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Arcanology is a Proficiency costing Ability buying addition to the main Proficiency page. Arcanology, generally speaking, is the research and application of deep knowledge of Arcane matters, as well as other other-worldly things. Arcanology has a Proficiency cost per so called "Pack" in a similar way to how Ritualism and Sorcery has a base cost per Ability. Each Pack represents one of the below Knowledge Packs, which can be bought for 3 Proficiency Points each. There is no upper limit to the amount of Arcanology Packs that someone can buy, as long as they have the Proficiency points to afford it. There are also no limitations to applying Arcanology Packs to any form of Aberrant or Ritualist or Primal Power. When writing these Knowledge Packs on your Character Application, you should mention them under your Character's Abilities, and declare the total points cost on the sheet under Proficiency Points spending.

Pack Description
Artifact Knowledge

Grants the Ability to visually identify Artifacts that have a Wiki page, being able to exposit their lore in roleplay. Additionally, any Artifact that does not have a Wiki page can be identified, meaning anyone with this Knowledge can identify what culture it comes from, and any potential religious or divine connections. A Character without Artifact Knowledge cannot ever visually identify or recognize an artifact, due to the in-lore wide variety of enchanted objects with various magical effects. Even in the case of someone telling them such, (i.e. "Behold, I have this Artifact"), they would require confirmation from someone with Artifact Knowledge, or have it themselves.

Ward Knowledge

Grants the Character the Ability to destroy 1 Ability Ward of any type (Mage, Archblood, Vampire, etc., except if it specifically has a no-counter rule) by using a mundane mixture of Magestone dust, Holy Water, and some other secret ingredients written from ancient books. When having this Ability, the Character is permitted to always carry one pouch with this mixture around which is enough to destroy one ward. The pouch refills 24 hours after use.

Essence Knowledge

Grants the Character the Ability to identify a Mage or Sorcerer’s dominant Spirit, Nature, Elemental, Arcane, Lightness, Darkness, Order, Chaos, Whimsy or Union Blessing theme if they see an Ability used, or any combination of it. Additionally, it grants the Character the Ability to create a Mundane Counter-salve that they can apply to themselves. This Salve is made of Magestone Dust, some herbs and tallow. The Salve can only counter one type of the aforementioned themes, depending on the Catalyst added on the spot (for example, Fireweed makes the Salve counter Elemental Sorcery or Magic). Only one Catalyst can be added, and after adding a Catalyst, they can apply the Salve to themselves, or someone else, which will grant them 2 minutes of immunity but only against Abilities of that particular theme. If the Salve is not applied within 30 seconds, it turns inert and cannot be used again. A new Salve becomes available 24 hours after use. Anyone with the Salve should be aware that it is highly hydrophilic, and will completely become inert with any sweat, meaning, as soon as the character initiates any combat actions, the Salve becomes inert.

Affliction Knowledge

Grants the Character the recipe for a special type of incense that they immerse themselves in once a month that makes them immune to infection by Vampirism or Werebeastism. For gameplay reasons, it is not possible to share this effect with anyone who does not also have Affliction Knowledge.

Archblood Knowledge

The Character is able to identify Dragon Temple makers (which Dragons were involved in building or managing it), and can recognize the acts of specific Dragons while they occur in front of them or around them. For example, if a Blue Crown Dragon changes the weather, they would be able to recognize this (it does not work retroactively). Grants the Character the recipe for a special type of ingestible concoction that acts as a primal Soul blocker, shutting an Archblood off from the Soul Rivers. If applied, the Archblood is entirely reversed to a non-Archblood state (including having access to any mechanics or Abilities Archblood do not have access to) for up to 48 hours. This process can be repeated every 2 days to essentially make it indefinite, but each individual with Archblood Knowledge can only do this for one Archblood at a time, and cannot switch to a new one if the previous one is still on the 48 hour timer. This Ability essentially grants the Character the ability to give one specific Archblood a cleansing therapy, but they have to keep it up every 2 days (you don’t have to roleplay it out, it can simply be implied). This cannot be forced on someone, the ingestion must be voluntary. Archbloods cannot apply this type of therapy to themselves for gameplay reasons, nor can Archbloods apply it to other Archbloods. Archbloods get no value out of this Knowledge Pack whatsoever, even if they are on reversal therapy. If for some reason the Archblood changes race, becomes an Aberrant, or learns Sorcery while under reversal therapy, and the reversal therapy ends, all these changes are undone when the Character returns to being an Archblood. Additionally, while a Character is under the effects of reversal therapy, they become a "black hole" to the Soul Rivers. Anyone that is a Primal Aberrant can sense this darkness while within Emote Distance and how the Soul Rivers bend away from them as if they are rejecting the Character.

Arken Knowledge

The Character is able to identify any Arken in front of them, what their primary trait is (such as for example: Pride, Fury, Justice, etc.). This also extends to the Avatars of the Gods from the Estel Pantheon should they appear. Additionally, the Character is able to identify the birth condition (applying only to those where the birth condition causes eye color changes) of another Character by looking at their eyes. Additionally, it grants them access to the Yellow Dragon Birth Ritual which allows them to visually suppress birth conditions and lock them behind a Ring of Keys. When the ritual is applied (which can only be applied to a baby), their eye colors turn normal, and some eye-damage is imparted (such as for example: partial blindness, inner-crossed-eyed-ness, bad eyesight, etc.). While this is applied they do not have access to any of the Abilities they gain from their birth condition, until the ritual is undone. The ritual can only be undone by slipping the Ring of Keys onto their finger, which will remove the visual hiding of the eye color, and unlock all Abilities. (If this Ritual is performed on any baby, Lore Staff must be informed through a Roleplay Community Discord ticket). The Ring can be kept by the Character that performed the ritual, but it must never be thrown away or disappear.

Curing Knowledge

The Character has an in-depth understanding of Vampire and Werebeast curing, able to acquire the materials for the curing and apply it in person. There is a limitation to this pack however. In order to choose this specific Knowledge pack, the Character must have 10 Medical Science Proficiency, otherwise they are not allowed to choose it.