crossbreeding with the Ithanian Lait-Blanc. As a result, the Brown Breed gained a variety of white patterning on its flanks and face, sometimes sporting a wide white band across the middle of their bodies. This Breed is the second largest of the three and is usually used to produce dairy.
  • Black Breed: The Black Breed is far different than the other Breeds, leading some scholars to argue it should be classified as its own species. However, it still shares parentage with its cousins and thus remains part of this tree. It often stands at six feet tall and, in both genders, the Black Breed is known for its black color scheme, horns, hooves, and coat. The only area of the animal which is not black is its yellow-iris eyes. It also has the sharpest horns and is the most aggressive out of the other Breeds. The animals are sometimes believed to have been a result of Void corruption given that some report their similarity to the Shadow Bovines of the Far West. These same theories state that, in the wake of the Cataclysm, the Anglians corralled them together into their own small herds to keep them away from other cattle. Their more fearsome traits, like back spines, have been bred away and the animal is now mainly used for entertainment or dairy, as their milk has a slightly sweet tang to it. It is also the rarest of the Breeds.

Life Span and Development

The Anglian Cow is live-born, solo or in pairs. The calf or calves are then cared for by her and Anglians while the non-monogamous father leaves. They rapidly mature and, within a year, most are considered young adults. The only exception to this is the Black Breed. These beasts, while mentally developing at the same pace, reach the physical state of young adults at two years old. The other Breeds are often two years old when they fully mature, meaning that the Black Breed lags behind them slightly. After six months the Black Breed then proceeds into the adult phase with the rest of the Breeds. Anglian Cows can naturally live up to twenty-five years, though a large portion is killed before that to fulfill the needs of meat markets.

Mental Overview

Anglian Cows are herd animals and ultimately herbivorous. As a result, they are usually calm and gentle, protective of their young but otherwise laid back. When they are panicked, both genders can and will make sounds of distress, but while females attempt to flee, males will usually stand their ground and fight. The Black Breed, on the other hand, attacks outright and is very aggressive to those it sees as a threat. Males and females of the Breed both share this trait and while female horns are naturally blunted, meaning the worst they can do is bruise, male horns are sharp and can do horrific damage. However, so long as caretakers keep herds small (say at most, ten individuals) and do not appear to challenge the animal’s dominance, they can approach it to milk or otherwise lead it to where is needed.

Territory and Groupings

Anglian Cow herds sizes vary wildly from place to place. As they are fully domesticated, the sizes usually are based on the size of the fields, barns or land an individual cattle farmer has to use for them. Most vary between ten to forty, though the largest herds number around 100. As previously mentioned, the Black Breed needs to be kept in small herds.


  • Anglian Cows and Urlan get along extremely well, with even some younger Black Breeds being friendly with the usually bovine Race.
  • ”Rodeos” as they are referred to by Ailor are dangerous pastimes usually engaged in by Eronidas, Half-Eronidas, and other physically involved Races. These usually involve contests of trying to ride a Black Breed Anglian Bull for the longest amount of time and trying to avoid its charges with the added objective of at the very least, pushing it over (though most Eronidas or Urlan who participate outright wrestle them to the ground).

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