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Appearance A cloudy white liquid
Difficulty 10/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Girobaldan brewers
Class Upper Class
Ingredients Unknown

Casilleroablo is a true enigma of a beverage and is steeped in an incredible amount of myth, ritual, and tradition. It is the product of 42 ingredients which, while a deeply-kept secret, are known to include spices, fruits, grains, and some type of alchemical augmentation. Its creation is administered by a single Brewmaster - a now-hereditary title - who sits at the head of a cabal of breweries in the Girobalda region of the Regalian Archipelago. Its supply is tightly controlled, and the breweries protect their secrets with brutal efficiency - and because of its rarity, it is almost exclusively drunk diluted. It is a symbol of wealth, power, and prestige to be able to afford to serve Casilleroablo in its full form, meaning a cask of Casilleroablo is thus a crown jewel in the liquor cellars of aristocrats and the absurdly wealthy.


Casilleroablo retains a place of particular intrigue among Regalia’s many liquors. The drink finds its origin story in the spirit of Daendroque entrepreneurship. Its development began as a partnership between a group of master alchemists and expert vintners a few years after the Lordship of Girobalda was formed. However, after a partnership dispute, only one remained to claim the title of Brewmaster and the secrets of Casilleroablo. The Brewmaster, through power-leveraging and conspiracy, rose to become the head of an organized brewery junta and drove Casilleroablo’s success through highly effective marketing strategies. Within fifteen years of its inception, Casilleroablo sat in the cellars of Girobalda’s richest plantation owners. In twenty, it spread through trade to the wealthiest corners of the Regalian Empire. Today the production of Casilleroablo supports the livelihoods of hundreds of workers in over a dozen Daendroque breweries and plantations. There are few beverages in the known world more tightly controlled: as it is brewed only in one region of the world, under extremely specific conditions of temperature and humidity, using only one method and a set of precise techniques. These techniques are kept highly confidential - thus, the modern-day Brewmaster is as much a counterintelligence officer as a liquor connoisseur and corporation executive, and is not beyond ruthless subterfuge. While assertions abound that Casilleroablo cannot possibly include 42 ingredients, the Brewmaster calmly denies these claims. Through the Brewmaster’s efforts, Casilleroablo has retained its place on a shining pedestal among items of leisure despite the chaotic events that have inflicted the Daendroque world in recent years.


The secrecy of Casilleroablo’s preparation is intrinsic to its identity and prestige. In keeping with the security of the beverage, its processing is compartmentalized across a number of different sub-breweries and distilling houses, and none know every step of the process. While the drink’s exact contents remain almost entirely an enigma, the prying of renegade alchemists has revealed a barebones framework of the steps used in its creation. First, the brewers allow the drink’s spices to bloom - some are dry-aged, while others blossom in the warm, aromatic oil of crushed olives. The spices, along with other ingredients, are then added in a highly specific order. Afterward, the product is distilled, casked, aged, filtered, fortified with additional spirit and recasked to ferment. While the timing of each step remains a mystery, the duration of the processing and fermentation spans roughly one decade.


  • Casilleroablo, when diluted, appears bright and cloudy like absinthe. When poured pure it is opalescent; a swirling, iridescent white like the nacre of a seashell.
  • The liquor presents a mix of fragrances: strong spice, light fruitiness, and fresh greens are among them. It prickles warmly at the nose, reminiscent of an alchemical concoction.
  • The liquor’s flavor is multifaceted - it begins with the taste of soothing spices, progresses through flavors of sweet fruits and black licorice, and ends with a powerful liquor finish. When consumed pure, its flavor - and potency - is several times more intense.


  • Casilleroablo is screened to exhaustive standards. There have been stretches as long as seven years where the Brewmaster has released not even a single cask because the batches did not meet self-adjudicated guidelines of quality.
  • The Regalian Archipelago’s sommeliers almost unanimously consider Casilleroablo 272 a vintage, ironically released at the height of the Drachenwald Crisis, to be the best batch to date. Thus, this 272 release also remains the rarest, most highly-prized vintage.
  • Casilleroablo’s supply is limited as it is produced in small craft batches, and each series is always released with 500 or fewer cases for sale per batch.
  • House Anahera has long been an investor and friend to the makers of Casilleroablo.

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