Bracer of Lolanc-Athal

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Bracer of Lolanc-Athal
Name Bracer of Lolanc-Athal
Origin Allorn Empire
Classification Elven Artifact
Found Yes
Location Regalia

The Bracer of Lolanc-Athal is a deceptively simple-looking steel bracer that is meant to be placed upon the bicep of an arm. It is studded with a few raised, symmetrical bumps around its circumference. Forged in the old days of the Allorn Empire by a craft long lost, it miraculously provides the wearer with replacement limbs for those lost. More of the same item are rumored to exist in the Altalar States, though only the Bracer of Lolanc-Athal has ever been directly proven to exist and seen by experts. This artifact is unobtainable and serves for background lore. It may become obtainable when updated.


When the Allorn Empire still stood mighty, its many Archmages worked on a variety of artifacts and magical technology. In the principality of Lolac Pewwedenn, Tor Eren stood as a facility dedicated to the research and experimentation of Living Metal. There, the Altalar General Maramell Vidalia requisitioned a functional replacement for his right arm, which he had lost only a week prior in a bloody battle against Asha forces. Being his sword-arm, the proud General could not be without it, and demanded a solution be found for him so that he’d be just as formidable on the battlefield as he had been prior. The solution came in the form of an unnamed Asha soldier who had been taken as a prisoner of war some months beforehand. Word had it that she possessed a hand of pure Living Metal that moved and felt just like a real one. While her fate is unknown entirely, her disappearance from her labor camp shortly after General Maramell’s requisition indicates enough about it. The hand was studied and changed: with expertise, the Archmages of Tor Eren swiftly reforged and even improved the hand, turning it into a band that could be worn and would automatically create Living Metal replacements for the missing flesh of its wearer. The General was delighted, and went on to fight many a battle more before he was beheaded some years before the Cataclysm. The Bracer of Lolanc-Athal was lost to the Kathar horde, only to be recaptured later by the Lolac family, who deemed it of low value and kept it around in one of their vaults. Eventually, the Artifact was bought by a rich Regalian family, who brought it to Regalia.


The Bracer is deceptively simple in its appearance. To the untrained eye, it is a simple bicep-sized ring of unmarred steel with an even, symmetrical ring of raised bumps running along its circumference. It fits snugly upon the wearer’s arm, and even adjusts itself to that fit. When put onto the arm, it seemingly creates an opening for the arm to slide into, closing after it is neatly worn, seemingly wanting to be worn. The Bracer can mildly change its appearance depending on the wearer's race or appearance, causing some Artifact specialist to have theorized that it is semi-sentient.

Uses and Abilities

Once worn, the Bracer becomes mind-linked to the wearer, and automatically fills out their lost body parts with living metal until up to a maximum 50% of their body is replaced (only lost body parts are replaced). It cannot replace any more missing pieces beyond this limit, and simply chooses whatever it deems the most important if it is forced to replace more than half the body. The replacement parts are entirely flexible and even let their owner feel things with them as if they were entirely flesh but remain cold like steel. In addition to this, they obey the imagination of the wearer, allowing them to visually and functionally adjust the metal pieces. They can add engravings, patterns, change the metal’s color, and even make additions like turning fingers into claws or adding spikes or making the arm into a blade, to a point of twice the mass of the original missing body part. If the wearer is incapacitated, the bracer shuts off and all living metal replacements are dismissed until they awaken once more. It can only be stolen if the wearer is knocked out, as it will be unable to "open" when the wearer is still conscious.

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Artists MonMarty
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