Arnold Kade

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Arnold Kade
Notable Person
Full Name Arnold Kade
Race Ailor
Date of Birth 130 AC
Date of Death March 30th 205 AC
Real or Mythical Real
Claim to Fame Chancellor of Regalia

Arnold Kade, otherwise known as the “One-Day Chancellor”, is often the target of deprecating jokes on his more famous father’s lifespan, that of Vladimir Kade “the Glorious”. While not a complex character in historical context, Arnold was actually rather ambitious in his youth, and constantly strived to appease Emperor Allamaria I as well as his father, and to undermine his elder brother so he could one day inherit the role of Chancellor. His story is viewed in present times as ironic given how long his father lived and how he was unable to realize any of his visions. He is rarely brought up in recent years, mostly seen as a footnote in the history of House Kade.

Origins and Early Life

Born to Vladimir Kade “the Glorious” and his wife, Rosemary van Sherburne, in the winter of 130 AC, December 15th, Arnold was the second son, the elder being his brother Alaric. It is said that the two siblings despised each other, likely on account of Alaric’s entitlement to power, in contrast to Arnold’s envy and ambition. Arnold revered his father and the position of Chancellor, desiring to become a figure of equal or higher prestige than Vladimir, but was aware that the heir to the role was Alaric Kade, and that he would almost definitely be chosen before him.


Arnold had been raised by imperial courtiers and servants, in lack of his diligent father’s presence. When the time had come, he was primarily educated in stewardship and politics. From his early years Arnold drafted up wild economic theories and ideas, and by the end of his formal education was generally seen as diligent and competent, but most of his larger plans had remained within his head for fear of public scrutiny. By the early age of 20, he had been wedded and bedded, though only managed to procure a son at the age of 35. The baby was born abnormally large, but grew quickly into a strong and healthy child named Alexander. From this period, Arnold fell into less than favorable crowds. His gaggle of friends were said to stroke his ego and fill his pride, up until Arnold began actively challenging his elder brother publicly, abusing every chance he could get to humiliate him. This smear campaign grew rather large for a short while until it stopped suddenly and swiftly, where Arnold faded into obscurity for a few years. Theories are that his father’s strictness came down hard upon him for discrediting the heir to the chancellery, but the private goings on of the Kade household at this time are unknown. While a few more scandals would surface with Alaric at their center, nothing would shame him in the eyes of the public as much as Arnold shamed himself by the failed smear campaigns.

Later Life

Those close to Arnold during his late age would say he held contempt towards his brother but overall began to accept that he’d remain as he was. Life would seemingly stagnate for Arnold after this point, until the age of 55, when his older brother died. His father however, was still the Chancellor and so Arnold once again had to wait for greatness having moved on step closer. Unfortunately over the next few years, his mind began to degrade. He claimed that he struggled to recall basic ideas he once had of how he’d rule in the office and the grand changes he once planned to make. By the age of 60, his mental issues were joined by physical ailments and maladies that forced him to bed more and more. At the age of 70, he was weak and unable to see his father at all due to their similar conditions. Then, on March 29th 205 AC, Vladimir Kade died peacefully in his sleep. Arnold was appointed Chancellor but a scant 20 hours after his father, he passed away as well. The Imperial Court was said to have been flustered by the two deaths, but were secure in the knowledge that his son Alexander the Giant would ascend to the position. Arnold Kade himself would come to be known with a sardonic nickname; “the One-Day Chancellor.”


Arnold was said to have been envious and grudge-bearing, but industrious in his work as well as competent. Ultimately, his ambitions and hatred festered and made a fool of him, but he wasn’t driven by intrigue and plots, as much as it seemed to the public. Arnold did not make many public appearances, especially during his later life, but he still managed to attend events around the Empire and often raised and rallied support for his father and the Emperor throughout his life, showing hints of loyalty and respect for his father, and devout eagerness to serve the Emperor.


Arnold Kade’s legacy is ultimately being seen as continuing Vladimir Kade’s direct blood through the Kade family. Spending his life as an ambitious second son who tried to prove himself and discredit his older brother at every turn, when fate had finally called onto him for his ability, he was unfit to rule the office he prayed for at every turn. His legacy is comparably nothing when contrasting with his father, but some still see him as doing his duty for the good of House Kade; having produced for the family a good, strong heir. Unfortunately this also has its faults as some feel Arnold let Alexander have too much personal freedom and grow too involved in bad cultures not favorable to the Imperial Court.

Extended Family

Arnold had close relationships with most of the living Kade relatives at the time, but those closest to him for better or worse had been his father, Vladimir Kade, his elder brother, Alaric Kade and his wife, an Ithanian noblewoman named Félicienne de Lavernat, who he had wed to help secure some of his father’s conquered Ithanian territories. Their son, Alexander Kade, had been distant and often viewed his father as weak-willed, but in the end remained by his side during Arnold’s last few weeks.


  • Alexander Kade is said to have understood Arnold’s senile mutterings and heard of numerous economic and financial changes his father intended to incorporate that would lead Regalia to a golden age. The truth of this is uncertain because the said financial plans failed horribly when put into place.
  • Arnold’s smear campaign revolved around naming his elder brother Alaric an incompetent spender, glutton and hedonist. There is some evidence that this was all true, but likely exaggerated to great extents. His hopes were that if he proved he was more fit to rule, the Emperor might instead appoint him to the role of Chancellor.
  • Some suggest Arnold was poisoned by parties desiring a younger Chancellor, not looking forward to the possibility that Arnold might live as long as his father and be just as “useless” in the end.

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