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Official Name Capuchini
Common Nicknames Street Monkey
Classification Mammal
Habitat Montania
Domesticated Yes.
Current Status Common

The small and intuitive Capuchini monkey, native to Montania, is something of a bane to local merchants. Their dexterous hands and curious disposition contribute to a seemingly kleptomaniacal nature; fruits, trinkets and assorted rubbish all fall prey to their inherent greed. An annoyance and inconvenience to the native population, the Capuchini monkey is loved by children and sailors but scorned by vendors and commercial travellers.


The first encounter of the Capuchini was made by a troupe of actors travelling through the southern regions of Montania in the early 100s AC. Many of the monkeys took it upon themselves to interact with the actors who were reported to have been quite amused by them; until, of course, they found that a great deal of jewellery and props were stolen by the mischievous primates. The Capuchini is still a common creature in Montania, despite it being considered by many who live in the rural areas to be a pest. The monkey will thrive in most environments because of its resourceful nature and adaptability. The Capuchini are most commonly found throughout Aloria as pets of sailors and circus performers. They are often sold as pets, though many find that they’re quite difficult to maintain without the proper training.

Physical Appearance

These sly primates typically grow from between twelve and twenty-two inches long, with tails just as lengthy. Their eyes are a deep brown with dirty pink colored humanoid faces. The Capuchini are adequately muscled for their small size and are incredibly dexterous and agile. They can swing, run, and jump all day without tiring. Their fur is almost always brown or dark grey, typically ranging in cream and coffee tones. Unfortunately for some, these monkeys have a powerful bite and a phenomenon known as ‘lockjaw’. However, due to their size, this never does much more damage than a mild wound.


The Capuchini monkey is indigenous to Montania, where they survive in large family units. They have an equal gender population in these groups as well as throughout the whole species.

Life Span and Development

A healthy Capuchini in the wild will typically live up to twelve years. As the Capuchini ages there is a visual depression in their appearance, wherein their fur loses it’s color and their eyes lose their vivacity. Likewise, they also become considerably more sluggish in their last two years and are prone to arthritis-like symptoms. Near the end of their lifetime, they find it increasingly difficult to keep up with the family unit and usually die of starvation or old age. On the other hand, newborn monkeys grow at an extremely swift pace, taking only two years to mature. This rapid growth has proven problematic, often resulting in infestations that cause the mass destruction of goods.

Mental Overview

As a species, the Capuchini monkey is best defined as scheming. They can be described as having a deceptively witty intelligence, more so than other species of monkey. The Capuchini will spend most of it’s time during the day socializing with other members of the family unit, it is believed their complex social structure has something to do with their intellect. In terms of protection of the group, the Capuchini are typically not aggressive despite their powerful jaw; instead they flee or circle together to deter predators. This behavior is a result of good communication between group-members which allows them to move swiftly and deftly together.

Territory and Groupings

Capuchini monkeys natively inhabit a large portion of Montania, but never further north into Calemberg or east, to Vultaro. They have also been spread to Daenshore and are typically seen as an invasive species by the locals because of the negative effect they have on the local ecosystems. They typically live in large groups of between fifteen and forty individuals within one section of forest. Usually, a single male dominates the group as the alpha and retains mating rights with all female members of the group. However, it is not unheard of for an alpha female to also be present. Each group covers a large territory, marked to defend it from other rival groups. The Capuchini is a social creature, known to groom each other and communicate extensively to strengthen personal bonding.


  • The Capuchini monkey’s habit to imitate others makes them a frequent sight upon ships, with many sailors choosing to take them aboard.
  • Although they’re seen as a pest in Montania, they’re popular pets for Ailor around Aloria, more particularly Daenshore.
  • It is rumoured that a scholar once taught a Capuchini basic addition, although this cannot be proven.

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