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Official Name Assena
Common Nicknames Black Silver
Proficiency Requires 15 points in Smithing
Origin Aloria
Uses Military
Rarity Common
Accessibility All Classes (Illegal within the Regalian Empire)

Assena is a unique mineral in Aloria, as while it was once considered a useless material, it has since been discovered as useful and appears in the weapons of the upper class. In its natural solid form, it appears as a tarnished Silver colour with black streaks throughout it appearing as the rust. While in its gaseous form, it appears as a faint grey color and is also toxic, but tends to warn people due to smelling like salted almonds. It is commonly melted down and combined with various metals to serve as a reinforcing material, which is mainly why it has soared in popularity in the war torn landscape of Aloria during the past few decades.


Assena has been a common “junk” metal discarded by many for centuries. For the Elven Empire, the material served no purpose beyond an irritating halt to mining operations due to the poisonous nature of it in its gaseous form. For over two centuries after the fall of the Elven Empire, this idea remained propagated in the wider world and any experiments with Assena usually failed, as when used to make blades alone it cracked and flaked. With the dawn of the Iron Bulwark faction in the Regalian Senate there came new ideology. The metal was experimented with again, thanks to funding from the political party, who originally wanted to see if naturally poisonous blades could be created. In 269 AC, it was discovered that while the poisonous blade concept was impossible, any blade made with an infusion of Assena has increased in stress resistance.

In 271 AC, this was leaked to public parties and the discovery became common knowledge the Iron Bulwark quickly jumped on the popularity it gave them. Unfortunately, their greatest fear came true when the knowledge spread across Aloria, to states they considered enemies, as well as those that were “friends,” or allies, but overall, the Bulwark thought a technological advantage wouldn’t hurt to have. Also unfortunately, was the sudden increase of deaths caused by improper handling of the substance, which resulted in a ban of its use in all but Government-approved forges. Today, the advancement can be found in multiple bladed weapons of the upper class of Aloria.



Assena appears as a dull silver-colored metal in its solid form, streaked with black appearing as the metal’s “rust”. In its gaseous form, it appears as a faint grey color, swirling in the air, but quick to dissipate with exposure to more open surroundings.

General Uses

Assena has one use and that is reinforcing weapons. Small ones, such as throwing knives, arrowheads, or kitchen implements, rarely get this treatment as the precise mixture needed for each item is tedious. On larger blades though, it is still difficult to mix, but the risk is far less. Overall, the material can help strengthen the metal used with it in order to resist stress better.


Assena has several abilities, but all are only present in its gaseous form. The first is that it gives off the smell of salted almonds, which helps to defend from its second effect, toxicity. Minor touching of the open skin, ingestion, and inhalation, are enough to cause a long term illness, stomach cramps, and major exposure that can lead to a swift death. However, not all mines that uncover these deadly gas pockets are lost, as it also has a natural upward lift. It often heads for the roofs of mines, ultimately draining away up into the air, thus allowing mining once again.


  • Assena’s relation to the smell of salted almonds once almost allowed a major robbery to occur. A miner, having learned of a small vein of Gold, brought salted almonds with him into the tunnels. When they were smelled, everyone panicked and left except him, which allowed him to mine the vein and try to escape out of a small, rarely used corridor. Unfortunately he fell down the slope outside, drawing attention from the whole mining camp.
  • Some whisper that the Iron Bulwark was ultimately successful in creating naturally poisoned blades, which are used by Black Order assassins in their covert missions for the government.

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