Beedr Desert Wolf

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Beedr Desert Wolf
Official Name Beedr Desert Wolf
Common Nicknames Lethal Nomads, Desertlings
Classification Mammal
Habitat Steppes and deserts of Farah’deen
Domesticated No
Current Status Rare

Renowned for hunting in large packs, Beedr Desert Wolves are incredibly deadly once they’ve outnumbered their prey. Congregating in groups of ten or twelve, these beasts are almost impossible to spot due to their sandy fur and skinny bodies. They’ve been known to harass anything that dares travel the barren wastelands of Farah’deen, leaving few survivors to tell the tale of these conniving scavengers that plague the land. The wolves will eat almost anything, seeing as roaming the endless sands would be extremely draining. The presence of the Beedr Desert Wolves and the packs they gather in only adds to the danger of traversing the dried wilderness.


Beedr Desert Wolves first appeared in early 90 AC, around the time that the Songaskian Masaya was founded. Their origins are unknown as there are few mentions of wolves during the years of the Sariyd Empire that had previously occupied Farah’deen. Most theories today state that the wolf simply grew in size and was therefore more noticed by record keepers instead of being confused as a species of wild dog. They have survived out at the edges of the Masaya ever since then, avoiding hunters due to their efficient camouflage. For a brief time, the wolf was even assumed to be dead when no sightings occurred for over a decade. However, the animal was again sited in 230 AC, quelling these fears. The wolves are known their ambush tactics which has made them unpopular with both the Qadir and the Songaskians over the years as livestock are lost and caravans harassed as the Songaskian Masaya expands itself and Qadir Haditryas require far-reaching trade routes.

Physical Appearance

The fur on the Beedr Desert Wolf ranges from a sandy color to a light brown. However, sand that clings to the fur adjusts it to blend into the terrain they’re on, giving further camouflage. In comparison to other wolves, they’re reasonably sized, averaging about four feet long from tail to nose. Due to the scarcity of food sources, they are skinny creatures, having more sinewy muscle definition than body fat. To regulate heat , they have large ears that allow for heat to escape from a wide surface and long tails that create a small breeze when swayed. They have long legs to help them move quickly, adding to their efficiency as hunters and fearsome predators. Their wide noses allow them to detect scent from long distances, while also being covered by a fleshy overhang to prevent grains of sand from entering their passages.


The Beedr Desert Wolf population is fairly even in terms of gender, however there are slightly more males than females. On top of this, the males and females can be differentiated due to the males’ darker coats and larger size. Despite their smaller size, the females are far more dominant and vicious. This results in the females being more likely to take survival necessities such as food and shelter for themselves first, before sharing with the rest of the pack.

Life Span and Development

The Beedr Desert Wolf gives birth to a litter of three or four live pups. Since the wolves are nomadic in nature , it’s important for the young to shake dependency from their mother as soon as possible, sometimes doing so when they are only a few weeks old. It takes only one or two years for them to reach their full size. Runts tend to die early on because there’s simply not enough food to sustain them. The weakest are often killed and used as food for the others, regardless of age. Beedr Desert Wolves live just over ten years, reaching as old as fifteen if they’re lucky. Due to the hardship they experience every day, elders are unlikely to live for very long, which is why their lives are often cut so short. Curiously, you can tell the age of a Beedr Desert Wolf by the size of their ears, since they never stop growing until death.

Mental Overview

The Beedr Desert Wolves are highly hostile wolves known for their swarming ambushes. They will attack in a heartbeat, instinctively surrounding and overpowering their prey. No one has tamed one of these creatures, and it’s uncertain if anyone has been foolish enough to try. They’re very protective of their packs, and will even become violent towards others of their own kind to protect their family. However, this is a rare occurrence, as different packs don’t find themselves crossing paths very much due to the expansive Farah’deen deserts. Any traits other than basic primal interests are virtually non-existent, and it’s very difficult to distinguish two Beedr Desert Wolves because of their simple personalities. Their scavenger mentality and aggression are their main defining features.

Territory and Groupings

Beedr Desert Wolves operate in packs, they are of little strength alone, but when together can accomplish a lot. They feel the need to travel often, wreaking havoc on their newly found habitats with their vicious mannerisms before travelling once more. A pack of Beedr Desert Wolves that comes across another pack, or even a lone wolf, will try to assert their dominance by attacking in order to claim ownership over a territory, despite the fact that they are bound to move on soon anyway. They wander for days across steppes and deserts, searching for food and simply just surviving, since it’s all they’ve ever known. Settling has never been a consideration for them.


  • Beedr Desert Wolf corpses are the most common way the animal is examined and has have speculated that the pack buries the corpse as many are submerged or half-buried. In response to that, the skeptical point to the shifting nature of sand.
  • Tying tails of the Beedr Desert Wolf to your clothing or pack is said to grant you good luck, especially if you have nine of them.

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