Black Order

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Black Order
Leader [Redacted].
Headquarters [Redacted].
Affiliation Regalia.

There comes a time in every government’s lifespan in which less than proper tactics of resolution must be used in order to further better the wellbeing of its citizens. In Regalia, only wild whispers circulate about the very existence of an intelligence organization such as the Black Order. Trained for intrigue, sabotage, and assassination, these secretive agents respond only to their leaders, the Speakers of Silence, and consequently the Emperor. The Black Order does not officially exist, nor is it acknowledged by anyone. Those that learn of its existence are considered threats, and are removed as hastily as they are informed. Those who hold office within the State, such as the Arch-Chancellor, State Councillors, and Lord Commander of the Violet Order, recognize only an obscure insignia and an expectation not to ask questions. Only rarely will the quote, “Instead of words, speak only with silence,” be heard as a familiar catch phrase between the agents of the Empire.

  • Note: This charter isn't played in-game, currently.

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