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Appearance A bowl of meat topped with sauces and yogurt.
Difficulty 4/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Unknown, records erased by the Altalar
Class All classes
  • 4 ounces fresh meat/fish (depending on the Asha)
  • 1 Tbsp of fish sauce or fermented bean sauce (to taste)
  • ½ and 1/4 tsp salt
  • ½ fresh ground black pepper
  • Fresh egg yolk
  • Toast
  • Minced shallot
  • Minced herbs for freshness (leave some to the side for finishing)
  • 1 heaping spoonful of yogurt

Car-Ki’fo is a classic dish among the Asha that has been served in the Asha homelands for centuries, eventually picked up by the Ithanians and adapted into some of their dishes. Car-Ki’fo is a dish made up of finely minced or chopped raw meat, depending on the taste of the subtype of Asha, mixed with fermented fish or bean sauces, herbs, raw egg yolks, and is often served with natural yogurt. Car-Ki’fo is a dish that’s preparation and serving method is so loved by the Asha that its method is transferable to most meats enjoyed by each type of Asha even to reach the upper echelons of Asha society, though with a few embellishments added. It’s a dish that has been celebrated as the connection between upper and lower society since its creation.


Car-Ki’fo’s origins are not traceable by any specific date in the Asha timeline, but what scholars do know is that it was made and eaten Pre-Allorn and even survived those who suffered enslavement. Car-Ki’fo was made as a basic dish to sate almost everyone in Asha society, being able to feed children, workers, and the scholars that inhabited the Asha homeland. When the Allorn Empire came and waged war against the Dewamenet Empire and tore down as much as they could trying to erase the existence of their culture and heretical technology, the Asha soldiers ate this dish. When the Asha planned strategies to save their land, the tacticians ate this dish, as did the workers who made the weaponry, and the mothers who needed to feed their young. In terms of significance, this dish signifies and celebrates their survival and union as a race, relying on it when times are tough. Sadly the Dewamenet Empire fell and with that many of its people were enslaved by the Allorn Empire as a workforce. All was not lost for Car’Ki’fo, even during these turbulent and oppressive times the dish was still able to be made, albeit, in a rudimentary form still able to sate the appetite of its people and eventually fed the uprising that eventually followed. Post liberation the dish was re-invented among those who suffered enslavement, for those who remembered were able to bring the dish back to its former glory and is one of the few things to survive the attempted erasure of the Asha culture.


First, start with the meat. Whether it be fish, beef, pork, or poultry it is mostly prepared the same. To prepare the meat it is ideal to have lean meat for the red meat eaters, though this is not necessary, and trim it down removing any sinew or excess fat again this depends on the taste of the consumer. Once this step has been completed the meat should be washed and placed in a cold place to rest for an hour. While the meat is resting, it is best to prepare the other ingredients; start by chopping those herbs and splitting them into two parts with a ratio of two to one. The herbs used are up to the individual, you may use any variation of fresh springtime herbs available. Once this step is completed the next step is to break and separate one egg, discarding the whites or consuming it for extra protein. Once this step is complete the dish is now ready for assembly. Take out the meat and place it into a bowl and add the sauces, yolk, and the larger stash of herbs and start mixing together with a pair of hands until just combined, do not overwork the meat. Once this is done it may then be served into a bowl and a dollop of yogurt placed on top, finishing with the smaller portion of herbs leftover from before. If one is preparing this dish for higher society folk, you may in fact mix things up by mixing in the yogurt instead of the yolk and serving the yolk whole on top with the mincemeat formed in a ring with finer bean tendrils served on top, the yolk for the top can be replaced with fish roe.


  • Car-Ki’fo generally looks like a bowl of red meat with the yellow of the yolk running through the meat with the very faint tinge of darkness from the sauces. It is very clear to see the herbs throughout the dish as well as the white yogurt on top.
  • The dish smells strongly of whatever meat makes up the base of the dish and faintly herby, the slightly pungent smell of the fermented bean or fish sauce is also prevalent but not enough to turn the stomach of any Asha.
  • This dish is described as cool in the mouth having the cold, fresh-tasting meat; rich flavors from the yolk of the egg; the tang of the sauces; fresh-tasting herbs; and the cooling, balancing nature of the yogurt that connects the flavors and disparages any jarring notion the nature of the dish may give up on the first impression.


  • Car-Ki’fo is thought to have inspired the Ithanian dish known as beef tartare, though only eaten with beef and the sauces substituted with vinegar and olive oil, though they would likely tell you that they invented that dish and the similarities are merely a coincidence.
  • The Asha are able to eat this dish even with chicken due to their specialized stomachs able to easily digest raw meat and rich tasting food.

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