Anglian Shuffle

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Anglian Shuffle
Origins Anglia, Regalian Archipelago
Type Card and Drinking Game
Player Count As many who wish to participate
Objective Varies
  • 1 deck of cards

Anglian Shuffle was invented in Anglia, but has since expanded out to multiple other Cultures. With that expansion have come a number of variations, though only the three most well-known varieties exist here. Played with a drink in hand, these games are generally seen as fun communal games among the lower classes, though more refined versions played with less strong alcohol and in noble halls also exist. The game is also notable in how customizable it can be.


Anglian Shuffle originates among the Zuidvelde Group of Anglians in Lokinge, where it was a popular pastime suspected by some to be similar to a lost game of the Allorn Empire involving cards and drinking. Regardless, its origin point with this specific Group is also why the game is sometimes called South-Anglian Shuffle, as the Zuidvelde Group is the most southern population of Anglians in Aloria. The game was highly local for several decades, but around 130 AC, it traveled south and north, entering more populous Anglian and Ithanian regions. From there, the game continued to expand to the point that it exists today, with several regional variations based on Culture and customs. Additionally, while once largely just a game for commoners, the regional variations have often allowed those of higher status in on the fun, though some would mock how they alter the drinking rules that go along with the game.


  • Various: There are several variations on Anglian Shuffle that exist in Aloria, birthed by half a dozen influential and populous Cultures of Ailor in Aloria. However, only the three most popular varieties, Traditional, Ithanian, and Calemberger will be described below.



A Deck of Cards

The only thing needed to play Anglian Shuffle is a full deck of cards, which is divided up into various groups and so on depending on who is playing. Sometimes the deck is split in half, into just a single set, or used in its entirety.

How to Play

  • A player first rigorously shuffles the deck of cards being used.
  • Players then take turns pulling cards from the deck, going clockwise and starting with the youngest member of the group
  • Each card triggers a specific event tied to it that shows who will drink and how much. Below can be found a full listing of each event and the different events that exist in the two most popular varieties of the game.
  • Drinks in the game can be anything from sips, shots, or gulps. It all depends on what the players agree on and especially depends on what they are drinking.
  • If a full deck is being used and the fourth of any particular card is drawn, the player who drew the card must rigorously shuffle the remaining cards.


  1. Drink none. Nobody drinks.
  2. You too. The one pulling the card drinks, as does another player he chooses.
  3. Down to the knee. The one pulling the card descends to one knee and takes two drinks.
  4. Take two, two more. The one pulling the card drinks twice, as does another player he or she chooses (or two players, 1-1 each).
  5. Like a Bee hive. Everyone in the game takes a drink.
  6. The Leutz-Vixe. All females in the game drink.
  7. Step in the center. Everyone in the game takes a drink except for the one who pulled the card.
  8. Be my mate! The one pulling the card chooses a mate. Every time either of them takes a drink, the other does as well.
  9. Treat it like wine. Everyone takes a drink. Players usually pretend to be aristocrats or nobles, smelling and swirling about whatever drink they have, even if it's ale in wooden mugs, and babbling about totally nonsensical or serious things.
  10. Let's drink men! All males drink.
  11. Jack/Prince: Let's rinse. The one pulling the card drinks, and anyone who had a drink on the previous card takes a drink as well.
  12. Queen: Make a scene. The one pulling the card announces a word of their choice. The next time this word is used, each player has to say 'Scene!'. The last one to do so drinks. The word chosen is usually an obscure one to garner enough attention within the game and is used two or three turns later to spice up the play.
  13. King: Take a swing. The one pulling the card takes three drinks.
  14. Jester: Motley a man. The player who pulled the card must go up to make the biggest, “baddest” looking man in the room and either insult him cleverly or make him laugh, snort or express amusement with a joke. If the player succeeds, everyone else needs to drink but if they fail, then no one drinks. (Optional)

Ithanian Variation

  • One, make a pun. The one pulling the card has to insult another player. The insulted player either thanks the insulting member, or takes a drink.
  • Three, a chance to be free. The one pulling the card is allowed to force themselves to throw up, gaining an unfair advantage in the game.
  • Five, someone to revive. The one pulling the card chooses a player that fell out of the game to bring back in, usually to the effect that the player is immediately removed again.
  • Six, Calemberg politics. All players smack their foreheads onto the table then take a drink.
  • 11/Prince/Jack, the lover’s kiss. The one pulling the card has to kiss the one on their left, regardless of gender or Race.
  • 13/King, let’s sing. The one pulling the card has to sing an Ithanian song. If they refuse to, they have to drink.

Calemberger Variation

  • Three, taste the northern sea. The one pulling the card takes a drink from the mugs of each player still in the game.
  • Six, Ithanian ticks. Anyone who didn’t drink the previous turn takes one.
  • Eight, Lutherstadt’s Gate. The one pulling the card takes four drinks. The two sitting next to them take three-three each. Then those sitting next to those take two-two as well. Everyone else takes one.
  • Nine, fill it with brine. The one pulling the card has to take a drink. The other players are free to throw a pinch of salt into the player’s drink each.
  • 12/Queen, drink it clean. The one pulling the card takes a drink. Then the one on their left takes a drink. Then those on their left. This only stops when someone pukes.


The game can end in a few different ways. The first is simply that the cards run out, and the game ends. The second is to the last player standing, that is it goes down to the last person able to drink their amount without spilling it. The third version is perhaps the most disgusting and features only a single loser, the one who vomits first (though it is also sometimes determined by who passes out first, reducing the gross factor).

OOC Tips

  • Use /roll 13 to determine the card pulled.
  • Give each player a ‘drunk score’. Start from 0. Every time the player takes a drink, do a /roll 10 and add the number you get to the ‘drunk score’.
  • Have a limit that if reached will make players puke. A ‘drunk score’ of 100 is perfect for normal characters.
  • You may give different characters different limits, based on their alcohol tolerance. A tall and fat brawler or an Eronidas could have a ‘drunk score’ limit of 200 to 300, while a fragile youngster who hasn’t touched alcohol before could have a limit of 50. Please be honest with yourself about your score when you assign it to yourself. Use increments of 25.
  • Have each player announce their ‘drunk score’ in an emote after each drink is taken. It’ll skip arguments.
  • You can control the length and randomness of the game by altering the roll you make after each drink. For a shorter, riskier game, use /roll 20 or /roll 25. For a more drawn-out game, use /roll 5.


  • The game’s name holds three meanings, one far more morose than the others. It is a reference to how people tend to shuffle after drinking so much over the course of a game, how the game itself involves shuffling, but finally, how those who drink too much tend to shuffle off this mortal plane, to quote a famed line from an Anglian poet.

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