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Origins Ithania
Type Gambling
Player Count 2
Objective Hold all of your opponent’s game pieces.
  • 2 twelve sided dice
  • 4 or more game pieces
  • 1 small bag or sheet (optional)

Conceived on the continent of Ithania, Bloodstones is a relatively versatile game. It can be as tame as a newborn or as rowdy as an Orc depending on who is playing it. The game itself is very common due to the availability of its components, and is played by both Commoners and Nobles alike.


Bloodstones originates from the continent of Ithania. The creator of the game was a large Ailor drunkard who wanted to create a gambling game to help his uncomfortable financial situation. Sadly, the man gambled himself into poverty, losing all of his possessions and his wife. The game came to being in October of 246 AC, though the precise date is unknown.


Bloodstones is a rather free game allowing the player to choose how they want to play it. The more common version involves rolling the dice and using the pieces peacefully.Some people play the game with it’s name in mind. If not playing for money, the bet can also consist of physical injury. Both parties agree on what is and isn’t allowed to be done at the start of the game. This can range from a few light punches to even brutalizing or killing the other person should it be taken to the extreme.



Two Twelve Sided Dice

The dice are used to determine the base power level of the player at the beginning of every round.

Four or More Game Pieces

Anything can be used as a game piece. The game pieces can consist of anything as long as their booster levels are clearly stated and understood by both players. Each piece is given a set number; a feather’s level may be +2, for example. Pieces can also have negative effects, such as -3 for a stone. You add or subtract the number of the game piece from the base power level.

A Small Bag or Sheet (optional)

The bag or sheet is used to hide the game piece you have chosen to use in a round.

How to Play

  • Each player chooses a game piece of any value without the opponent’s knowledge, and hides it in a bag, under a sheet, under the table, or behind them.
  • Both players roll their die and show their die to their opponent to confirm the number.
  • Both players then reveal the game piece they chose and add or subtract the power level of the game piece to their base number. For example, if you roll a 6 and choose a +2 item. 6+2=8, which is your total power.
  • The player with the highest number gets the other player’s game piece and can use it later in the game.


The game ends once a player has all of their opponent’s game pieces in hand.

OOC Tips

  • /Roll: The /Roll command can be used to roll the dice and determine the base power level (command: /roll 1 12 or /roll 12).
  • Items: Any item gained in survival can be used as a game piece. This can include lore items.


  • Bloodstones is called Bloodstones because the creator had a very short temper and would often beat his opponents if he lost, or even if he won, just to make his opponent feel worse. This was mistaken as an actual part of the game.
  • Due to the relatively cheap way to gain the equipment to play this game, it is favoured amongst the common and lower classes.

Writers Kiseo
Artists None
Processors Shuikenai, Ryciera
Last Editor HydraLana on 10/1/2017.

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