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Notable Person
Full Name Behesael
Race Voidling
Date of Birth ~10,000 BC
Date of Death N/A
Real or Mythical Real
Claim to Fame Archdemon of the Void, leader and orchestrator of the Void Invasions.

The Void has forever been seen as a shadowy place of torment and darkness, the birthplace of all the evil and suffering in the world, and home to the malevolent spirits that want to see nothing but the destruction of Aloria. The keeper of this realm is known by all cultures, races, and religions and goes by just as many names. The cycle of civilizations building up and being destroyed, life hiding and then flourishing are all dependent on this antagonist and its neverending struggle to destroy the world of Aloria and all of existence.

Origins and Early Life

The creation and birth of the Archdemon is not something everyone thinks about. Deities and entities of great power and villainous ambition are thought to have always been, or spawned in some even greater, incomprehensible clash. The truth, however has far less grandeur, and is considerably more tragic. While even the Seraph were unaware as to how Behesael came into being, they were the ones solely responsible, if not the prime catalyst.

The creation of Behesael was not something grand or malicious, but as an unfortunate consequence that brought endless suffering to all those born in the Void. While it is difficult to sympathize with the grand antagonist of one’s existence, Behesael’s entire being was that of suffering. After being ripped from the calm, silent, and serene nothingness, sentience was intolerable. It was with desperation and malice that the Archdemon turned its attention towards Aloria’s plane in order to reverse the process that spawned it, and end the lives of those it felt as though were responsible. Time was meaningless, and revenge felt necessary.


Any civilization, whether it be tribal and primitive, or complex and civilized, have all had references to some greater being. Behesael’s influence in Aloria has grown and waned time and time again, but it has almost always been present since the Archdemon’s creation. While they’re not always accurate, the portrayals are always constant. A direct result of this is Void Worship. Whether they be sympathetic or ambitious, Behesael’s influence has managed to turn a few cultures towards its cause.

The most widely known acts of the Archdemon have always been the Void Invasions, however, the creation of the Vices are arguably its greatest. Intended to be its eyes, ears, and hands in the world, they helped start the first Void Invasion, allowing for Behesael’s armies to be set loose on the unsuspecting Alorians. With the reluctant help of Estel, the Seraph managed to stave off the voidlings, though it only prolonged the inevitable. Thousands of years of planning and preparation boiled down to hundreds of years of fighting, and it looked as though the end was near.

Towards the end of the Void Invasion, the Vices left their creator, and hid themselves away from its gaze. The Archdemon continued on without them, and raked its claws over the world until life had seemingly been destroyed. In the end, most of Aloria’s life had been extinguished, and although great civilizations had fallen, the first Void Invasion ended in what the still living Archdemon considered a failure. With the rift weak and collapsing, Behesael was forced back into the Void to sit and gather its strength once more with the intention of inevitably trying again, albeit not for thousands of years.

It wasn't until the fifth Void Invasion, did things start looking more positive for the Archdemon. As the Elven Empire has saturated the world with magic, Behesael was able to tear open the weakened rift without the Vices, and once more entered Aloria. Weaker than the Seraph, it did not look to be a long one, nor would it have been. However, with Estel’s sudden destruction, it ended abruptly, and once more the Archdemon was defeated. While the world was spared from the destruction of demons, this event started what would be known as the Cataclysm.

Later Life

With several failed Void Invasions past, and Behesael stuck in the physical plane, it seemed as though the Void Invasions might come to a halt. That did not, however, mean the Archdemon was anywhere near done. To combat meddlesome Vices on their own level, the demon’s consciousness settled into a woman who would infamously be known as Sophie Baver. While its power was splintered, it was still more than a match for any of the Vices or Virtues alone. With Estel lacking a physical form, Behesael personally took the fight to the Alorians.


The Archdemon does not have a personality in the traditional sense. The Archdemon is essentially sentient Void essence whose entire existence is that of suffering and agony, bent on destroying that which created it in order to return to the calm nothingness that the Void has always been. To mark it with a single personality would be too limiting.


After the death of Sophie Baver and being trapped in a statue, it seemed as though the endless cycle of civilizations building up and being destroyed would end. No longer would the banshee terrorize the populace, nor would any Void Invasions ever happen again. The future looked bright, but even while trapped, Behesael’s influence is constant. Void Worship is well-established, and even the statue in which he was imprisoned has gone missing. Behesael may be out of the spotlight and out of Aloria’s mind for now, but the demon’s influence will forever mar the world.


  • The soul mages who moved Behesael into the statue have since disappeared. Each one had gone into a reclusion leading up to the disappearance, and one was found to have written strange glyphs and symbols all throughout his house.

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