Calemberger Beagle

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Calemberger Beagle
Official Name Calemberger Beagle
Common Nicknames Beagle, Scent Hound
Classification Mammal
Habitat Regalian Archipelago
Domesticated Yes
Current Status Common

The Calemberger Beagle is a relatively small hounddog, made notorious across Aloria for its proficiency in detecting and killing simple game in large amounts. They were bred initially as companion pets, but over time, as the best hunting hounds reproduced more, they developed an outstanding sense of smell. Often raised and released by owners in packs, they will sniff out: hares, squirrels, and on occasion, foxes, and then proceed to take the animal down, bringing the carcass back in one piece for their master. Since being specifically reared to hunt since their initial discovery, they have even been used for entertainment by the rich who have competitions on whose group acquires the most prey.


In the past, any dog discovered with a white fur coat; brown and black colourings; or a skinny, tall tail; were known as Beagles. This means that the name ‘Beagle’ has been around since early 100 AC, but it was only by around a hundred years later that the residents of Calemberg really began to define the breed into what it is today. By favoring the dogs that retrieved the most game, and disposing of the less useful ones, breeders refined the hound’s sense of smell, only allowing the best of the best to procreate. This evolved the species over a long time and the dogs were (and still are today) seen primarily as hunters - sought after for their particularly practical schnozes.

After being perfected in the capital of Calemberg, the dogs were traded and sold across the Regalian Empire for a fair price to help both the poor and the rich when hunting. Now, Calemberger Beagles can be found almost anywhere, and are common pets kept by all sorts of people. Their food gathering soon evolved into a sport, so those who had the money to waste their quarry would be found competing to catch as many animals as possible. Aristocrats would gather a pack of the dogs and let them all out at once, only to have them return at a certain time to count up what they’ve fetched. Certain dogs would be trained and pushed to their limits so they’ll be at the top of their game and win special tournaments with ease.

Physical Appearance

All Calemberger Beagles are born already possessing the pattern and colourings that they’ll die with. They will always have a white base colour- although this fur will begin to grey as they become significantly older. The typical dog has either two or three different colours splotches on top of the white base coat, however having less colours is a much rarer feat. The most common Beagle colour combination is a white base with brown and black patches covering their backs and brown stretching over each eye on their face, leaving them with a white muzzle. It’s nearly unheard of to find one with a completely white face. Other colours they may have include: tan, red, chocolate, and less frequently, lemon. In winter, their fur will grow longer, by almost an inch, but they soon shed this again when summer comes around.

The Calemberger Beagle are classed as small dogs, as they never grow to more than a foot and a half (and never less than a foot) tall and weigh between 18 lbs and 35 lbs. They have long floppy ears that are triangular in shape, and curled tails that stand up straight when being used for communicating. They have sizeable noses in proportion to their face, which aids them to gather smells better, and are usually skinny, which helps them to run quickly, due to being streamlined and the ability to freely and easily maneuver their body.


The only difference between a male and female Calemberger Beagle is their size. Females tend to be smaller than males, in both height and weight, as their height range is only 13 inches to 15 inches, whereas males have a range of 14 inches to 16 inches. The weights, whilst usually proportionate to height, will differ if the owner has been taking proper care of their pet.

Life Span and Development

The Calemberger Beagle is born in a litter of two to three pups, and the lifespan of these dogs is between 12 and 15 years, as is the case with most dogs of their size. Immediately after birth, the puppies are blind for approximately 2 weeks, and do not open their eyes until after this time. At first their eyesight is poor, but eventually will develop to match the adults. After nearly a year, they’ll have grown to their full height, and will shed their softer puppy fur, having it replaced by their adult coat of a more coarse texture. At this point, their personalities will also be determined, having reached social maturity.

Mental Overview

If one of the Beagles were let out into the wild, they’d likely die from disease. Beagles rely largely on their owners to keep them safe, and whilst they’d do fine for food, they have no instincts on how to survive the wilderness, and would suffer because of this. All Beagles are domesticated and live with humans. It’s incredibly rare to find one that’s hostile towards humans. They’re very loyal creatures, and most of them are extremely playful, making them good with kids. They have quite mild temperaments, but, at the same time, they’re considered to be clever too. However, they get bored easily, which is why it’s better to keep them moving and doing something. They also respond well to positive reinforcement with food. Finally, the only time you’ll see them being aggressive is when they notice small creatures such as hares or wild fowl, and of course, whilst killing their prey, in which case they’re taught to attack the neck, so they don’t ruin the whole prize but do succeed in killing it.

Territory and Groupings

Calemberger Beagles are territorial, but only to households. Whether it’s their garden or their food bowl, they’ll wrestle and shout at other critters to get them to stay away from their property. This also applies to people, and Beagles will be very defensive over their owner, wanting to be the apple of their owner’s eye. As mentioned, these dogs are only found in captivity, and do not go anywhere away from human company.


  • An illness unique to this breed is known as “Funny Puppy”. It causes weak legs, slow development, a crooked back, and an inclination to illnesses.
  • The act of hunting hares with a Calemberger Beagle can also be known as ‘Beagling’.

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