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Appearance Brown, sometimes flecked with white or black, balls of cooked meat.
Difficulty 2/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Börvar Karlsson av Strålandflod
Class All Classes
  • ¼ cup fresh whitebread crumbs
  • ¼ cup cream
  • 1 pound pork OR 1 pound veal OR 1 minced white fish OR any pairing or mix of the three equaling 1 pound
  • 1 egg
  • 1 diced white onion
  • 1 tsp allspice
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp black pepper
  • ¼ cup butter

Bollar is an easy to make but hard to master dish. As a blend of meat, seasonings, and substance to help the mixture stick together before being rolled into balls, the food is a staple of the Höglander Culture, unique in Drixagh for their mainline Unionist beliefs as well as highly intricate society. Originated alongside the Skagger Horde, the dish was refined into the meal it is today by enterprising chef Börvar Karlsson av Strålandflod, who tweaked it to be highly customizable to the individual making or seeking to eat it. The dish is well-enjoyed by other Cultures and serves as an excellent addition to various meals, upholding Imperial ideals due to the possible combinations between the cuisine of different Cultures.


Bollar came into being shortly after the arrival of the Skagger Velheim into Drixagh, where they proceeded to form the Skagger Horde and actively sought to probe and expand their territory. Tales claim it was Skagger leader Havalslom the Harrier, who raided as far south as the Sarnt, returned with knowledge of forming these balls of meat. Others suggest trade or gradual contact over decades is the likely candidate for the creation of this dish. Regardless, earlier Bollar was universally fish-based, featuring the minced meat packed together with only salt for seasoning. However, after the collapse of the Skagger Horde, and the Tvål Treaty, the formation of the Höglander was at hand. Through their intermarrying with Wirtem men and women and the formation of their sophisticated society, trade routes, and connections with the outside world, this brought them new luxuries as well as new food goods in general. It was the chef Börvar Karlsson av Strålandflod who first perfected the modern Bollar recipe, adding more outside seasonings into his dish, while also opening it up to different kinds of meat instead of only fish. The dish has grown somewhat popular beyond the tables of nobles of Drixagh and the Höglander Culture, being embraced by the New Regalians and Cultures as far south as the Dressolini, though their Bollar is often quite small and exclusively meshed in with pasta, forming Imperial-style dishes somewhat by accident. The dish is likely to continue to grow in popularity over time, though Hadrian’s Mountain Chain sealing off Rikeland from its southern cousins and influences on land may have a negative effect on this.


The first step in making Bollar is to put the crumbled white bread into a large bowl with the cream, and then leave it for several minutes to soak up the liquid. During that time, a white onion should be peeled and diced, and any other desired ingredients should be prepared at this point as well. Once a majority of the cream has been absorbed, the meat (or meats) and seasonings must all be added, and slowly stirred together to form the base mixture. If there are any lumps, one should use their hands instead of a spoon to incorporate all of the ingredients together. Once that has been done, a small portion of the mixture should be removed through the use of a spoon, and then rolled round in one’s hand. In general, the balls should be between one inch and a half inch in diameter, but larger ones should be made for a more substantive meal, for fewer people. The butter should then be taken and added to a large frying pan, placed over medium heat, with a reasonable number of Bollar added and cooked until the outside has browned. The heat should then be turned down for a brief time, between five to ten minutes, before being fully removed. This should then be repeated with the remaining half or portion of Bollar. They are then ready to be served, usually on top of potatoes or a form of pasta, and are most commonly eaten with cream sauce. However, they can also be eaten alone.


  • The dish looks like a brown, roughly rolled ball of meat, sometimes with flecks of white or black in it but often not.
  • Bollar often smells most strongly of the meat used to make it, and if a blend of two or three, whichever one of those happens to be on the outside when being cooked.
  • The balls of meat have a nice seasoning to them, the blend of tastes between the salt, pepper, bread, egg, allspice, and meat producing a fine, warm feeling on one’s tongue. The meal also tastes of the meat or meats used to make it.


  • Some say the Sarnt originally invented the dish now known as Bollar, but Havalslom looted it from them, and only now has it returned to its “proper owners”, the Dressolini.
  • The diversity in Bollar is caused by the diverse palette of the Höglander people, based on where they live in Rikeland.

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