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Official Name Bugutza
Common Nicknames Grub Worm, Fatgrub
Classification Arthropod
Habitat Hadaria
Domesticated No
Current Status Common

The Bugutza is a creature very few Regalians would like to consider exists on Aloria, namely because of how disgusting it is. A large grub creature the size of a man’s arm, the insect has been a source of food for the Naylar inhabitants of Hadaria for years, making it an integral part of their cuisine. Surprisingly, despite the Chrysant War, this bug is still prosperous and is also known to be easy to find after a rainfall.


The Bugutza has had a long, continuous history in Aloria. It was first encountered by the Slizzar millenia ago and became a notable part of their diet along with other insects and aquatic animals. When the Elven Empire reached Hadaria, they regarded the creature as a disgusting insect at the bottom of the food chain. After the Elven Empire left, the Allar were the next to come and like the Slizzar, took to eating the creature as part of their diets. Even after the later Chrysant War, the worm remained plentiful as it did not commonly feed on trees, allowing it to remain alive even affect the devastation wrought on Hadaria. The animal is still plentiful in the tropical terrain of the region, existing near the banks of many freshwater sources despite the Ailor distaste for the species.

Physical Appearance

The Bugutza’s appearance is consistent with all members of the species. Their body ranges between two and a half to three feet in length with a fat diameter which can sometimes reach up to a foot at the largest point. Their heads are small, generally in a shade of brown with two feelers above that and a pair of small black pincers to break down food. They have two pairs of black insectoid legs emerging from the lower sides of their body close to the head. They have a beige or whitish hue to the flesh of their bodies and a weak banding exists along the creature from end to end. They move simply, crawling forward and slightly contracting their bodies as well. This means that they do not move quickly.


The Bugutza is native to Hadaria and appear the same across the region. They possess an asexual gender identity, with no physical features showing any gender.

Life Span and Development

The Bugutza are laid in clutches of several dozen eggs together underground. These fingernail-sized white eggs open soon after, the worms larvae eating the eggs before moving on to continue feeding on their surrounding environment and sometimes up to the surface. By three months, they are the size of common earthworms and will begin to emerge frequently on the surface when it rains. They fully mature at the age of six months when their sexual organs come in, thus allowing them to reproduce. They reproduce asexually, without the need for other Bugutza to be involved. When they have a reproductive cycle, they dig nearly a dozen feet underground to lay their eggs before returning to a few feet deep living level. They normally live for three years though their natural lifespan is six.

Mental Overview

The Bugutza is a relatively unintelligent creature, operating on basic instincts for its entire life. They do not care for other members of their species, even if their small eyes granted them proper vision of them, leaving their eggs to defend themselves and freely wriggling over and around other members of their species underground or on the surface. They are not docile however, and can react negatively to squeezing and grabbing by larger species, which involves wriggling of their body and their pincher mouth biting at anything nearby. They are not carnivorous despite the strength of this biting mouth, instead living as many worms do, as a scavenger. They also eat plant matter, especially on the surface after or while it rains.

Territory and Groupings

Bugutza are solitary creatures, uncaring if other Bugutza are in the same area of dirt as them. These areas often have holes where evidence of the creature burrowing down into the dirt can be found, though the relatively large size of these holes can easily be confused as belonging to other underground creatures.


  • The eggs of the Bugutza are another delicacy in Slizzar and Allar culture yet are difficult to find, due to being laid deeper in the earth than the normal level Bugutza live at.
  • Some Bugutza larvae climb trees to get at the leaves high up and grow in the trees, yet once they reach a certain size, they cannot sustain the position and fall.
  • Bugutza is a corruption of the Zasta words meaning "fat" and "grub", a curious case of an accidental alignment from a foreign language to an Ailor word.

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