Anglian Missier

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Anglian Missier
Official Name Anglian Missier
Common Nicknames Void Cat, Star Car
Classification Mammal
Habitat Anglia
Domesticated Yes
Current Status Rare

The Anglian Missier is truly a sight to behold with eyes more colorful and flamboyant than any other cat that they remind Alorians of the night sky. An animal commonly associated with Anglian culture, this particular feline is a bright-furred cat with eyes that have commonly been described as “out of this world”. Though originally from sparse forests near the Dragoncrown Peaks of Anglia, the Missier has since become entirely extinct in the wild, as it only survives from Anglian domestication and breeding. While It’s never been a plentiful animal, it has always been a well-known one due to its striking appearance. Nowadays, wealthy Anglian farmers and Anglian nobility keep these cats around because of their unique looks and powerful pest-catching capabilities.


The Anglian Missier first emerged in rumors following the Cataclysm. Talk of “Star Cats” in the forests near the Dragoncrown Peaks was thought by the wider world to be nothing more than Anglian superstition. However in 157 AC, a proud Anglian farmer came forward with the ultimate proof, a cat named “Miss Seer” with eyes like starlight. Floris Hoeven, the farmer, soon became the leading force in the domestication of this rare cat breed as it was soon determined to be very sparse in population. Over the last century and a half, the animal has become well-known and no longer exists in the wild, instead adapting to its role as a common feature in the houses of the region’s upper class.

Physical Appearance

Missiers are very similar to an average Domestic Tabby, though their features are far more uniform from years of domesticated breeding. They are between half a foot in height to a foot in height and their tails are between ten to twelve inches long. This stands on four clawed feet however, Missier claws are extremely long, and have to be filed down frequently least furniture be ruined. Most reach a maximum of two inches long and are used to catch pests such as Field Mice and other minor annoyances. Not only did this make the Missier a more useful house cat, but also a more loved one, as its fierce prey-catching nature has made it the mascot of several aristocratic families. Their fur is a fitting violet color, though the coat itself is frankly plain with no real patterns to speak of. The main selling point of a Missier is its eyes, a bright yellowish orange iris surrounded by flowing, ghostly swirls of a purple-blue color that wrap around the black scleras. Many have said the Missier’s eyes resemble the Alorian night sky.


Anglian Missiers do not have many distinctive qualities which set the genders apart and sexual dimorphism is not prominent in the breed.

Life Span and Development

Perhaps it’s the short lifespan of a Missier that makes it so rare in the wild. Missier females are pregnant with children for a total of a month and a half, almost unprecedented in the mammal world. They give birth to a litter of about 3 to 5 kittens, which grow to maturity in a few months, akin to its cousin, the Domestic Tabby. Their common lifespan is a total of ten years meaning many Missiers will produce children early on in their life before passing away from old age.

Mental Overview

The Anglian Missier is quite independent despite its domestication. It has a habit of simply leaving homes to go hunt for smaller animals. It usually picks one person (likely the one who feeds it the most) and latches to them, consistently returning to the same place it’s most commonly fed. It’s quite simple to say that as long as someone feeds a Missier, it will love them until they either stop feeding it, or it dies.

Territory and Groupings

Missiers can be quite defensive of owners. They react to other pets and other cats with the usual competition and fighting. It’s easy to say that the Missier can be both clingy and independent at the same time, as it will react violently to others interacting with its owner, yet also spends a large amount of time away from its owner.


  • The Anglian Missier is heavily predisposed to birth defects, as the animal is mostly domesticated and bred. These mutants are usually killed, though there appears to be no scientific reason for its mutations.
  • Because of the Missier’s initially small population, quick lifespan, purple fur, extravagant eyes, and proneness to birth defects, many fanatics believe that the cat is somehow related to the void. Multiple Drowdar have testified that it reminds them of the beasts on their homeland, Drowda.

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