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Per MassiveCraft's rules, using out of game mechanics to gain an in-game advantage is not allowed. This includes mods with entity radars, x-ray, and hacked clients. Below is a list of mods with links which are confirmed to be allowed on this server. If you do not see your mod on this list, please remove it and have it approved by staff prior to using it.

Approved Mod Name About this Mod Link
Armor Status HUD Provides a HUD to display a player’s current remaining armor durability.
Better Foliage Purely cosmetic, this mod improves the appearance of foliage and other vegetation.
Better PvP Fairplay Version This mod adds a fully customizable GUI interface system which consists of various, also customizable, interfaces such as a minimap, armour status, potion status, etc. Note that you MUST use the FAIRPLAY version.
Better Sprinting Creates a convenience by removing the need to hold a key or double tap to run.
Damage Indicators Gives you a more immersive display of an entity's remaining health.
Direction HUD Provides a HUD to display which direction a player is facing.
Forge Forge is a modding API which makes the process of minecraft modding easier. Some mods require Forge in order to run.
Liteloader Liteloader is a modding API which makes the process of minecraft modding easier. Some mods require Lightloader in order to run.
LunatriusCore Useless on its own, this mod is required to help some other mods (like Schematica) run.
MnmUtils This is a modding API and library which is required for the TabbyChat mod to run.
More Player Models This mod allows you to customize your character! You can see your customized model as well as the customized models of anyone else using this mod.
Optifine Optifine is a minecraft optimization mod which allows minecraft to run faster, provide smoother textures, and support HD textures and shaders.
Schematica This building mod allows you to save builds and to display ghost structures to make building easier.
Shaders Mod Adds shaders to minecraft, strongly enhancing the graphics. This mod is best for taking screenshots and thematic videos. It is recommended to download the SEUS Shaderpack alongside this to place in the shaderpack folder in %appdata%.
Status Effect HUD Provides a HUD to display a player's current potion status.
Tabby Chat Provides an enhanced chat box which provides several features such as tabs, timestamps, filters, and spellchecking.
5Zig Gives you the ability to see your armor and weapon durability, the amount of arrows, enderpearls, or any type of blocks that you hold in your hand. It also gives you the ability to see potion effect and tells you the direction you’re going, and much more that is useful for survival game play as well as PvP.