Ceardian Bloodhound

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Ceardian Bloodhound
Official Name Ceardian Bloodhound
Common Nicknames War beast, War dog
Classification Mammal
Habitat Urban areas, battlefields
Domesticated Yes
Current Status Common

Among the breeds of dogs in Aloria, none is as iconic to war as the Ceardian Bloodhound. It’s mysterious origins are often forgotten as it has become a staple of protection and war all throughout Regalia. It’s loyalty and intelligence has caused it to become one of the most sought after dogs in Aloria. The large dog is the size of a bear cub and just as powerful as one, striking fear into the hearts of all that face it. Despite it’s apparent ferocity it is also a sociable animal, making it popular among noble families and warriors alike.


The origin of the Ceardian Bloodhound is unknown, but it is thought to have been created soon after the Cataclysm or by some sort of odd magic stemming from that event. The Ceardian Bloodhounds was discovered in 5 AC when a small group of them bonded with a group of hunters in Old Ceardia. After a few weeks of bonding, the bloodhounds proved loyal to their new partners and ended up being bred by them and sold for top dollar due to their loyalty, size and intelligence. As the years past the population and popularity of the Ceardian Bloodhound increased exponentially, especially in Old Ceardia prior to its destruction. As Regalia came to become a world superpower they tasked many dog breeders to create war-hounds that outdid the intelligence, stamina and strength that the Ceardian Bloodhound had; yet they were unable to even come close. From that point forward the war-hound of choice for the Regalian military was the Ceardian Bloodhound. They have participated in all the major wars, including the most recent war with the Songaskian Masaya and continue to be a menace to all that oppose them as their difficulty to kill and immense strength cause them to be as difficult to kill as their masters are.

Physical Appearance

Ceardian Bloodhound stand at four feet tall when measured from the tip of their ear to the bottom of their paw. They resemble large mastiffs, with a scrunched up face, small eyes and sharp teeth. Their ears are permanently pointed, and do not flop down like other breeds. The males of this breed are far more muscular to a female and resemble the muscular build of a body builder. This breed has a large chest and torso, mainly due to the previously mentioned muscles but also because of generations of selective breeding to create the toughest breed in Aloria. Their tails are long when uncut but generally as a puppy their tails are taken off so that an enemy cannot use it as an advantage against the hound.

Rather surprisingly, Ceardian Bloodhounds possess a natural immunity to various poisons and the strongest among them have been known to imprint most metals with their powerful jaws. Their teeth are terribly strong and most who suffer a bite end up suffering lifelong injuries unless treated effectively. Ceardian Bloodhound paws are similar to bear claws in size, and are tipped with sharp claws that grant them remarkable traction on most surfaces. They are so heavy that they may weigh as much as a fully grown Ailor, topping out at nearly 180 lbs. without any armors. Finally, they can run at almost fifteen miles per hour in short bursts despite the weight they carry.


The Ceardian Bloodhound’s population is mostly male as the females are used almost exclusively to breed. The males are used as war dogs and are far more aggressive than their female counterparts. The females of this breed are also far smaller in comparison to the males, making them less effective on the battlefield.

Life Span and Development

Ceardian Bloodhounds are born in litters of three to five. After three to eight weeks they are weaned off their mother’s milk and if they are raised in captivity, the males are taken away to pick their human partner, and the females are either killed or sent away to breed. At a year and a half to two years old they will be fully grown and are able to be trained to battle with their partners. Ceardian Bloodhounds usually don’t live past the age of six due to their participation in battles and wars. The maximum age that Ceardian Bloodhounds can live is ten years old.

Mental Overview

Nearly every single Ceardian Bloodhound is tame as they go through a process called “Binding” at three to ten weeks old. Once they go through this process the Ceardian Bloodhound is bound to the person they went through Binding with for its entire life. Ceardian Bloodhounds will not listen to anyone else’s orders except for their partner’s once they are bound together. If a Ceardian Bloodhound’s partner dies, they become irrational and extremely violent. Despite this, Ceardian Bloodhounds are known as one of the most intelligent dog species in Aloria. They are fully capable of understanding speech and responding with barks, whines, and other interactions that show intelligent comprehension. They also appear to show emotion far more than other dogs breeds, being able to cry, whine and even display anger. To this end, Ceardian Bloodhounds are also very sociable animals due to their intelligence, often found as protectors of noble children and families alike.

Territory and Groupings

The Ceardian Bloodhound is extremely protective over their partner and is willing to give its life for them. Wild Ceardian Bloodhounds are nearly non-existent, but those that do exist are solitary, unable to breed and act like a Ceardian Bloodhound that has lost its partner. They are extremely vicious and have been known to tear limbs from other animals and humans. Why the act like this is thought to be because all Ceardian Bloodhounds are tame except for those that lose their partners and wander into the wilderness.


  • Ceardian Bloodhounds have been known to be able to interpret several different languages, though generally they are unable to know multiple languages at once.
  • The Ceardian Bloodhound’s process of choosing a human partner is thought to be some sort of ancient magic by some but most just think they are extremely loyal animals.
  • Ceardian Bloodhounds are unable to be bred with other dog breeds.

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