Ceá’llë's Remedy

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Ceá’llë's Remedy
Appearance A syrupy, herbaceous green liquid
Application Taken orally
Proficiency Requires 10 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Unknown Yanar
Potency Two tablespoons
Injectable No
  1. Boosts the immune system to help fend off common illnesses
  2. Greatly reduces fever and inflammation
  3. Greatly reduces coughing, sneezing, and wheezing

Renowned for its remedial properties, Ceá’llë's Remedy is a disease-fighting potion derived from various common ingredients, and is well known among the Altalar for its ability to alleviate the symptoms, and cure the root causes of mundane ailments. The use of Ceá’llë's Herb to gain immunity to disease is well-known, but unlike it's namesake remedy it does not speed healing time. Through the potion, the effects of the Ruby Flower are put to use to not only to prevent future disease, but to speed the healing of that which the patient has currently contracted.


Deep in the jungles of Daendroc, this potion was first crafted by a Yanar, but widely popularized by Altalar Elves after the discovery of the medicinal uses for Ceá’llë's Herb around the year 70 AC. Its use was popular among alchemists of moderate talent in smaller villages, for its ingredients are common enough to find, but a bit tricky to prepare. The invention of the potion was delayed until trade between the North and Daendroque opened, for the dried Erai’s Kiss flowers are essential. The first successful utilization of the concoction was by a female Yanar in a Daendroque healing house. She successfully cured a mysterious infection with symptoms of, but not limited to: chest congestion, a sinus headache, and increased mucus. The recipe was made public shortly after the mixture’s proof as effective in a plethora of other cases. The identity of the particular alchemist was disregarded however, and its creation is often attributed to Elves, rather than its actual Yanar creator.


To begin, the alchemist must ensure that they have all the ingredients ready, as the plants included have been known to spoil quickly once the process begins. The deer tallow must be placed in a bowl over an open fire and folded until soft and malleable, with splashes of Vocadine added gradually amounts until used completely. Once the mixture reaches the consistency of honey, the heat is lowered and the dry ingredients prepared. Mint must be sliced and added to a mortar along with any juices produced, which will help the mixture to stick and also enhance it's appealing taste. Ceá’llë's Herb--the fresher the better--must then be diced into small pieces and added to the bowl atop the mint, stirred if necessary to distribute the mint oils among the fragrant herb. Finally, crushed petals of the Ogrebait flower and Ruby Flower are sprinkled over the top to lend their effects to the remedy, and the entire thing pulverized with the pestle. Once completed, the floral mixture is gradually added to the Vocadine and tallow, and the entire thing stirred over a low heat until fully distributed; a process which takes no less than half an hour. The cooling time must be almost identical to the time that the mixture spends on the fire, after which it can be distributed into bottles.

Once properly prepared a solution of Ceá’llë's Remedy will keep for a period of two months before it expires and is no longer effective.



For maximum efficacy the potion is to be taken orally, twice a day, in servings of no more than two tablespoons. Ceá’llë's Remedy should never be taken on an empty stomach, as the herbs it contains can cause side-effects of nausea. In overdose, much like Ceá’llë's Herb, the potion causes intestinal and digestive discomfort, and taking the remedy constantly can cause damage to the digestive tract. Therefore, it must not be used as a daily immune booster such as the herb itself.


The precise and delicate process by which the potion is concocted are made up for by its ability to alleviate a variety of symptoms associated with common illnesses. With a single dose, a patient will experience the lessening of the effects of internal inflammation, such as pressure headaches, as well as a reduced need to be bedridden. After two doses, the patient’s sinuses and respiratory tract will clear. After a third dose, the infection has usually been successfully combated. If deemed necessary, a patient may continue consuming raw Ceá’llë's Herb after terminating use of the remedy to prevent future illness of a similar kind.

Physical Characteristics

Ceá’llë's Remedy is a thick syrup with the consistency of honey. Due to the hue of the components, the Remedy is a fresh green color when first concocted, but slowly fades to brown as it becomes inert, being the color of mud by the two month mark. The flavor of the potion is not unpleasant, and many patients claim it is reminiscent of herbal tea.


  • Ailor and other Human races who refuse to acknowledge the deity associated with the remedy's name sometimes refer to the concoction as "Forest Remedy", or simply "Cough Remedy".
  • Ceá’llë's remedy is too potent to be used for children under 8 years of age, with the exception of the Nelfin youth, who seem to benefit from it.
  • An arrogant Regalian noble once consumed an entire flask of the potion in the hope of making himself immune to all disease. Needless to say, it was a deadly mistake.

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