Anglian Laster

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Anglian Laster
Official Name Anglian Laster
Common Nicknames Dusk Dog, Scandal Sniffer
Classification Mammal
Habitat Farmsteads, urban areas
Domesticated Yes
Current Status Common

The Anglian Laster is one of the several sheepdogs bred by the Anglian people of the Regalian Archipelago. This animal has a long history, being one of the last species of wild dog the Anglians domesticated. The Anglian Laster is highly protective, as only after all the sheep and other animals have been securely locked up will this dog settle down. The Laster is popular among homes across Dorinn and Anglia, with a few reaching the urban centers of other areas.


The Anglian Laster was one of the final dog breeds to be domesticated as a sheep dog by the early Ailor of Anglia. It is thought to have taken so long due to the creature’s stubborn resistance to change (which still shows in their refusal to rest without everyone accounted for) as well as a degree of hostility toward the Ailor, who disturbed the natural state of affairs in trying to domesticate them. By 20 AC, the animal appeared alongside the Anglian Shepherd and Anglian Caelorulv out in the Anglian fields. The animal has since not gained the same traction with nobility as its cousins, but highly religious or stern nobles are known to keep the pet as a possible informant as to the actions of the members of the household. The animal takes frequent naps if a member of the household it belongs to sneaks out or isn’t home, serving as the tip off.The Laster also remains in use by farmers in Anglia, having spread to nearby Dorinn, and a handful of other regions throughout Aloria.

Physical Appearance

The Anglian Laster is a medium sized dog with a height ranging from a foot and a half to a foot and three quarters, and a length generally of a foot and a half. They can weigh in at anywhere from 30 to 40 pounds, and possess a tapered muzzle blue or brown eyes, with a stocky appearance (particularly around the neck and head). Their tails vary in length from between half a foot to a quarter of a foot, though they tend toward the shorter end of the spectrum. Their body, meanwhile, is supported by thick and sturdy legs that can carry them with surprising speed, though not much grace. The fur of a Laster carries a primary shade of black, red or gray, with white, gray, or black appearing in blotchy patterns across the body.


Among Anglian Lasters, males often grow to be larger than females, and tend to have a more stocky build. Any member of the species will have varied and distinctive patterns in the form of blotches of a second colour atop that of their coat, though some individuals have been known to have no blotches at all, which is a somewhat desirable trait among breeders. The coat colors tend to be inherited from the parents, but their arrangement is random, and can be used to identify individual Lasters.

Life Span and Development

The Anglian Laster is generally born in litters of three to five, with the occasional litter yielding as many as eight or as few as a single puppy. The pup is pink and extremely vulnerable when newborn, needing time and care from its mother as it grows its coat of hair. From there, over a period of one to two years, an Anglian Laster matures physically and mentally. Females are often first, maturing over a period of somewhere between a year and a year and a half (depending on the individual dog), while males always take two to two and a half years. Throughout this time, their parents and trainers help instruct them in their job of herding with they an innate set of instincts suitable to the role, making this training quite minimal. Lasters can live between ten to fifteen years.

Mental Overview

The Anglian Laster is a herding animal in every sense. They have a natural instinct for the job, making them easy to train and able workers in the fields. This desire also extends to the household it is raised in, as it “herds” both young and old throughout its lifetime. Most non-Anglians assume its name of Laster comes from how it is almost always the last in the house after everyone else has gone home, secure in knowing everyone is in. Aside from this herding sixth sense, the animal has been labeled with a fairly average intellect for a dog, and needs to be taken out regularly. Without activity, it will grow bored, and inevitably start seeking amusement in mindless games that serve no purpose beyond entertainment. These games vary from running around in a circle after its own tail to biting a fence post to running around and licking random things, and can often end up destroying some of the owner’s possessions in the process. This is why, in urban centers, the dog needs constant walks.

Territory and Groupings

Anglian Lasters live domesticated inside homes. While the majority are found on farmsteads, the occasional individual can be seen in larger cities, generally in the possession of an Anglian who has moved there while already owning the dog. Lasters have a loose territorial nature, as wherever their family is, they see that as home. If someone unknown or hostile enters this area, the dog will defend itself and the threatened family, which can sometimes result in them needing to be pulled back by the owners and given time to calm down and become familiar with the stranger. To each other, Lasters have no hostility and can live quite comfortably in large numbers without fear of constant infighting aside from play.


  • The Anglian Laster’s name has two meanings, though only one is intentional. While in Common the term Laster lends itself as being one of the last sheepdogs breeds the Anglians created and for being the last on any farm to be out, in Anglian the name means “slander” and refers to how the dog can detect late night rendezvous or unfaithful spouses thus producing slander.
  • Some people are noticeably allergic to the fur of an Anglian Laster, and due to the dog’s year-long shedding & regular walks, people as far away as a city block have been known to be affected.
  • A noted Anglian Laster was “Rusty”, a red-white dog who reportedly herded the largest herd of Anglian livestock ever. There are many tales told of how Rusty did this, which are often used in an attempt to disprove anyone claiming the dog to be dim-witted.

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