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Appearance A sandwich filled with meat, vegetables, and cheese
Difficulty 2/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Watson’s Cafe in the City of Regalia
Class All Classes
  • 1 part beef
  • 1 part tomato
  • 1 part lettuce
  • 1 part part onion
  • Four slices of Burdigalic cheese
  • 2 slices of fresh bread

A relatively new food to Aloria, the Calemburger is a sandwich which has gained notoriety rather quickly across the Regalian Archipelago. Created in celebration of the tenure of Chancellor Ulric Typhonus, the simple food combined relatively basic foods into a quick meal favored by all classes. Having its origins in a small cafe in the City of Regalia, the food quickly spread through supporters of the Chancellor, becoming an instant classic in Greater Calemberg, and soon other lordships nearby. Although Lord Ulric is no longer the Chancellor of the Regalian Empire, the Calemburger is still going strong, enjoyed by all classes of society as an appetizing lunchtime meal.


The Calemburger finds its origins in the City of Regalia, and surprisingly enough was inspired by the politics of the nobility. In late 302 AC, the Lord of Calemberg Ulric Typhonus was elected the Chancellor of the Realm. In his off time, the Calemberg Nobleman often frequented the Watson’s Cafe, a small shop in the Holy City that was a popular destination for politicians in their off time. In recognition for the Tyhonus Chancellor, the New Regalian owner of the Cafe desired to create a new food in celebration of this historic event. Picking from several common ingredients, he and his staff worked tirelessly for several days, until they presented the creation to the public. Dubbing it the “Calemburger” in recognition of the Typhonus capital, the City of Calemberg, the sandwich became an immediate favorite with the Regalian citizens, and soon enough the food spread to the New Regalian regions where it was adopted as a cultural staple of their people’s most recent achievement in Imperial politics. Even after Chancellor Ulric resigned his position the following year, the Calemburger continued to be enjoyed in the Regalian Archipelago, with the common man favoring the simple meal as a quick way to eat all of the food groups before returning to work.


Calemburgers are easy to make, and start with the creation and cooking of a beef patty. The patty is made in the shape of a flat disk. Once it has been cooked on both sides in a pan, it can then be left for a time. After the patty is cooked, the Calemburger can begin to be assembled, with the base being a slice of bread. The lettuce goes next, followed by the patty with Burdigalic Cheese on top, with a tomato slice and sliced bits of onion on top of that. Finally, a second slice of cut bread is put on top, completing the sandwich. The dish is often served alongside some form of alcoholic beverage.


  • The Calemburger appears to be several foods crammed together between two slices of bread, though more professional cooks take the time to ensure that each part is balanced on top of the others. The Perfect Calemburger has the patty fully covered by a melted Burgdigalic Cheese slice, which itself is covered in a blanket of lettuce. Resting on top is a perfectly circular tomato slice, with bits of onion sprinkled on top.
  • Calemburgers tend to have the smell of a fresh stew, the smell of cooked meat combining with the cheese and onions to produce a savory sensation to one’s nose.
  • The first thing one tastes is the meat, which is followed closely by a drip of Burdigalic Cheese to combine saltiness with a hint of dairy. The lettuce allows for a brief separation before the tomato delivers a bit of sweetness, finishing with a bit of spice from the onions.


  • Despite the sandwich being made in celebration of a New Regalian, the Calemburger still has a small following with the commoner class of Ithanians and Burdigalans, owing largely to the Burdigalic Cheese in the recipes.
  • Attempting to capitalize on the Watson Cafe, other New Regalian chefs attempted to create their own “Burgers” based on their own geographical regions. However, the propaganda of Typhonus supporters has seen the name Calemburger cemented as the term for all of these types of sandwiches.
  • Natives to Calemberg and supporters of House Typhonus will adamantly claim that the sandwich is supposed to be called a Calemberger with an “e” instead of a Calemburger with a “u.” While in truth they are right, the quick spread of the food ultimately forced the incorrect spelling to become the popular one.

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