Auringonian Stew

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Auringonian Stew
Appearance Low-broth soup with chunks of brown meat along with root vegetables.
Difficulty 3/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator The Auringon Clan
Class Lower and Middle Classes
  • 2 Tbsp butter
  • 1 chopped onion
  • 1 pound boneless chopped Metsähivri meat
  • 4¼ cups (1 liter) water
  • 6 peeled and chopped small potatoes
  • 2 peeled and chopped carrots
  • 1 tsp salt

One of the noted dishes of the Sudemo tribe of the Tarkkin Ailor, Auringonian Stew is a rich meat and vegetable-based stew made using the meat of the Culture’s signature animal, the Tarkkin Metsähivri. The origins of the dish claim to lie with the Auringon Clan, one of the oldest groups of the Sudemo who perhaps were some of the first to tame Reindeer. Overall, the meat is one well enjoyed by the local population but due to the rarity of any variety of Reindeer meat beyond the northern reaches of Aloria, remains local to the lands of Drixagh that the Tarkkin inhabit.


Auringonian Stew was created by the Auringonian Clan of the Sudemo tribe, dwellers of the most northern forests of Tarkkin territory that often verges on the edges of the Drixagh taiga and tundra. It is said, among the Tarkkin, that the Auringonian Clan were the first to be given the gift of the Reindeer’s trust, and soon developed the Tarkkin Metsähivri as a domesticated species separate from the herds of broader Drixagh. Whether this is true is unknown, but with this origin has also come the honor of first creating and eating the hearty, healthy stew now enjoyed across Tarkkin territory. It is rare to find it outside of Tarkkin lands given its significance to the Tarkkin people and multi-cultural culinary diversity, which does not usually incorporate chances for said stew to be savored. It does not help that Reindeer meat overall is a rarity in lands south of Tarkkin land, and its transport often makes it a specialty good in the communities of northerners that dot the urban cities of the Regalian Empire. The dish is still enjoyed locally and as long as there are Tarkkin Metsähivri, there will be clan and local chefs making Auringonian Stew.


Auringonian Stew has a simple creation process. First, the butter must be melted in a large saucepan sitting over medium to high heat. Next, the onion and Metsähivri meat should be added, being browned evenly on all sides as much as possible. Then, the water should be poured in, and the pan simmered on a low heat for up to forty minutes; any scum or foam should be removed during this process. Finally, the potatoes, carrots, and salt should be added, with the dish left to stir for an additional half an hour, with the vegetables cooked through during this time. The Stew is then ready to serve.


  • Auringonian Stew looks like a low-broth soup with plenty of cooked meat and vegetables sitting within it.
  • Auringonian Stew smells of the cooked vegetables used to make it, as well as the cervid meat of the Tarkkin Metsähivri that goes into the meal.
  • The Stew is a rich blend of many flavors, the mild taste of the meat pairing well with the mix of vegetables and salt in both the broth and the individual spoonful taken into one’s mouth.


  • Auringonian Stew is part of the Sudemo philosophy of “Everything but the breath,” the idea that when a Tarkkin Metsähivri is killed, its entire body must be valued. As a result, while the best meat often goes into this meal, its other body parts are used in other forms of local cuisine or taken for more utilitarian uses.
  • Auringonian Stew is most commonly served in the winter, given the need to heat people up, and when food is more scarce.

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