Bōkaru bangwǒ

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Bōkaru bangwǒ
Appearance A bright amber-colored liquid
Application Oral ingestion.
Proficiency Requires 8 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Kwon Yama-Zhou
Potency At least a pint (two cups)
Injectable No
  1. Temporarily improves lung or throat issues (ex. strep throat)
  2. Can deafen others for five minutes if expelled in a single scream

Bōkaru-bangwǒ was originally invented to aid members of the Regalian Opera scene, but has since gone on to fall into the hands of criminals. This drinkable potion heals the throat and lungs of strain and infection, but has the side effect of allowing consumers to produce a single concussive scream. Once highly popular, it has since faded from the spotlight as its criminal use puts all singers who make use of Bōkaru-bangwǒ under suspicion.


Bōkaru-bangwǒ was created in 210 AC by a Ch’ien-Ji alchemist named Kwon Yama-Zhou. She created the substance at the request of an opera-singer who was looking for a way to help her strained voice, as honey and tea were not always a quick remedy for her ailments. After a year of experimenting, Kwon gave her first draught of Bōkaru-bangwǒ to her friend to test it, and the liquid worked fabulously. Unfortunately, the negative use for the potion was discovered shortly afterwards, when a singer deafened several rows of an opera. The Azure Order cracked down hard, believing magic was involved, and Kwon was briefly thrown into the Azure Spire. She was soon released, but this accident tarnished the reputation of the potion for several decades. Today, a growing number of criminals have used the drink in robberies to help deafen attackers, though the more positive uses for Bōkaru-bangwǒ are making a strong comeback as well.


To create Bōkaru-bangwǒ, an alchemist must first mix the Dragonet Apple Peel Juice and Vocadine together, then sprinkle finely pulverized Yuntia Cactus flower petals over the solution and leave it to rest. They then must heat the lung of a songbird to the melting point, which is the most difficult part of brewing the potion. Doing so is a slow and gradual process, requiring it to be constantly stirred to ensure the heat fully permeates the organ. The liquidized lung must then be added to the other liquid solution and shaken or briskly stirred for ten minutes, or until cool. The resulting liquid will look much like the finished product. The final step is to add the crushed Song Flower petals in (along with sugar or any flavorings) before letting the concoction sit overnight for at least twelve hours. It should then be ready to drink by those who wish to use it.



Bōkaru-bangwǒ must be drank and swallowed before its effects can occur. The minimum dose is a pint (2 cups). If less of this is drunk by someone attempting to produce the negative effect, nothing will happen beyond a sultry and wonderfully-sounding shout or scream.


Bōkaru-bangwǒ works immediately to soothe the lungs and the throat, producing a clear and soothing sensation in those areas. The effect lasts from between three to four hours, after which it will gradually fade. This can be repeated in those with temporary throat afflictions such as strep-throat or Melodin burn, and is often prescribed for those with a lost voice.

The other effect, most often applied by criminals, is that once drunk the user can let out a concussive scream that will deafen anyone within a four-meter radius, and cause headaches to those within an additional meter for five minutes. Both of these effects occur only if at least a pint (two cups) of the liquid is drunk. Additionally, continuous chained use of Bōkaru-bangwǒ’s negative effect is impossible as it will exhaust the lungs to the point where after two uses, the user will be unable to speak for a week and if used three times, will barely be able to breathe. If used four times, the user dies a horrible death, as their lungs will inevitably collapse.

Physical Characteristics

Bōkaru-bangwǒ appears as a slightly warm, bright amber colored liquid. The liquid has tiny, clear flecks of Song Flower within it that add to the brightness, but also paper thin yellow particles that often lay near the bottom (being the remains of the cacti flowers). Bōkaru-bangwǒ vaguely smells of apples and has a sweet yet rich taste reminiscent of fruit wine.


  • A con-man in Ithania sold singers Dragonet Apple Cider, making them believe it was Bōkaru-bangwǒ. His scheme was undone when one of the singers attended a banquet that heavily featured the drink.
  • A woman in the city of Calemberg once used this potion for good, and fought crime as a vigilante. Dressed in a man’s outfit that brought to mind a crow, she would drink the potion and use the effect to stop robbers at night. She stopped appearing several months after her first act of heroism and her identity has never publicly been confirmed.
  • Kwon Yama-Zhou had several failures before her ultimate success with Bōkaru-bangwǒ. One potion reportedly caused someone to lose their voice for a week before it came back, prompting Kwon to immediately destroy the recipe.

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