Black Orchid

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Black Orchid
Official Name Black Orchid
Common Name Dark Eye
Classification Flower
Common Use Utility, Cosmetic
Origins Westwynd
Habitat Rivers

The Black Orchid is a flower that has long grown on Maartasil and other islands of the Silerian Chain. It was originally discovered by the Allorn Empire, who ignored the plant, though their slaves quickly came to view it as a mournful thing, given the role the Silerian islands played in processing slaves from outside of the Allorn Empire. After the Cataclysm however, it became a popular dye ingredient, news of which soon spread to the Regalian Empire due to the rich and dark purples the flower could produce. Maartasil now guards this source of income zealously, and it remains a symbol of the region.


The Black Orchid was a plant originally found on the islands that make up modern Maartasil by the Allorn Empire who established a colony there. It was generally dismissed for unknown reasons, but as more and more slaves were brought to the region, its reputation darkened. Given the eventual role of Maartasil, where hundreds of thousands were processed as slaves for the Allorn Empire, the relatively dreary region was not looked upon fondly by those slaves kept there in the long term to serve the Allorn facilities. They came to view the flower as connected to any number of death or trickery gods, an eye to watch the suffering unfold. By the time of the Cataclysm, these beliefs existed in an endless echo chamber. However, following the Cataclysm and the collapse of the slave trade as the Allorn Empire also fell, these urban legends were swept aside in favor of logic and reason. Seeing the plant as a valuable part of the economy upon learning of its use in dying, the leadership of Maartasil moved to grow the flower, to harvest it and make it into a product for trade with nearby Etosil. From Etosil, the rich purple dye found its way to the Regalian Empire, which prompted interest in the island. The flower’s importance only grew from there and today, it can be found growing in the wild as well as in special plantation areas that operate to harvest and process the flower into dyes for international sale in addition to use on the island. It is also now a symbol of the island nation, appearing on their flag and is a positive symbol among the local inhabitants


The Black Orchid is a quarter to a half a foot wide flower with four to six black petals and a violet center in the shape of a bell or a horn, all resting on a short often bent stalk with a dark green color to it. They grow in clusters along the banks of rivers in Kilarallis.

Uses and Abilities

If the petals of the flower are plucked, chopped and then boiled in hot water, a black or very dark mixture can be created which can be mixed with other dye ingredients to produce dark and somber colors of black, dark purple, dark blue and dark grey. The water must be at a boiling point and is normally left for around a day for the dark coloration to enter the water properly. People can also use the plant’s dye on their fur or hair to turn it black and the results are known to last several weeks.


  • As one of the few pieces of vegetation in the Silerian Chain, the Black Orchid is thus treasured, and the region's republics do not react well to visits plucking them willy nilly when in the wild.

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