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Broederliefde, Sworn Blade of the Heart
Name Broederliefde, Sworn Blade of the Heart
Origin Unknown
Classification Ailor Artifact
Found Yes
Location Regalia

Broederliefde, Sworn Blade of the Heart is the legendary claymore of Arch Chancellor Alexander the Giant, renowned for its use by the Chancellor alongside his best friend and battle-brother Emperor Allestrain I Ivrae de-Sange (also known as God Emperor Allest). Broederliefde was forged by command of Emperor Allestrain, and was then gifted to Allestrain’s best friend Chancellor Alexander, who used it as his main battle-weapon in any battlefield where both he and the Emperor were present, thus sharing in the glory of the Emperor’s victory and weapons. Much like Sangria, Broederliefde was taken from its owner's dead body, however unlike Sangria, it was taken back to Anglia immediately and enshrined in Axenfoort. Eventually Broederliefde disappeared from Anglia, the Monks of the Thousand Blade Cloister prophesying that Broederliefde had more best friends to protect.


Broederliefde’s origins were well recorded as it was forged and created on order of Emperor Allestrain before being given as a gift to the Arch-Chancellor, the two most famous men of the Empire at the time. While the weapon was important to Alexander and used in every battlefield where the Emperor was present, Alexander’s favorite and personal blade was actually a different weapon called Draackenklauw, which is still in possession of the family and passed down to the so called Waardgelder of the family, which happens to be Titular Princess Leah Kade presently.


Broederliefde is a large claymore that has been hammered to rippling many-folded perfection with an appearance meant to imitate Sangria, though with less pristineness. Unlike the more opalescent Sangria, Broederliefde has a more muted sheen that resembles rusty brown, despite its reflective silver-like appearance. The cross guard resembles two dragon wings spread out, while the handle is covered in a rich Tyrian purple velvet that never seems to become dirtier, or fade with time. The whole blade itself in fact seems immune to the ravishes of time.

Uses and Abilities

As an Artifact, Broederliefde has several Traits, and several functional Abilities. As these are unique to the Artifact, these will not be represented on the Ability List page, but must still be mentioned when using by including the name of the Ability or Trait.


  • Sturdy: Broederliefde is immune to any physical or Magical damage. The weapon cannot be damaged or degraded in any way, it cannot acquire rust, and it cannot snap or be melted. Should it be inserted into a different dimension, it will immediately reject that dimension and launch back into Aloria, and it can also not be corrupted, cleansed, cursed, or dimension swapped.
  • Ageless: Broederliefde is wielded with transitional Proficiency. This means that the wielder automatically gains the Melee Weapon Point Buy Large Blades Pack for free. This does not increase their Strength, but allows them to use the pack as if they had invested in it.
  • Heartseeking: Broederliefde is a blessed Artifact that seeks its owner, rather than anyone being able to just take and use the sword. Broederliefde cannot be stolen, taken, or removed from its owner in any way shape or form.
  • Sangriaseeking: Broederliefde is an Artefact with a special ownership condition. Sangriaseeking will always come into the possession of the person who is in a (monogamous) romantic relationship with whoever wields the Artifact Sangria, Blessed Blade of the Glory-Seeker (not the Twicegiven back-up owner but the main owner). This romantic relationship should be intimate and enduring, not platonic or a short fling. Should Sangria be taken from its previous owner, then Broederliefde also disappears from its owner in turn, instead coming into the possession of the new owner’s romantic partner. If the new owner of Sangria has no romantic partner, then Broederliefde simply does not appear and goes missing, until its ownership conditions are met.
  • Powerful: Broederliefde grants the wielder +1 Strength that breaks the proficiency Limit (but does not confer a point buy pack). Additionally, it makes the wielder faster, and able to move as fast as an Asha at all times.
  • Reputable: Broederliefde can be used in Progressions to gain more favorable responses among Kade-loyalists and Thousand Blade Cloister Monks in Anglia. There is a drawback however: less honorable or respectable usage of the weapon draws the ire of House Kade.


Giant’s Leap

Target: Sangria’s Wielder
Use Time: N/A
Range: N/A
Duration: N/A
Description: Broederliefde is always able to detect when Sangria is being wielded in battle by its owner, starting to gently humm while not within Emote Distance of Sangria. The wielder may, when the blade starts humming (an indicator of Sangria’s owner being engaged in battle) use it to make a massive leap into the sky, seconds after which they come down and land within Emote Distance of Sangria’s Wielder. This Ability is effectively a Leap towards Sangria’s wielder from a massive distance. The Leap cannot be used to inflict damage, either on others or the wielder. It can be Countered by anti-Leap or anti-Blink Abilities however.
Cooldown: N/A

Hold thy Love

Target: Sangria’s Wielder
Use Time: N/A
Range: N/A
Duration: N/A
Description: Broederliefde, like its wielder, seeks to undo harm onto Sangria and its wielder. At any given time, Broederliefde’s wielder while within Emote distance, can transfer any wound from Sangria’s wielder to themselves. This wound is immediately healed onto Sangria’s wielder, and then magically applied on Broederliefde’s wielder. While usurping wounds and damage from Sangria’s owner, Broederliefde’s owner cannot die or expire from blood loss so long as they do not sustain additional wounds from third party attacks. Additionally, wounds usurped from Sangria’s owner cannot be healed with Abilities or Powers, requiring mundane Medicine or Surgery to be healed.
Cooldown: N/A

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