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Official Name Basilisk
Common Nicknames King of Snakes, Bone Thief
Classification Reptile
Habitat Stone Forest, Teled Methen
Domesticated No
Current Status Mythical

The Basilisk, also known as the King of Snakes, is an immense serpent native to the Stone Forest of Teled Methen. Its origins are unknown and lost to myth and history, though its strange obsession with Dragon bones and riches have earned it notoriety among the scholarly community. It is also notable for how it exerts control over the Stone Forest Snakes, and is considered to be one of the most deadly monsters in Aloria given its additional abilities to turn invisible and being resistant to magical attacks.


The Basilisk was a mythical creature for centuries, perhaps even millennia before it was discovered to be real. When or where it was actually born is unknown, but Teledden myths speak of a great serpent, ever-shifting and hard to perceive, being defeated by the Estellon Pantheon. It is unknown if this serpant was the Basilisk or an ancient Teledden god that Estellon overtook. The Basilisk was first concretely reported during the height of the Allorn Empire, when the Stone Forest was also uncovered (or at least properly recorded), but why the Teledden did not conquer and destroy the geographical formation is unknown. The serpent’s major role emerged only centuries later, during the Mage Wars, when Dragons were being slaughtered by the Teledden. Archmages reported the skeletons and even sometimes bodies of their kills suddenly being stolen from them and pursuing a great, grey serpent. Its reputation was ultimately made when Archmage Ouvaras and his entire cabal chased the snake into the Stone Forest, where they came face to face with it for the first time. Very few survived the encounter, claiming that the Basilisk was able to freeze people with a look and then “steal their soul from their body,” but it was also reported to be immune to Magic, reacting with only annoyance and then, anger, at the powerful blasts launched into it. In the wake of this encounter, the Stone Forest was an actively avoided place, and when the Wor’lasïs Wald swallowed it up, most thought that the serpent and its brood, the strange and much smaller Stone Forest Snakes, would be killed off. This was not so, as the Kathar equally failed at taking the Stone Forest, and have left the Basilisk’s domain alone for the past two centuries. The Basilisk has not been seen in 100 years, with its only trip out of the Stone Forest post-Cataclysm taking place in 203 AC. What it is doing in the Stone Forest is unknown, but it is still alive, guarding its secrets well.

Physical Appearance

The Basilisk is a colossal reptile, reportedly reaching longer than forty feet, with a width of as much as ten feet. Its head features a broad snout, with a sharp ending featuring large, vertical scales, framing its gaze from the front in a unique way. Its eyes are said to be a solid gold, not a natural reptilian yellow. Its body is covered in large, rugged scales colored light grey, but these are said to possess a true camouflage ability. While Stone Forest Snakes can naturally camouflage, blending into the rocks, this vast serpent can supposedly cloak itself in an active, comprehensive, magical camouflage that makes it vanish into thin air. Whether this is true or not is unknown, as it has been over 500 years since any known Teledden last encountered the Basilisk.

Mental Overview

Being a mythical and dangerous creature, the Basilisk has never been able to be interfaced with by scholars. Despite this, its behavior does suggest certain truths. It is considered sentient by many and capable of sustaining memories indefinitely. The Basilisk is special in that it can telepathically seize control of the Stone Forest Snakes that populate its home and use them to aid it in its defense. The Basilisk is also drawn to both material valuables and Dragon bones. It is said that should anyone drop a coin in the Wor’lasïs Wald, the Basilisk will find it and add it to its collection of riches within the Maw. The fact that it possesses a lair where it actively keeps these things also suggests to some that it may be a greedy creature, capable of understanding value, or at least power.

Territory and Groupings

The Basilisk is highly territorial and claims sovereignty over the Stone Forest, also called Lethemieth. It actively seeks to drive out any foreign threats to its territory. The Basilisk rarely ventures beyond the Stone Forest, resulting in many wondering what it even eats, with the guesses ranging from the Stone Forest Serpents to nothing, and that it is instead sustained through Magic.


  • The Basilisk served as a convenient bogeyman for the Void Cults of the Allorn Empire, who frequently stole Dragon bones only to place the blame on the great terror.
  • Many adventurers have fallen prey to the Basilisk over the years, though some have suggested that the Kathar likely got to them first.
  • Some theorize that the Basilisk is a creation of the Dragons and that it is simply trying to preserve the remains of its creators.

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