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Affected Races N/A
Contraction Near-death Experiences
Mortality Rate N/A
Origins Dragons

Archblood, previously known as Witchblood or Phantasma, was a soul-curse produced by Dragons many millennia ago to aid them in their fight against the Void Invasions. Archblood were the foot soldiers of the Dragons who fought against the hordes of Demons with their enhanced Void and Exist fighting abilities, and usually formed ranks under an Archon as their commander to fight even on the battlefield. Much of the history of Witchblood was recently shrouded in mystery, as after the Immortal War, Witchbloods effectively disappeared from the global playing field, as they could only be created by Dragons, and Dragons had all gone extinct. With the resurfacing of the Imperial and Dread Dragon however, Witchblood started increasing in number, and more and more information was brought forward about them. Notably instrumental to their widespread acceptance and integration into the Regalian Empire was Leufred du Briërust, a noble Witchblood who became the champion of his kind, not only laying bare many of the mysteries surrounding Dragon lore, but also putting to good use the skills of Witchblood to fight the impure enemies of Unionism. When the Conduit connected the final Leyline installation to the World Network, all Witchblood experienced an event called the Uplifting, where they transitioned from the broken state of Witchblood, to the more complete state of Archblood, like they had originally been intended, as Dragon power extended itself onto Regalia. In 310 AC, the Purple Crown Dragon Rhaakhr extended an offer for a second life to all living Archbloods, effectively ending the Archblood Affliction. Every single Archblood in the world either turned into an Archon, if they wished to keep serving the Dragons, or became mundane and un-afflicted. This event was the result of a conclave by the Dragons, deciding that they wanted to free the Archbloods of their (now) involuntary service, and offer them a second chance at life.

It is rare but some nobles have become Archbloods. Leufred du Brierüst is foremost among these individuals, and has often been a strange position within society as a result.

Archblood Infection

It is no longer possible to become Archblood infected, or to exist as an Archblood. In the past, Archblood was not a typical Affliction that could be spread. Rather, the only conventional means of becoming an Archblood, was to die. The way Archblood Infection worked, is that when a person dies, the Dragons intervene and prevent the Soul from even leaving their body, though a time of catatonic fake-death may occur. However, unlike Undead, the Soul never actually left the body, or was brought back into the world through other means. As such, Archblood were not Undead, but they were not truly alive either, as their Soul was fused with Primal Essence. The rate at which individuals turned into Archblood, was extremely low. Scholars estimate that less than a single person every 10,000 deaths became an Archblood. More often than not, Dragon Worshipers claim that the process of a person who has died turning into an Archblood, is because of a divine plan from the Dragons, and that each person who turned Archblood was chosen by the Dragons for a specific purpose. All other religions reject this notion, as they do not acknowledge the divinity of Dragons, and instead claim that what they called Witchblood, is just an aberration of the life and death cycle. Additionally, any corpse brought to a Dragon could theory be turned into an Archblood if they were brought within 24 hours of dying, though few Dragons have been known to agree to such offerings.

Archblood Appearance

Archblood looked relatively mundane in comparison to other Afflictions, but still have some variable appearance changes. These changes came from the idea of "Archblood Corruption" wherein other planes such as the Void, Exist, and Ordial realm would infect the Archbloods and usurp their connections to the Dragons. The following appearances were noted:

  • Non-Dragon Loyal Primal: White sclera, purple irises, with no other optional mutations.
  • Dragon Loyal Primal: White sclera, purple irises, with optional mutations of draconic prehensile tail, and patches of purple scales anywhere on their body.
  • Void Corrupted: Gray sclera, red irises, with optional mutations of a demonic prehensile tail, maroon discolored skin and scales in the neck and shoulders that can shake and produce rattle-snake like sounds.
  • Exist Corrupted: White sclera, silver irises, with optional mutations of white scaled prehensile tail (or covered in flowers of any color) with porcelain whitened skin below the elbows and knees.
  • Ordial Corrupted: Black sclera, pale/mint green irises, with optional mutations of a dark metal prehensile tail with non-functional spikes, and a semi see-through green/ethereal gradient from the hands and feet becoming less translucent as they reach up to the elbows and knees.


  • Rumor has it that the Grand Vigil of the Azure Order was actually an Archblood. The woman never showed her face in public, so it could not be confirmed nor denied, a secret she took with her to her grave.
  • Many suspect that the Azure Order used a host of Archblood to hunt runaway Mages from the Azure Spire when it still existed, and that this is how they managed to keep the Mages under control.
  • One Archblood by the name of Sebastian Salbard was said to be incredibly powerful—able to fight multiple Mages at once. He was eventually killed when a group of Dark Mages tracked him down and killed him in revenge.

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