Brown Desert Dragon

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Brown Desert Dragon
Official Name Brown Desert Dragon
Common Nicknames Serving Drake, Altuni-Al'ard
Classification Dragon
Habitat Farah’deen
Domesticated No.
Current Status Assumed Extinct

The Brown Desert Dragon was a close cousin to the more powerful and dominant Black Desert Dragon. The dragons lived together for centuries, the Browns always subservient to the Blacks and obeying their wants and desires. Their personalities were that of lap-dogs, constantly adoring and considering themselves lesser than their Black-scaled cousins. When the Sariyd Empire was weakened, they eagerly helped their cousins in their attacks on Qadir cities and were the first dragons to stand against the Qadir when the first Dragonkiller was unleashed against the dragonkind of Farah’deen. Similar to their cousin, the dragon was assumed extinct in 121 AC, because in that same year, the Great Storm came and annihilated the Qadir’s vast empire. No Brown Desert Dragon has been seen since.


The Brown Desert Dragon has been intrinsically linked to the Black Desert Dragon ever since the Qadir’s first discovery of the species. They were always in the background, assumed for a number of years to simply be young Black Desert Dragons by the Qadir until the period that these Dragons were forced to deal more peacefully with the Sariyd Empire. For their remaining years in Aloria, they followed their relatives in every matter, forsaking the vows on Qadir cities, banding together against the Dragonkiller and finally, vanishing at the same time as the Black Desert Dragons did. The Brown Desert Dragon is even harder to study today than the Black Desert Dragon because they were so often confused for their older cousin that their history is very limited. What few records remain are similarly lost, written in Ancient Elven, or kept under lock and key by the Songaskian Masaya.

Physical Appearance

The Brown Desert Dragon had almost the exact same body build to its close cousin the Black Desert Dragon. The main differences were in their size, eye color, and obviously, color of their scales. Brown Desert Dragons were always colored a shade of earthy brown with their underbelly consisting of a lighter shade of beige. Additionally, the Brown Desert Dragon was at least twenty feet shorter than their cousins when fully grown with a similarly diminished wingspan. The final difference between the two dragon species was their eyes, as while Black Desert Dragons had yellow slitted eyes, Brown Desert Dragon eyes would be yellow or orange with black sclera.

See: Black Desert Dragon’s Physical Appearance


The Brown Desert Dragon, unlike their cousins, had an equal gender binary. They did not put as much emphasis on gender at all due to their cousins, who viewed them collectively as tools made to serve. It was almost impossible to tell a male and female Brown Desert Dragon apart unless one was personally a dragon or witnessed the female laying eggs.

Life Span and Development

Brown Desert Dragons were born in clutches of two to five eggs. Unlike the Black Desert Dragon, Brown Desert Dragons were raised by their parents around the nest that they were born in and were hatched miniature versions of adults. They grew over a span of ten years, reaching maturity at age 20. They had an incredibly short life span compared to their cousins and could only live a maximum of 60 years.

Mental Overview

The Brown Desert Dragon was a very weak willed dragon who, over centuries of obedience and subservience to Black Desert Dragons, grew to copy many of the mental traits of their more tyrannical masters. They were known for cruelty and aiding Black Desert Dragons in their sacking of cities or relentless hunting of prey. They were more often harsher on tricksters such as the Sun Desert Dragon than their relatives because of a lack of refined intellect, making them easily susceptible to their more primal desires of death and destruction. Unlike their cousins, they also lacked patience and, if wronged, would relentlessly pursue their target through any danger to get their revenge. This could prove tricky if they crossed deals backed by Black Desert Dragons with regional cities or towns which held any wrongdoers.

Additionally, they fit a role as predefined by the caste or crude feudalism of Black Desert Dragons. They were ever the servants and caregivers to the young and were often treated like hounds when Black Desert Dragons went on a hunt. Their hunting habits were similar to that of the Black Desert Dragon as were their sleeping habits.

Territory and Groupings

Brown Desert Dragons were servants and almost property of the nests they were born into, made to serve the Black Desert Dragons. They kept mostly in family units, with several families all serving a single Black Desert Dragon in the smaller nests. They rarely went anywhere near the borders of the next’s territory, except if pursuing a quarry.


  • Brown Desert Dragons infamously hated Sun Desert Dragons due to their naturally tricky nature and treacherous attitudes. This hatred was often lethal as if a Brown Desert Dragon was crossed by a Sun Desert Dragon, they usually fled to populated cities where their enemy was killed upon attacking.
  • Brown Desert Dragons were forbidden from engaging in romantic acts with Black Desert Dragons but often times “trysts” from Black Desert Dragons down to Brown Desert Dragons occurred for nothing more than a release.
  • An old Sariyd legend said that once, an unwise Sun Desert Dragon angered a Black Desert Dragon Great Mother resulting in her sending her entire nest of Brown Desert Dragons after him. He was said to have travelled the world seeking true sanctuary and his tales were told in a series of small comedic stories or plays.

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