Calemberger Hausweiler

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Calemberger Hausweiler
Official Name Calemberger Hausweiler
Common Nicknames Packing Hound, Guard’s Dog
Classification Mammal
Habitat Regalian Archipelago
Domesticated Yes
Current Status Common

The Calemberger Hausweiler is medium to large-sized dog and a direct ancestor of the Calemberger Ardhund, being bred to fulfill the New Regalian agenda of pushing back the Skagger Horde. Being a capable hunter as well as a guard dog, the Hausweiler became quickly adopted by the New Regalians who took up roles in the military of the Regalian Empire. Over time this military role was given to the Calemberger Dobs, but even still, the Calemberger Hausweiler remains popular as a companion for various guard groups.


The Calemberger Hausweiler saw breeding immediately as the New Regalian’s formed themselves, being a largely Regalian adaptation of the former Calemberger Ardhund. It was the Hausweiler which saw the New Regalians lead their campaign north backed by forces of the Regalian Empire to force the Skagger Horde into modern-day Drixagh. The Calemberger Hausweiler took on more standard dog traits and a cleaner shape to appear less aggressive and fashioned more as what is considered a proper dog rather than an animal tool as the Calemberger Ardhund was largely viewed as. The snub-nose and slender hips were bred out as a more meaty appearance was given to this powerful modern war dog, being designed for front line warfare as it could chase and subdue retreating enemy commanders. In the aftermath of the New Regalian campaign, the Calemberger Hausweiler became reequipped for civilian life in the number of cities and towns as a proper guard dog for their needs. While still utilized for the military, that role was shortly taken up by the Calemberger Dobs, leaving the Hausweiler to be viewed as the quintessential guard dog being found in a variety of city militias across Greater Calemberg and the modern-day Waldmark Realm. In the modern-day, the Calemberger Hausweiler remains popular among various guards across the Regalian Archipelago, from city militias to roaming the corridors of noble manors and castles.

Physical Appearance

The Calemberger Hausweiler is a medium to large sized breed that takes much of its proportions from its ancestor, the Calemberger Ardhund. The Hausweiler is twenty-two to twenty-seven inches in height with the same measurements in length. The weight of the breed is between seventy-seven and one-hundred and thirty-two pounds, being proportionate to the height with the taller dogs being heavier. What is immediately apparent of the proportions of the Calemberger Hausweiler is that it no longer possesses a Gargantuan variety that was highly successful with the Calemberger Ardhunds of the Wirtemcallers. This trait was bred out early on as it became accepted that having a uniform size of a breed was necessary for military cohesion and order as well as the notion that breeding a massive, violent dog was no different than the Skaggers they vilified as such, despite it not being accurate. The head of the Calemberger Hausweiler is the same as the Calemberger Ardhund, being round, though the difference comes where the once flattened muzzle instead juts out from the skull, roughly the same length as the main head itself. This muzzle is thick and possesses powerful jaws, giving the animal greater reach when chasing after fleeing prey. When breeding the Hausweiler, the New Regalians desired a breed capable of capturing fleeing opponents and using its larger body as a stopping force to rip them down to the ground. This differs greatly from the Calemberger Ardhund before that used its slender size and short muzzle to move around attacking prey before taking them down. This shift has led to the Calemberger Hausweiler to be the predator versus the protector.

The legs of the dog are proportionate to the body, medium in length with the tail coming out from the rear and being slightly shorter than the Calemberger Ardhund’s, but still relatively medium in length. Universally the coat of the Calemberger Hausweiler is brown and black, with much of the body being black in color while the bottoms of the legs, the muzzle, and the chest all bear the brown coloration. This universal coat color comes back to the New Regalian notion of having a uniform breed for being used in the military. This coat is short and coarse in texture, covering the entirety of the breed uniformly.


The diversity with the Calemberger Hausweiler is standard for most mammals with the males of the breed being larger than the female with a higher amount of weight attributed to the bulk muscle both genders share.

Life Span and Development

The Calemberger Hausweiler is born in a litter of two to three pups. Immediately after birth, the puppies are blind for approximately two weeks and do not open their eyes until after this time. At first, their eyesight is poor but eventually will develop to match the adults. After nearly a year, they’ll have grown to their full height and will shed their softer puppy fur, having it replaced by their adult coat of a more thick texture. At this point, their personalities will also be determined, having reached social maturity. Universally the dogs show a playful personality and can begin training within the first six months. The lifespan of these dogs is between eight and ten years.

Mental Overview

The Calemberger Hausweiler is a highly intelligent breed, being able to begin training for their chosen fields of life within six months. The training process to create a guard dog is relatively straight forward, as the breed has a natural hunting instinct inherited from the Calemberger Ardhund, the only necessity is training the animal to identify its target. Despite this aggressive training the dog is anything but, often friendly and playful much of the time, only showing aggression when it calls for the defense or attack commands of their master. In fact, the dog is considered so gentle that it is often left to play with young children along the forest edge. One thing of note is that the dog is so smart it is able to carry equipment over a battlefield, the large, muscular body allowing this to be easily done by the animal. It isn’t uncommon to see Calemberger Hausweilers carrying containers of gunpowder and other military hardware at warzones, in fact, the Collegio del soffio infuocato di polvere da sparo in Lampeport, Vultaro has a small team of Hausweilers that move powder and other equipment around the mountainous artillery school.

Territory and Groupings

The Calemberger Hausweiler is a fully domesticated breed, living primarily with the New Regalians, though it is often found in a number of cities that have a high military focus. The dog is highly territorial but able to be trained to ignore most disturbances and only react to the most active threats to its home. Most older Calemberger Hausweilers are taken in by the captains of city guards to live the rest of their lives away from the bustle of service, being loved and cared for by the children of these veteran soldiers.


  • The Calemberger Hausweiler is actually highly popular with the Eronidas, some Polons even going so far as to utilize them in their security and guard forces.
  • It has been attempted several times to integrate Calemberger Hausweilers in the guard charters on the Regalian Crown Isle, but the frequency of otherworldly elements and a high population of Aberrants is enough to terrify the normally stoic breed.
  • Ironically enough, despite being a military breed, the Calemberger Hausweiler is used by scholars at archeological sites to carry tools and other equipment as well as protecting them from local ambushes.

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