Breizh Tart

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Breizh Tart
Appearance An open-faced apple pie with almonds sprinkled on top with caramelized apples.
Difficulty 4/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Unknown Breizh Ailor chef
Class All Classes
  • ¼ parts shortcrust dough
  • ¼ parts sliced apples
  • ¼ parts sliced almonds
  • ⅛ parts egg custard
  • ⅛ parts sugar

The Breizh Tart has an ancient and mythical history, tying the baked treat’s original creation to the Fae that the Breizh Ailor believe in so deeply. The open-faced pie dish is primarily made with apples, though it has almonds strewn inside, in addition to an egg custard finishing on top. The dish has grown popular in lands beyond isolated Kintyr because of its sweet taste and simple recipe, but also because it is easy to make it in two different sizes: a smaller, more tradition tart size, and a larger, pie-esque size for gatherings.


Breizh Tarts are a very old invention of the sheltered society on Kintyr, dating back at least 500 years, though the exact date is unknown. Exactly who invented the foodstuff is also unknown, but it is often tied into a local myth involving the Fae of the Orchard. The myth goes that there was once only one orchard in all of Kintyr, found near Pommbec. While things were originally fine, its caretaker aged and became lazy, with his sons following suit. Angered by their behaviour, the Fae of the Orchard acted out, causing the trees to throw their fruit upon the ground before it was ready or at anyone who happened to walk along the borders of the orchard. However, the man’s youngest son wasn’t like the rest of his family, and saddened by these events, sought to placate the Fae. In the end, he formed a pie and presented it in honor of the Fae of the Orchard, calming the mystical creature. The other male members of his family were then exiled by the town for causing the calamity, with the young boy raised up by the town as the new orchard owner. The Faellen Orchard still stands today near Pommbec, and there is some cursory evidence to support the basic claims of the myth. Today, the Breizh Tart has become a popular dish across the Regalian Empire, as it is one of the few things exported out of the isolated island region. Whether big or small, the Tart is enjoyed by a variety of people at all levels of society given how easy it is to make, and variable size or quantity. It has become especially popular as fair food in the past decade.


Breizh Tarts begin with the creation or acquisition of shortcrust dough, a variety of dough notable for having cool or downright cold ingredients. The dough should then be molded to fit an appropriate pie plate. Breizh Tarts are most commonly four or so inches across, but larger versions up to a foot wide also exist, sometimes being called Breizh Pies (though only by common folk). Once shaped, the crust should be filled with a layering of cut apples, cut almonds, and the odd sprinkling of sugar until the Tart is nearly full. At that point, the top layer of apples and almonds should be slathered in the creamy egg custard before the dish should be quickly popped in an oven or over a flame. The dish is then ready to be removed and then served once the top has lightly caramelized.


  • The Breizh Tart often appears warm and inviting, with fine colors and tones of brown along the top and side. The dish also has an open face, meaning one can see the apples and almonds resting together.
  • Breizh Tarts smell of baked apples and sweetness, like other, regular apple pies.
  • Breizh Tarts often taste wonderful, with a fine degree of sweetness, in equal parts natural and unnatural due to the presence of natural apple sugars longside the custard and sugar. The dish is also usually easy to eat, and has a small accent of taste caused by the almonds.


  • Breizh Tarts are eaten at festivals largely in their smaller form, as they can easily fit into a hand.
  • Breizh Tarts are often placed at shrines and offering sites to Fae as diverse as wheat to the practice of baking itself. This is because the dish is seen as a unique combination of many different elements, originally made for a Fae itself, and therefore somewhat special, being above most other forms of cooking in the region.

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