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Broederliefde, Sworn Blade of the Heart
Name Broederliefde, Sworn Blade of the Heart
Origin Arch-Chancellor Alexander the Giant
Tier Basic Tier I
Type Weapon

Broederliefde, Sworn Blade of the Heart is the legendary claymore of Arch Chancellor Alexander the Giant, renowned for its use by the Chancellor alongside his best friend and battle-brother Emperor Allestrain I Ivrae de-Sange (also known as God Emperor Allest). Broederliefde was forged by command of Emperor Allestrain, and was then gifted to Allestrain’s best friend Chancellor Alexander, who used it as his main battle-weapon in any battlefield where both he and the Emperor were present, thus sharing in the glory of the Emperor’s victory and weapons. Much like Sangria, Broederliefde was taken from its owner's dead body, however unlike Sangria, it was taken back to Anglia immediately and enshrined in Axenfoort. Eventually Broederliefde disappeared from Anglia, the Monks of the Thousand Blade Cloister prophesying that Broederliefde had more best friends to protect.


Broederliefde’s origins were well recorded as it was forged and created on order of Emperor Allestrain before being given as a gift to the Arch-Chancellor, the two most famous men of the Empire at the time. While the weapon was important to Alexander and used in every battlefield where the Emperor was present, Alexander’s favorite and personal blade was actually a different weapon called Draackenklauw, which is still in possession of the family and passed down to the so called Waardgelder of the family, which happens to be Titular Princess Leah Kade presently.


Broederliefde is a large claymore that has been hammered to rippling many-folded perfection with an appearance meant to imitate Sangria, though with less pristineness. Unlike the more opalescent Sangria, Broederliefde has a more muted sheen that resembles rusty brown, despite its reflective silver-like appearance. The cross guard resembles two dragon wings spread out, while the handle is covered in a rich Tyrian purple velvet that never seems to become dirtier, or fade with time. The whole blade itself in fact seems immune to the ravishes of time.

Special Artifact Rules

Broederliefde as a weapon is a very unique weapon, in that it as an Artifact has a mind of its own, and it appears before people it wants to be owned by. It cannot be stolen, taken, given away, or somehow lost or found. Broederliefde only appears if the current wielder of Sangria is male. If the wielder of Sangria has a male lover or spouse, Broederliefde will appear in the ownership of this spouse or lover. Alternatively, if the wielder of Sangria is single, Broederliefde may appear to a male person who is in (potentially unrequited) love with the wielder of Sangria. Broederliefde will not appear to Bigamist or Polygamous/Polyamourous couples. If the wielder is single and has multiple male persons in love with them, Broederliefde will also not appear.

Artifact Abilities and Specials


Broederliefde is a Tier I Artifact, meaning it is one of the lower power Artifacts in the world.

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description Modifiers
Giant's Leap Instant Power Varied

Grants the user Giant's Leap

Hold thy Love Constant Passive Self

Grants the user Hold thy Love



  • Artifact Durability: Artifacts are immune to Physical or Magical damage, meaning the item can never be destroyed, degraded, aged, de-aged, corroded, corrupted, or damaged and blunted. Greater entities such as deities however can damage Artifacts. Additionally, the user is also immune to any Abilities or Mechanics that would disarm them of their Artifact.
  • Broederliefde's Reputation: Broederliefde is one of the most historically important weapons for House Kade. Anyone who is the wielder of Broederliefde unlocks more favorable responses and potential responses that would not normally be available from House Kade and Kade Loyalists (even the Imperial Princes but not the Emperor) across the Regalian Empire.
  • Broederliefde Shape: Sangria can impart visual changes to the user, either while using its abilities, while just wielding it, or passively. Such aesthetics are including but not limited to: purple lines on the body, purple glowing eyes, a purple halo behind the head, purple glowing hands, purple illuminating aura, echoing voice. For more, inquire with Lore Staff.

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