Captain Will Devyn

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Captain Will Devyn
Notable Person
Full Name Will Devyn.
Race Ailor
Date of Birth June 3rd, 263 A.C.
Date of Death N/A.
Real or Mythical Real.
Claim to Fame Discovered Evokai and the Kleinfolk.

Will Devyn is a captain serving under the Regalian banner, praised for his service in Hadar during the fall of the Essa Empire in the Chrysant War, but more famous for his discovery of Evokai, and the Kleinfolk races which live upon the island.

Origins and Early Life

Will Devyn was born on the 3rd of June, 243 A.C., to James and Matilde Devyn. His father James Devyn, formerly a member of the Violet Order, ascended into the aristocracy through marriage to Matilde Huben, the daughter of a banker in the Regalian Empire. Because of this, the Devyn household had a moderate wealth, and so young Will was given access to a tutor through his childhood to teach him how to read, write and comprehend both Common and Regalian languages. In his free time, Will would spend his time by the sea and go boating with his father.

Upon Will’s tenth birthday, James Devyn decided that his son Will should have the opportunity for a military education. By getting in touch with contacts of Matilde’s father, James Devyn organised for a tutor to reside in the Devyn household with Will and teach him the necessary facts and studies in order to prepare for his exam. Will became fascinated with a history of the Admiralty and Regalia’s naval prowess, and thus put more effort into learning with hope he could pass the exam. After taking the test at the age of fourteen, he began to pursue the Marin education. As the family was not rich nor of the nobility, James had to work with Matilde’s father to pay for Will’s enrollment to the Regalian Academy of the Captaincy in 257 A.C.


Will Devyn took two years of theoretical classes, and then moved on to eight years of practical education by taking experience under the wing of several Captains within the Archipelago’s waters. In his eighth year of education, at the age of twenty-four, Will was gifted his own naval brig, and then graduated from the Academy in early 277 A.C. Itt was by chance that in 278 A.C., Captain Will Devyn managed to discover the island of Evokai when sailing through previously unknown waters. It was at this island that he and his crew made first contact with the Rashaq and Lampar, and while at first being somewhat hesitant of these newfound creatures, the Captain to set up a base of operations here. Throughout the months after Evokai's discovery, Devyn became a famous figure for his discovery, and a port was built on the forested shores for the Regalians and scholars to study, document, and research the Flora and Fauna there. Devon's fame only grew with the outbreak of the Chrysant War so, instead of having a gentle introduction to life in the Imperial Fleet, Devyn was immediately shipped off to fight down in Hadar. As a Captain, Devyn joined one of the primary battle fleets and moved against Osstissa, which is currently known as the Empire of Tzassa, to bombard the coastlines with artillery shells. After killing many Allar and Slizzar there, Devyn sailed southwards to participate in the fleet’s invasion of Ssesollosa, and the accompanying takeover of Uesston with Admiral Gerwald Theil. Devyn received merits for being one of the first ships land and help occupy the city-isle, and also for capturing the Allar king, Passalzo Shatashta. While Theil remained to watch over the city (and later form the Regalian DMZ of Hadar here) Will rejoined the company of the main fleet and did some bombardments here and there in the Hadar Archipelago.

Not soon before the war’s closure and the Regalian victory, Devyn became part of the fleet who sailed upon Fessa Huallo and fought against Empress Miko Missa and her Sea Serpents. His brig was destroyed by one of the beasts, though Will and most of his men managed to find refuge aboard a Rear-Admiral’s ship. When the war finished in 291 A.C., Will Devyn returned home to celebrate with his family. Will married Jane Blughes in 294 A.C. and fathered three children with her over the course of four years. From that point on to 302 A.C., he had a fairly relaxed time by taking up the helm of a new ship in the fleet, setting sail to map uncharted waters and visit such places as the freezing shores of Jorrsundr and the rocky Etos Isles.

Later Life

Although Captain Devyn was recalled back to Regalia in the winter of 302 A.C. to help fight in the first war against the Qadir, and then again in the Hadravian War of 303 A.C. In August of 303 A.C., Devyn took a much more relaxed role in the fleet due to a leg injury sustained in the Hadravian State and his own desire for some peace and quiet with his family. Will currently works at the Regalian Academy of Captaincy to mentor students, and patrols the waters of the Archipelago.


Will Devyn is known by many to be a determined and level-headed person who knows exactly what his goals are, and strives to complete them with maximum efficiency. He is the sort of person who remains devoted to the task at hand, as witnessed in the Chrysant War with his strong will and persistence when fighting against the Naylar, and at present when teaching Marin students and captaining his ship. Devyn remains a faithful Unionist, and is seen to be a fatherly figure to both his own children and the sailors who work beside him.


Captain Will Devyn has gone down in history for his discovery of the Rashaq and Lampar, and the island upon which they were found. Despite living a much calmer life now, Devyn still gets praise for his service in the Chrysant War of 286 to 291 A.C. so many years ago.

Extended Family

Will’s father James died in the year 301 A.C. at the age of eighty-one, though his mother Matilde is still alive and kicking within the Devyn household in the Regalian Crown Isle. He has a wife, Jane Devyn, with whom he has three children. His oldest, Samuel Devyn, is following in his father’s footsteps by preparing with a tutor to take up a military education Devyn’s two young daughters Sophie and Meredith rest with their mother and pet D’aevola, F’inle.


  • The Captain loves to eat Honey Ball as a sweet treat, so much so that he demands that any traders who sail from Ellador deliver batches to him before reaching the marketplaces.
  • Rumor has it that Will was offered a prestigious position in the Admiralty because of his military merits and success in locating Evokai and other unchartered isles, though he turned this down in favor of gaining free tuition for his son Samuel.

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