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Callandor, Crucible of the Empress
Name Callandor, Crucible of the Empress
Origin Allorn Empire
Classification Elven Artifact
Found Yes
Location Regalia

Callandor, Crucible of the Empress is a staff made of silver inlaid with swirls of gold, set with a mysterious crystal. Callandor was supposedly forged by Estel herself for the Empresses of the Allorn Empire to protect their children, stewarded by the royal line of the Allorn Empire until its destruction and the disappearance of the Imperial line. The staff has since passed from Mage to Mage, found in the most unexpected of places to the most unknowing of Mages through some divine intervention that remains forever unseen.


Callandor was supposedly made by Estel herself, though the exact year of its creation is unknown. What is generally assumed by Elven scholars however, is that the staff is at least 1000 years old, possibly even older than that, though appears as if brand new. The staff passed from Empress to Empress, granting them abilities used to defend the crown lineage and act as stalwart protectors of the princes and princesses. Towards the end of the Allorn Empire, the staff disappeared a couple of times before finally disappearing for good when the Allorn Empire was destroyed and the Empress died. Since then, nearly 300 years have passed, and numerous Mages have had their hands on the staff, though never for long. The staff often randomly appeared in sight in the most strangest of places, and entirely unexpected, to those who weren’t even looking. One Mage was cited as having found the staff just laying in their bathtub when they came home from shopping, it staying with them until their death, only to disappear when they were murdered by Kathar assassins. It is assumed that some divine force moves the staff around to whomever they think it would serve best at that time, after which the staff stays with them until they perish, inadvertently also making them a target to the Dread Empire.


Calandor appears like a simple staff at its base, a perfectly round silver pole with golden swirls twirling up the base as if vines on a wall. Towards the top, the silver gives way for gems that fluctuate colors as they sway up to the crown piece, shaped like shards resembling a fire encircling the crystal set in the crown. The crystal in that crown shines a pure white light, almost so bright that the actual crystalline material cannot be distinguished, yet the light not casting beyond the colored gems. In its appearance, Calandor remains simple yet elegant, and stands usually just as tall as its wielder.

Uses and Abilities

Calandor is a Magical Artifact that exists in between worlds while it is not actively used, being summoned and dispelled by the owner of the item at will. As such, the Artifact cannot be stolen, the owner can simply dispel it when it is in the hands of another person, and re-summon it in their own hand. The primary use of the staff is a homing attack of golden mana wyrms that “zap” to the target with great speed and then impact them with the force of a heavy punch, ignoring any form of armor but respecting racial resilience. The staff is wielded from a distance, swung around as if hitting a foe with the crystal crown, yet as the swing finishes, a golden glowing mana wyrm swims out of the crown, before rapidly flying towards its intended target, which it does so at an arch usually. These mana wyrms can be “fired” every 2 seconds, and count as direct cast spells, meaning they can be countered by Mages. Mana wyrms can miss their intended target, but only if they are already running parallel to the Mage, otherwise the homing nature of them succeeds a hit randomly on the body given that they cannot be precisely aimed at anything, only people in general.

Calandor’s second use is an enchant on a specific minion or servant or ally into what is called a Petralyth-Wyrm. A Petralyth-Wyrm is created by the wielder of the staff thrusting the tip of the staff into the chest of a person, after which they rapidly mutate into the Petralyth-Wyrm and remain so for up to an hour, while the Staff loses its normal functionality. A Petralyth-Wyrm is gravity-defying Wyrm with the head of a Dragon and the body of a snake, roughly 12 feet in length with the head about the size of a lion’s head. Their body is physical, but shines with silver lines around their scales, eyes and mouth. They are capable of worming through the air (but not solid objects) defying gravity, though not leaving the ground more than 3 blocks up. They can wrap around targets and constrict them like a strangling snake would, and use their head to bite at enemies. While in Petralyth-Wyrm form, the person targeted becomes mind-controlled by the Mage, unable to exercise free will, while also losing the ability to speak. The Mage can however cancel the effect immediately, though in any and all cases, cancellation or the one hour time expiring takes a full day of recharging for the Staff to be used again.

Should the last owner ever die, the staff passes to a new owner far away who will know how to use it magically immediately.

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