Black Iron

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Black Iron
Official Name Black Iron
Common Nicknames Dark Iron
Proficiency Requires 5 points in Smithing
Origin Dark Ungwar Orcs
Uses Weapons
Rarity Uncommon
Accessibility All Classes

Black Iron is, most notably, the crude and unrefined version of Regalian Blacksteel. Black Iron is a staple of Orc warfare and makes up the majority of their weaponry. Like the race that discovered it, the metal is known to rely on brute force to get the job done. Jagged and crude, while the material is brittle, it can deliver some of the most savage wounds of any known material.


Black Iron is often attributed to the Dark Ungwar Orcs of Daen, however, the discovery was made by a group of Ailor. In the year 270 AC, a group of scouts ventured into eastern Daen in the hopes of finding a new site to mine Ferr-Iron to supply Regalia. By mistake, these Ailor unearthed a dark metal as they had never seen before. Intrigued by their findings, they moved to leave the region and return with better equipment for better excavation. Unfortunately, there were unaware that they had entered into the territory of the Dark Ungwar Orc tribes. Forced into two groups, only one half of the team escaped alive while the pursuing Orcs killed the others. The Orcs then returned to their camp with their spoils, namely all of the ore the group had been moving. Upon inspection of the unknown ore, the Orcs decided to try and test it. After a series of experiments, the Orcs learned how to melt down the ore and forge it into simple knives, axes, and spears. The weapons created from Black Iron lacked any form of elegance and instead yielded monstrous blades with jagged edges and twisted forms.

Meanwhile, the Ailor that escaped still carried samples of the metal with them. Seeking to try and recover some of their lost money, they sold the material to Regalian smiths who too experimented with the material but in their process, helped refine the material into a better quality metal called Blacksteel. Back in Daen, the Orcs continued to use the metal and eventually, knowledge of it fell into the hands of Blood Thorall through looted weapons from several battlefields. As recently as 304 AC, both parties now use the metal in their weapons, especially in those of their greatest warriors to cause the most damage. As the ore used to make the metal is uncommon, the two groups of Orcs also fight each other over supplies of the material, though Dark Ungwar also trades a portion away to the Regalian Empire to help them make Blacksteel.



Black Iron lacks the smooth and polished look of Blacksteel. Instead, the material has a grainy and jagged appearance, comparable in texture to sandpaper. This roughness is always present, to the point where handling a plain ingot of the metal may cause the holder’s hands to bleed. When forged into a weapon, the edges of a blade are always extremely rugged and look like rows of jagged teeth.

General Uses

The naturally abrasive qualities of the metal makes weapons the only possible use for the metal. Armor, jewelry, and kitchenware are out of the question as the would put the user in great danger of self-harm. Of course, the weaponry is so crude and brittle, that only tribal races like the Orc would believe it to be practical.


While Blacksteel sacrifices strength for near unmatched durability, Black Iron does just the opposite. Black Iron is known to be an extremely brittle metal quite prone to shattering and does break very frequently. This brittle nature is off balanced by the savage cutting power of the material, more than almost any other. The jagged edges of the material can rip through other metals such as Ferr-Iron, and in a few cases, even steel. Only metals known for their extreme durability, like Blacksteel and Starris, will be able to serve as reasonable defenses. Of course, no matter what the strike, Black Iron could catastrophically fail and shatter to pieces. OOC Note: When using a weapon made of Black Iron in-game, use the command /roll 4 for every impact the metal makes. If a four is rolled, then the metal shatters.


  • It is unknown why the term Dark Iron became the nickname instead of the official name. The Dark Ungwar were so-called even before Black Iron was discovered.
  • Orcs do not think the brittleness of Black Iron is a problem. In most cases, they wrongly believe the metal shatters because of their immense strength and not the natural impurities of the metal.

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