Calemberger Dobs

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Calemberger Dobs
Official Name Calemberger Dobs
Common Nicknames Marshal Hound, Prestige Pooch
Classification Mammal
Habitat Regalian Archipelago
Domesticated Yes
Current Status Common

The Calemberger Dobs is a medium to large sized dog that is the third generation from the Calemberger Ardhund, being bred out from the Calemberger Hausweiler to be a more proper breed for the military elite. With the formal integration of the New Regalian Ailor into the Regalian Empire the need for guard dogs became less a necessity and more a cultural nod, and with that a new dog was needed to fill this mascot role, the Calemberger Dobs. In the modern-day there is seldom a prominent New Regalian household or top-ranking general that lacks one of these stoic and proud breeds.


The Calemberger Dobs came to be by the hand of House von Treppewitz in western Calemberg, which later came to be a part of the Waldmark Realm. The noble house held a long-standing relationship with the Regalian Empire, with many members holding high positions in the military. It was from this influence that the house was able to hold some sway on the New Regalians within the military. Looking at the Calemberger Hausweiler, they determined that what was needed was a more refined dog, dignified and stoic and not physically massive as it made an odd look sitting next to it’s more trim general masters. The Calemberger Dobs was eventually created, being slimmer and more graceful, more akin to the Calemberger Ardhund, but with even more elegance. The breed became popular instantly as the House von Treppewitz used its influence to promote the breed across their inner circle which later bled out to other New Regalian families and other such military households. While being more in line with the Ithanian show dogs in form, the Dobs still held onto its generational purpose of defending generals from harm. The sleek and elegant dog proved so successful that it became widely utilized in the Calderliga Federation, keeping safe the merchants as they walked along the various harbors around the Crown Isle. In modern times, with the influence of House von Treppewitz being largely removed, the Calemberger Dobs still remains highly popular, with some modern scholars seeing it becoming the mascot of the Waldmark, but only time will tell if this rings true.

Physical Appearance

The Calemberger Dobs is a medium to large sized breed that takes much of its proportions from its ancestor, the Calemberger Hausweiler, while having some commonality in proportion to the Calemberger Ardhund. The Calemberger Dobs is twenty-five to twenty-eight inches in height with the same measurements in length. The weight of the breed is between seventy-seven and one-hundred and thirty-two pounds, being proportionate to the height with the taller dogs being heavier. What is immediately apparent of the proportions of the Calemberger Dobs is that it no longer possesses a Gargantuan variety that was highly successful with the Calemberger Ardhund’s of the Wirtemcallers. This trait was bred out early on as it became accepted that having a uniform size of a breed was necessary for military cohesion and order as well as the notion that breeding a massive, violent dog was no different than the Skaggers they vilified as such, despite it not being accurate. The key difference between the Calemberger Dobs and the breeds that came before it is that it is much more slender, having more in common with Ithanian breeds than these stockier Calemberger breeds. The head of the Calemberger Dobs is similar to the Calemberger Hausweiler, being round, though the difference comes where the once thick muzzle tapers in towards a rounded point and the ears are short and flop over the sides of the head. A unique breeding decision is a process of cropping the ears to make them stand up at an angled point. This feature is not one that is bred in but must be done when the pup of the Calemberger Dobs begins to show more solid form in its ear at which point they are cropped to continue developing.

The legs of the dog are proportionate to the body, medium in length. The tail appears in the expected area, though it is slender and thin, more akin to a rat than a dog, that curls up slightly along its medium sized length, much like the Calemberger Ardhund. Another selective process, much like the cropping of the ears, is the removal of the tail either completely or to a small balled point. This process is done much earlier in the breed's development as it is considered much more humane to remove the tail during the puppy years to prevent the dog growing aggressive as it matures to adulthood. Universally the coat of the Calemberger Hausweiler is brown and black, with much of the body being black in color while the bottoms of the legs, the muzzle, and the chest all bear the brown coloration. This universal coat color comes back to the New Regalian notion of having a uniform breed for being used in the military. There is a mutation present in some of the Calemberger Dobs where the black areas of the coat can go to pale brown tones. While it would be expected to be cause for concern as the uniform coat is broken, this isn’t the case as the New Regalians, unlike the Ithanians, go by the philosophy that dogs will be dogs and can never match man's artificial expectations. This coat is short and coarse in texture, covering the entirety of the breed uniformly.


The diversity with the Calemberger Dobs is standard for most mammals, with the males of the breed being larger than the female with a higher amount of weight attributed to the bulk muscle both genders share.

Life Span and Development

The Calemberger Dobs is born in a litter of two to three pups. Immediately after birth, the puppies are blind for approximately two weeks and do not open their eyes until after this time. At first, their eyesight is poor but eventually will develop to match the adults. After nearly a year, they’ll have grown to their full height and will shed their softer puppy fur, having it replaced by their adult coat of a more thick texture. At this point, their personalities will also be determined, having reached social maturity. Universally the dogs show a playful personality and can begin training within the first six months. The lifespan of these dogs is between eight and ten years.

Mental Overview

The Calemberger Dobs is a highly intelligent breed, being able to begin training for their chosen fields of life within six months. The training process to create a guard dog is relatively straight forward, as the breed has a natural hunting instinct inherited from the Calemberger Ardhund, the only necessity is training the animal to identify its target. Despite this aggressive training the dog is anything but, often friendly and playful much of the time, only showing aggression when it calls for the defense or attack commands of their master. In fact, the dog is considered so gentle that it is often left to play with young children.

Territory and Groupings

The Calemberger Dobs is a fully domesticated breed, living primarily with the New Regalians, though it is often found in a number of cities that have a high military focus. The dog is highly territorial but able to be trained to ignore most disturbances and only reacting to the most active threats to its home. Most older Calemberger Dobs are retired from service by the generals that they serve, and are instead brought back to their respective manors and estates to live their remaining years in relative peace, oftentimes entertaining the children and grandchildren of these senior military officials.


  • The Calmeberger Dobs is often considered the court dog of the New Regalians, which actually isn’t debated as these breeds are a pride of their military, being a showing of New Regalian order and structure.
  • Many who attend the School of Drixon actually own a Calemberger Dobs as the dog makes a long-standing relationship with their horse, keeping each other occupied and happy while the actual soldier attends to his daily business.
  • Unlike the timid nature towards Aberrants the Calemberger Hausweiler possesses, the Calemberger Dobs is trained to handle any sort of adversary, accounts even suggest that the dogs have been seen barking at Arken when they have appeared in the Crown Isle.

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