Calemberger Dachsl

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Calemberger Dachsl
Official Name Calemberger Dachsl
Classification Mammal
Habitat Calemberg
Domesticated Yes
Current Status Rare

Throughout the vast amounts of canines that find their ways in Aloria, the Calemberger Dachsl is a rather unique one, for its small size, though this never discourages it from being a famous enemy of small prey. Despite its humble size, the Dachsl holds a rather brave and feisty temperament, rarely being frightened away by bigger beasts. The Dachsl is around the size of an average Ailor infant, and weighs only a little more. The Calemberger Dachsl is a famous hunting dog, used mostly for rabbit hole hunting and it can be proudly said that the canine excels in this skill.


The Calemberger Dachsl has murky origins, largely due to the Calemberg breeding landscape. Breeders claim the dog species is as old as the Wirtemcaller Kingdom and was used by their nobility, but scholars pinpoint the real origins of the short mammal in the mid 100s AC. Selective breeding in dogs is thought to have produced the two varieties of Dachsl now seen today. One possesses elongated bodies and slightly longer legs (only by about an inch) to be used in hunting, while the other is closer to the ground with shorter legs and smaller bodies, serving as a pet for blue-blooded women. In recent times, the Calemberger Dachsl’s popularity has expanded to other regions of the Regalian Empire and in particular, many Ithanian women have taken to adopting this breed of dog into their homes.

Physical Appearance

The Calemberger Dachsl has a notably strange appearance- it being one of the main factors for it being such a widely-owned animal. The canine, unlike others of its type, has very short legs that- at the most- hold it about half a foot to eight inches off the ground. Their front paws are generally larger than the back paws, though not by much, as well as the back legs being a small amount more arched than those of more typical dogs. The coat of a Calemberger Dachsl is generally short and neutral colored, consisting mostly of browns and black though red, tan, and white colored Dachsl,though rare, do exist. There are even a few of these canines that have longer fur, though they are generally the type that are kept as household pets and not used as hunting dogs.


Though the male and female Dachsl are very similar, there are a few differences between the two genders. Generally, male Dachsl tend to have a lusher coat than those of females, no matter the type of coat they have. Also, as most mammals, the female Dachsl is smaller in size and height compared to the male Dachsl, though not by much, sometimes making it difficult to tell the genders apart.

Lifespan and Development

The Calemberger Dachsl are usually born in mid-to-large litters of about 4-8. Generally, these tiny dogs tend to live around 12-13 years, though it is not impossible for them to live much longer, with some reports saying that they have even lived to the age of 15, rivaling the average age of many domesticated cats. Like most dogs, they tend to stay blind for the first two weeks following their birth, after which they begin to get around. By the age of one year, sometimes even earlier, the Dachsl is about fully grown.

Mental Overview

Mentally, the Calemberger Dachsl is usually a very feisty and generally very protective over their owners and their owner’s immediate family. Oftentimes, the canine is also very stubborn, refusing to go places if it does not wish to. Physically moving the dog can often result in the animal lashing out. In addition, they are rabbit hole-hunters, and so if they are to see a small animal (such as a rabbit, squirrel, or even foxes) they are known to bolt off and give chase to the animal, occasional killing them even when they were not sent out to. The Calemberger dog is also known for burrowing or digging up yards despite their tiny legs, making them a nuisance to anyone that wishes to have a nice yard or garden.

Territory and Groupings

For being such a small animal, the Calemberger Dachsl is extremely territorial- especially if it is a male Dachsl against another male canine. The dogs are often referred to as sufferers of “Small Dog Syndrome”, which proves to be true, with their aggressive nature towards larger animals and dogs. These animals can also be very territorial when it comes to people, staying close to their favorite person or owner as a protector, as well as growling or nipping at strangers or even family members of their owners. While the Dachsl is overall a classically ‘good’ dog, it is always a possibility that they will snap out at those they don’t know due to their overprotective nature.


  • Due to being so rare, longer-haired Dachsl often sell for a lot of money; the most expensive sold for around 4,000 regals.
  • There have only been about ten cases of a grey Dachsl, making the color the most rare of coat colors, though it has been agreed to be also the ugliest.

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